New Cyberpunk 2077 4K RTX Screenshots released, showcasing its Ray Tracing Effects

NVIDIA has just released a new set of RTX screenshots for Cyberpunk 2077. As the title suggests, these screenshots showcase the game’s real-time ray tracing effects. These screenshots were captured in 4K.

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jacoblake10d ago

sometimes it seems to me that I've been waiting for this all my life

DrDeath10d ago

Loos great.

But on a side not. Futuristic design games or neon lights (infamous, killzone, etc) are always easy to make look pretty and fancy. Im more impressed with modern design lighting.

Last of us 2 constant low world lighting was impressive for sure. Obviously no ray tracing tho js.

Ray tracing will change the games visuals allot next gen.

SamTheGamer10d ago

Looks cool. I just a need a 3rd person view option in this game.

sin727910d ago

This game is full of pop in!

Maisay9d ago

Wow. looks like concept art!