Ace Combat 7 Has Shipped Over 2 Million Copies Worldwide as Series Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Bandai Namco reached out with a press release to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Ace Combat series and provide news about Ace Combat 7: Skies Uknown.

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OtterX11d ago

The 3 PS VR missions are absolutely incredible. I wish they would release more!

I had actually read somewhere that there were originally supposed to be 6 of them, found through data-mining.

SunGod10d ago

Came here to say this!

Since it's sold well, hopefully they'll give a little back - I'm pretty sure the next game will fully support VR what with the boost the PS5's hoping!

SaveFerris10d ago

I hope this means a sequel might be developed.

Elit3Nick10d ago

The picture of the runway full of planes is a possible tease to a bunch of skins from prior games, as well as the CFA-44 Nosferatu, XFA-27, and the ASF-X Shinden II making their way to Ace Combat 7.

autobotdan10d ago

Top Gun Maverick DLC pack announcement coming

CobraKai10d ago

Sweet. I’m still stuck on mission 6 but sweet none the less

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