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Crysis Remastered Will Reveal its Gameplay on July 1

If you’re eager to check out the gameplay of Crytek’s Crysis Remastered, you’re in luck, because it’s going to debut soon.

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Community11d ago
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_SilverHawk_11d ago

I cant wait for digital foundry's analysis on the new crysis

mikeslemonade11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

We don’t need Crysis. What a waste of time. These lame single player FPS games smh

Rambokind11d ago

Normally, I'd agree, but this is a classic game and I really want to play it on the Pro. Btw, time to graduate to beer, lemonade is for kids.

mikeslemonade9d ago

Drinking only cool when you under 21^

RaidenBlack11d ago

Alex Battaglia is going to dissect every pixel from that video.

_SilverHawk_11d ago

You understand. I cant wait.

RaidenBlack11d ago

But will Alex change his OG Crysis shrine?

Profchaos10d ago

I wonder if they will finally replace the crysis shine with the remaster.

Visceral8910d ago

I hope it pushes the limits of a high end pc, just like the original did. @Rambo The Pro, lol. The only right way to experience Crysis remastered will be with a high end pc and a rtx card

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Father__Merrin11d ago

I suppose its a good candidate for a remaster many people haven't played it. I thought it's a bit long winded but some good set pieces hope they remaster the music as its not very good

traumadisaster11d ago

I don’t recall ever noticing a problem with the music. What I can remember it had the epitome of production values over anything I had seen on console, and I got crysis a few years late I think, maybe 2010ish,

I remember it was one of the few games I paid full price($29.99 Direct2Drive) for when I was starting my pc digital collection that has now grown to about 1000 titles or more on Steam et al.

I suffered through 30fps choppiness and it helped start my journey to building and upgrading PCs. In 2013 I beat it again this time at 4K 30fps, and have dabbled a few years later when I got 4k60 and I always loved that gameplay and presentation.

I’m expecting some beautiful lighting and shaders that will make the Series X chug so I’ll hope I can do something with it on a 3080 level card in a year or so.

L7CHAPEL10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I may replay it.
I did recently play about 5 hours of the backwards compatible 360 version of it, and one of the glaring problems that I really didn't recall is the TERRIBLE hit detection when it comes to body shots.
particularly on your average Korean grunt soldier, with no body armor.
I'm reminded of it because now I'm playing rage 2 and it's the SAME THING,
you can shoot somebody 10+ times in the body(literally) but you only need to hit them once in the head.
(thank God a headshot is a headshot) but you shouldn't have to put half a clip in someone's body if they're not wearing body armor,
I only make such a point of it because it is so blatantly bad (in both games) Anyhoo... here's hoping at least that one issue gets addressed, just about everything else is top notch.

Pickledpepper10d ago

You obviously have not seen the original Robocop, where 5 guy blast Murphy countless times with shotguns from about 15ft away and he was still moaning after they run out of ammo, then took a bullet to the head and the doctors were still able to save his brain. Pmsl

isarai11d ago

Hopefully it turns out better than The Hunt Showdown, that game is a blurry mess on console.

traumadisaster11d ago

Recently talked with a guy who seeked out War of Rights since it was on cryengine and he was enthusiastic about the hunt on pc and it’s use of it. I think he has a max pc.

I turned gfx up and it looked like another game in war of rights but it sucked fps on a rx 5700. So with apex hardware it really looks beautiful, I bet current consoles are a mess

mastershredder11d ago

Lol digital foundry is basically the chuck e cheese of tech and working up dumb fans. Credibility is out the door when the pockets are lined with paid positive coverage.

olorin81811d ago

Is there evidence of that ? Seems these guys are quite credible, but I wouldn't pressume either way without having full knowledge.

SierraGuy11d ago

Last time I checked DF didn't sugar coat anything for anyone.

Profchaos10d ago

I don't think you've actually watched any of their videos they don't look at story or fun factor they know people watch for analysis on frame rates and graphical effects and comparison videos.

I just watched their Xbox one reveal revisit where they spent an hour laughing at how bad it was it's in stark contrast to the series X videos where they are impressed by it so I highly doubt they are paid. Especially if you spend an hour roasting a console reveal and breaking down how much of a misfire it was.

But they are also promoting the ps5 I. The same way they have great things to say about it and actually look at strengths and weaknesses of both.

Father__Merrin10d ago

DF was good during the ps360wii era now its a mess there too old needs fresh ppl in

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