What Games to Expect at the Xbox Series X Full Reveal in July

Gamerheadquarters; "The largest Xbox Series X games reveal event is almost here, with it apparently taking place in the latter part of July. With that I thought it would be interesting to compile what to expect from this particular event. "

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EasilyTheBest389d ago

This article is a good read, if anything like this is shown at the Xbox Event it would be an excellent show.
I do expect to see 1 or 2 games with a lengthy gameplay section, Hellblade maybe. Something that really shows off the Series X.

dumahim389d ago

I'm sure they'll spend some time on the next Forza.

solideagle389d ago

can someone please tell me when is it? I think I don't know the date

ColdSin389d ago

The date is not yet announced, but it is rumored to be on the 19-20th of July.

Minute Man 721389d ago

@ ColdSin

That would be nice, a day or 2 before my 🎂

Minute Man 721389d ago

@ Easily

It's gonna be a live event, they just need to show more gameplay so we can get another glance of next gen

389d ago
ABizzel1389d ago

I've been posting these exact same games on here for weeks and people have been up in arms disagree left and right.

We know 10 out of 15 games their first-parties are working on, so I'm waiting to see what they Initiative and Playground brings. I know a lot of people want to see Fable, Perfect Dark, and some old IP's remade, but I'm praying for new IPs instead. We've played those stories and worlds, let these developers do something new. It's significantly harder to win new fans with old IPs, and team Xbox needs a win because they haven't had one in a long time.

Having great gameplay demos of their old IP's (Halo: Infinite, Forza 8, Gears 5 update), with good showings from their upcoming games, solid 3rd party showings (they're multiplatform, but it's still good to see them), and wrapping up with 2 - 3 new AAA IP's from the Initiative, Playground, and maybe a teaser from one of the other studios.

And they'll have a good show.

AngelicIceDiamond389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

"I know a lot of people want to see Fable, Perfect Dark, and some old IP's remade, but I'm praying for new IPs instead."

Late last week undisclosed twitter handles with the names Fable and Perfect dark popped up and of course MS denied its was anything and said these were to keep the handles Ip's. Nobody is buying it, a new Fable has been rumored since late 2017. Fable has been lost in the minds of gamers especially when there's so much better out there now its been nearly 10 years I think Fable can still make an impact. Perfect Dark is in a worse situation than Fable. Nobody remembers it or even knows the name. Perfect dark complete reboot could work if made with the same soul as an Uncharted or TR though ppl are saying MS has Ip's and wants them to use what they have while others want something very new instead. T.I. is said to be working on old and new things so maybe 2 teams? Who knows I'm fine with it either way Fable and especially Perfect Dark won't feel the same if they come back.

ABizzel1389d ago


I just feel those games have to absolutely blow everyone away for them to get any recognition, and as teams that had nothing to do with those franchises, it just seems like they could be putting their efforts into making something new and potentially genre-defining (not saying Fable and Perfect Dark can't). However, I do feel Fable is highly likely though.

lazyboyblue389d ago

It was a good read but the predicyptions were a bit safe.

ABizzel1389d ago

They were safe because almost everything is expected or confirmed as games the developers are working on. Xbox has 15 developers, and 11 of their 15 games have been confirmed/expected. That leaves 4 left, and the potential for New IP's from some teams to be teased with a 2022 release if they want to show that much up front.

SyntheticForm389d ago

I'd love to see some Hellblade gameplay. I want to see how Ninja Theory have leveraged the Series X, and I really want to see how it plays.

Hopefully it's moved beyond the just the runic alignment puzzles and relatively simplistic combat. I really enjoyed playing through the first one, and after seeing that trailer, I'm anticipating something spectacular.

badz149388d ago

All will be xbox one games. why bother? LOL

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DiRtY389d ago

Halo Infinte
Perfect Dark
Fable IV
Forza 8

That would be sick.

Father__Merrin389d ago

Fable was a brilliant game they have to do a reboot

Marquinho389d ago

Perfect Dark in 3rd person please.

I'd add to the "Dream" category a $400 price tag. That'd be absolutely killer.

389d ago
Ristul389d ago

Imagine perfect dark with splinter cell gameplay, would be sick!

AngelicIceDiamond389d ago

Throw Hell Blade 2 in there and Obsidians new AAA open world RPG. I said this in another post but a new Splinter Cell gets announced and its only for X Series.

SegaSaturn669389d ago

One thing I expect is disappointment.

Looper389d ago

Why? Are they showcasing you as well?

TheScotsman389d ago

lets hope it much better than thete previous showing, promised gameplay but didnt deliver, cant blame him for expecting disapointment, i watch that last crap too

Father__Merrin389d ago

Well extended gameplay of halo wouldn't mind some new AA store only games. I don't think console features will be shown just yet there's plenty of time for that

gigzamillion389d ago

People said temper expectation before the Playstation reveal so I'd suggest doing the same thing here.

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