It’s Okay to Not Like A Great Game

I resonate with critics' “must play” assessment of great games. But there are times when I simply do not agree with critical acclaim. Let's talk about it.

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AspiringProGenji348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

Sadly the leaks have done irreparable harm. If you thought Death Stranding was a divisive game, wait until you see that TLOU2 is nearing 100K user review scores compared to DS’s 15k user scores. The hate mob already had their review bomb ready without even playing game based on false info from the leaks: Abby is not trans or gay, killing dogs is not a big deal and the violence in the game is not so over the top anyone can’t take it. Yet no matter how some of that info is proven false and how the game does its best to prove itself, people won’t listen. The game is trash no matter what.

I bet if the plot points didn’t get leaked people would see this story more objectively and bring better discussions to the table, but right now it is a damn cesspool between people who like the game vs the ones who didn’t like it, with mobs attacking both groups for their opinion of the game. The ending of the first game was also divisive with people who thought Joel was a bad guy vs the people who thought he did the right thing. If that ending got leaked people would flip out saying the journey was for nothing, similar to what is being said about the ending of this one

Also Some Youtubers with ill intent hating this game are also contributing to this sending their fanbase to spread the negativity. Whether their are right or not because of the DMCAs the ill intent is there. The objectivity is thrown out of the window.

I’d welcome anyone with a different opinion than mine. Even the first had its people who didn’t like it and that’s fine. So far the game is awesome and I am not upset at Joel’s death anymore. When I finish it today I will see the story pana out. So far I am not seeing the massive hate this game is getting

robtion348d ago

Personally I think everything about the game is great except the story. Unfortunately it is a story based game. Specifically playing as Abby is the problem I have. I just don't want to do it. It is not fun and is completely immersion breaking for me. Jeremy Jahns did a good spoiler discussion on the game on youtube and summed up the issue pretty well. It's not about the other stuff you mentioned.

I really loved the first game so this game was a huge disappointment. I have not called the game trash and I will not even rate it but being 14hrs in and then suddenly having the game turn on me was not a good experience.

leoms348d ago

I know, only Ellie and Joel can get revenge everybody else can just sit there and have their loved one killed by the main characters, lol. Even though the Abby section is like for like the Joel and Ellie adventure from the prequel. Opinions I guess.

Ashunderfire86348d ago

I personally thought Abby's side of the game was better and more action packed like Uncharted 4 mixed with Resident Evil, more so than Ellie's side which is also great with open area stealth, exploration, some Clicker horror, and some setpieces for Ellie here and there. One of my favorite scenes with Abby is the build up to the skyscraper walk across and the setpiece itself! I like how Lev help Abby deal with her fear of heights! Whenever she looks down you can hear her breathing heavy and scared for her life. Naughty Dogs attention to detail is unmatched by any game ever made before!

outsider1624347d ago

"Specifically playing as Abby is the problem I have. I just don't want to do it."

Dude i had the same effect. Just hated Abby. But damn by the end of the game..ND made me care for her.

I guess different opinions on the game. I would rate this game 9. Yes there are parts that can really drag on. (Flash backs, island)..but after everything else, this still is an amazing game.

rainslacker347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

I didn't want to play as her at first. Or rather, I didn't want to go through the early process of starting those few days over, because part of it did meander on a bit. After she got back to the aquarium with Lev though, the story picked up, and that's where I started to like her more.

I thought the story itself was OK, but like many seem to feel, I thought it did have some severe pacing issues....and then again, it just started over those same issues with Abby part. I was disappointed in the ending only because it just seem to come quick, and without any real explanation about WHY it ended the way it did. We're just left to assume a lot of things about what Abby, and why she changed, although some of it is pretty easy to figure out. The group in Santa Barbara was just a bad group, with no real explanation or motivation, and it was kind of a weak enemy compared to the rest of the game.

This game does a pretty dark theme that isn't typical in video games. It's rare to see the story from the other point of view, and we're supposed to just accept that the bad guy is evil. Even when most games try to build empathy for the enemy, they usually still just make them psychotic and your motivation boils down to saving the world against evil. This game wasn't quite so black and white, and the reason you had to play as Abby was to build a connection with her....whether you wanted to or not. Of course, if you didn't, then that's fine, I won't judge. But some people are taking their dislike to the extreme, and not bothering to even consider what was trying to be achieved with the story by doing what it did.

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rainslacker347d ago

I wouldn't worry about it so much, although I do agree that without the leaks, it may have been less vitriolic, since it wouldn't have time to fester and people would have actually had to play the game, or wait a bit after it released to become upset.

But, after a 2-3 weeks, people will move on. Probably after GoT launches, and half the hate mob can move onto that game since their intentions aren't really about TLOU2 at all. The other half can grow bored with antagonizing those who liked the game, and move onto something else to be annoyed about.

To me though, the plot points, or some of the story being leaked just kind of lessened the impact of some of those points of the game. Moreso, they left me playing parts of the game expecting things to happen, even if they didn't happen the way things were said to for instance, I expected a rape scene of some trans character.

I enjoyed the game though. Working on my 2nd NG+ playthrough for the platinum. Once things settle down, maybe some decent discussions can be had about it, and I've seen a few people be more eloquent in their reasons for not liking the game, or more so the case, being somewhat disappointed, or not liking it as much as the first.

I think this game will have the same kind of discussions the first afforded. Different interpretations will still lead to discussion of different opinions on said interpretations, but people will concede that no one is fully right or wrong in how they see it. Just got to weed out the irrational vitriol that is being spewed for the time being.

leoms347d ago

You got spoiled before the release?

rainslacker347d ago

I saw one spoiler, and then while I was playing, a few more things got mentioned. Some of it wasn't spoilers, and just people saying that things would happen, that didn't happen the way they said.

lociefer347d ago

Abby. Abby is a big problem, the game needs you to emphasize with her, if you don't then the game fails for you. And oh god did i hate her, she's very very unlikable and uneven as a character. As someone mentioned here, her split-second personality change with no reason towards the scar kids is just plain weird, not to mention that she effed Joel at the beginning of the game. I can't tell you how many times i made her die on purpose in that Ellie fight.

Also the two SCAR kids, i didn't like them, and they were major plot drivers in the game, somehow i never cared for them as they weren't better developed character-wise. The problem is that some major story-altering events happen for their sake, which is frustrating because i can't emphasize so i don't see the purpose of doing them.

The pacing is all over the place. I keep thinking that maybe if that whole Abby arch came before the Joel thing it would have been better paced, but no. I get the feeling Neil spat on both ellie and Joel's already established arcs just for shock value, which didn't really do it for me. i could go on and on. But i'd like to try and forget about it.

TheColbertinator348d ago

Of course it is fine. Sometimes the most highly rated or highest selling games are not even close to catching my attention. GTAIV, Fortnite, Minecraft are among the many games I could live without.

Fishy Fingers348d ago

Reads like "It's Okay to Not Like A Great Game - but you're wrong"

rivaldoo777348d ago

LMAO. The website name speaks for itself.

PiNkFaIrYbOi348d ago

Well if you don't like a so called "great" game, than you don't find the game to be great. In the end the only opinion that matters in such things is your own as you are the one who is spending money on the game.