Ubisoft's Battle Royale Shooter, Hyper Scape Will be Revealed on July 2nd

Ubisoft will be announcing their new battle royale game, Hyper Scape on July 2nd. Title is being developed by Prisma Dimensions.

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Rikimaru197710d ago

OMG, ubi. why why. go and make a new splinter cell or prince of Persia. why waste time on this, i wonder who comes up with these ideas.

iNcRiMiNaTi10d ago

Because that's not what's popular right now. As much as I want a new splinter cell, battle royales are still the rage atm and they're going to try and capitalize on that popularity

Razmiran10d ago

Also, its not like ubi got its big studios that would work on those games working on this

sin727910d ago

This game are full of pop in!

Zombieburger63810d ago

I'm just glad the overwatch clone phase is over. I can handle a few br games but HATED that last phase of games.

AizenSosuke10d ago

I am interested but wanting a splinter cell oh well you win some and you'll lose some I guess.