Gameplay trailer of Crysis Remastered leaks online.

Crysis Remastered will launch for for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on July 23, according to a newly surfaced Microsoft Store listing. A separate listing for a “Launch Edition” of Crysis Remastered has also gone live, which includes the first trailer.

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BeRich23310d ago

Looks like a port with a lil more color. Digital foundry will have fun with this one.

RaidenBlack10d ago

Seems like Alex is going to despise this one.

_SilverHawk_10d ago

I just can't wait for digital foundry to do a video about the new game and compare it to the older version. Also I can see them comparing all next gen game to the newer build if its an amazing build for the pc version.

blackblades10d ago

They always mention crysis they so obsess with it. Expect a video about it soon.

RaidenBlack10d ago

Its Alex who's obsessed with it .... but there's a reason for it. Its because of the amount of tech that was crammed into the game and which were wayy ahead of its time.
This new one doesn't have that charm.

Obelisk9210d ago

I don't even know why I would want to play this 13 years later in any case, everyone was obsessed with this game just for the production values. Gameplay has been surpassed by a wide margin even in the last generation.

Makes no sense to me.

L7CHAPEL10d ago

for what I'm seeing, if they charge more than $20.00 their shooting themselves in the ass ..

Concertoine10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Id rather play Crysis 1 than any Far Cry or Crysis released since. I think in the gameplay department it holds up fairly well for a 2007 game, and its refreshing compared to modern FPS games. Even if this remaster is as half baked as it looks, i’ll get it on sale because Crysis is fun.

Still this remaster disappoints in the graphical department which is kind of the most important thing in a Crysis remaster. It doesnt justify its own existence

ps3rider10d ago

I have commented on another thread. For god sake how do they call a remaster


lazy work

SickSinceSix10d ago

And the pic you linked didn't work then either. Website doesn't allow hotlinking, apparently

xer09d ago

Yeah... agreed. And what happened to the original voice actors?
It feels off.

IRetrouk10d ago

I thought the game was getting a full rebuild on their newer engine, didnt realise it was just a remaster, bit disappointed to be honest, will probably still pick it up if it's cheap enough though, the wife never played this one and it might be fun running through it with her.

aaronaton10d ago

This has to be fake, the assets look identical, same with the UI, and the production values on the trailer editing (text etc) are student level at best.

airshiraz10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

yeah seems like a joke .and it released before the promised day maybe its a joke .esp the stupid screenshots .i still hope they blow my mind tomorrow with crazy graphics of the remastered version .i bet u its a joke the trailer is so stupiddd and everything is fishy

Crazyglues10d ago

Of course it's fake, the fact that the video is still up tells you it's 100% fake......

Look I played Crysis and that part from 38 seconds into the video is from the render Trailer that came out when the game came out... this is FAKE NEWS.....

airshiraz10d ago

its so damn fake .tomorrow we will see the real crysis remastered and the true power of crytek mode on .

Lexreborn210d ago

Crysis legacy is an interesting one. From melting People PCs to would never play on consoles. To playing on ps3 and 360(all 3 games at that), to being ported to new consoles in all its glory and not really aging well for the benchmarker of choice for a decade.

Tells its own story

Chaos_Order10d ago

I just watched some gameplay footage after reading your comment, and I have to say, the game looks nowhere near as good as I remember it. Models look low-poly as heck, and the environments that I once considered beyond belief now look poor compared to many recent games. Still a good looking game in many regards, and it is 12 years old, but given its status and the "can it run Crysis" meme, it's still a shock that it hasn't held up.

L7CHAPEL10d ago

just upscaling, so they could to make it look really clean and enabled as much of the lighting and texture capabilities.
it's just the same game.

RaidenBlack9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

It depends, at what video settings the game is at of which the video you are looking.
Check this one:

L7CHAPEL10d ago

same with Half-Life 2,
you could even argue at the beginning of this current generation,
that aged pretty well.
you go and look at that now?
its time has passed,
all there is to it

ssj279d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Killzone 2 still aged amazingly good and still hold a candle to any fps today. And to think pc nerds used to think it look better than killzone 2 hahahaha

RaidenBlack9d ago

The original Crysis actually looks better than Killzone 2. I am not saying KZ2 is not a good looking game.
But Crysis had much more draw distance, detailing and physics systems.

RaidenBlack9d ago

The only system the Remastered version will melt is the Switch

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