KeokeN on Next-Gen: We Don't See Many Differences Between PS5 & XSX; Tempest Will Free CPU Resources

Wccftech spoke to Deliver Us The Moon developer KeoKeN to learn their thoughts on next-gen consoles, Sony's PlayStation 5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X.

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RaidenBlack14d ago

I really want to experience the difference between Tempest and Project Acoustic.

_SilverHawk_14d ago

I cant wait for the only next generation console to release which is the ps5. Buying it day one

fiveby914d ago

I really think both consoles will be very good technically speaking. For me, it'll be PS5 day 1 though. It's where most of my online friends are heading plus I like Sony exclusive content. XsX maybe at some point in the future. For the time being I can use my PC for MS exclusives.

NeoGamer23214d ago (Edited 14d ago )

LOL. That is just plain fanboyism.

You do realize that there is only two specifications where the PS5 is better than the XSX? SSD storage device speed and I/O throughput to/from the SSD storage device.

Somehow this has turned into the only thing that matters this next generation.

But, I guess if the game is stuttering in framerates, or doesn't display in 4K HDR on your TV that means nothing. Not that I don't think PS5 will perform well, but there are differences in the specs that may affect this stuff.

IRetrouk14d ago

Neo, clock speeds too, but I agree with you, both consoles are as next gen as the other, they both concentrated on different things this time, and both will offer compelling experiences, both will do 4k,60fps,30fps,hdr and probably checkerboard in some configuration, I dont see one struggling with anything the other can do in terms of framerate and resolution, but we will all know for sure when the third party stuff starts coming out.

S2Killinit14d ago

I will be there day one to get the PS5. I just hope there is no major shortages.

cooperdnizzle14d ago

@neogamer. See that’s where you are wrong and don’t have your facts straight. It also has a faster GPU, has more cpu power freed because of stand alone audio chip, RDNA 3 features, a customer chip to process SSD operations, and will run the operating system on said one of two chips. M$ has to do all of those other operations on their two man chips thus taking away power for those said chips. Xbox fans are really delusional sometimes..

cooperdnizzle14d ago

@Kudos. They still have to run that on their main cpu no matter how you want to spin. Also Sony has another chip for the operations of the SSD through put and will run the os on one of those said chips freeing up more power.

DerfDerf14d ago

PS5 is more current gen than next gen. It's tempest engine for example that supports 50 various audio channels at once is still 78 less than the 128 audio channels that Dolby Atmos currently supports. So the Xbox One X audio is already superior to what you will be getting on the PS5. Sony is playing you for a fool and you don't even realize it.

anubusgold14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

@cooperdnizzle Audio processing taking up too many resources havent been a problem for years lol. Maybe if you are on a 2 core cpu or a old Pentium 4 maybe lol. Plus i rather use a external dedicated Dac and Headphone amplifier than any built in sound anyway. And having your gpu speeds going up and down hurts performance find a speed that your gpu can handle and stay cool and lock it there. My 1080 goes from 1789 up to 2159 i lock it at 2159 because it gives higher and more stable framerates than letting it clock up and down all the time.

IRetrouk14d ago

Derf, its psvr that supports 50....the tempest engine supports hundreds.....

darthv7214d ago

Is there something you not telling us Hawk... is the SX not releasing after all???

cooperdnizzle13d ago

@Aunbusgold. It is a problem and you still have compressed audio today in gaming consoles now. You always cut audio before anything else. Well most of the time. And it does effect the cpu. I work in the audio industry. You are not getting 48 sample rate with 192khz in digital audio. Not to mention they compress the hell out of it. They wouldn’t do this if this problem was solved a long time ago.

anubusgold13d ago

@cooperdnizzle Then you have a crap cpu get a threadripper or a 3950x and be done with it. I run 4 copies of a game at the same time for multiboxing . Run my audio at the same time while watching a stream on a second screen on a 8 core /16 core cpu you are doing something wrong.

DerfDerf13d ago

@IRetrouk You are correct. So Tempest can in fact handle hundreds of audio channels at once. However accroding to Dolby, Atmos can also handle hundreds of audio channels but too many audio channels makes for a cacophony of sounds that becomes overbearing.

Direct from Dolby.....As a technology, Dolby Atmos can support hundreds of simultaneous objects.

That being said, we fall back on sage advice from developers of some of the first Atmos games: objects are a fantastic tool, but restraint should be shown with respect to the number of objects active at any time. Too many objects in motion can create a confusing soundscape.

IRetrouk13d ago

So you go from not enough sound sources to too many?😂 shit man, that's some great spinning you are doing, keep up the good work👌

cooperdnizzle13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

@aunbusgold. You are missing the point completely. It’s developed like that. I work in front of an ssl all day which is a two million dollar console, No matter what you do you are getting artifact compression. Losses compression, with audio files down sampled, and very very much lower frequency response than what is actually possible. You don’t not understand what I’m talking about and referring to. Showing again that people just talk out of there butt

anubusgold12d ago

@cooperdnizzle Well im on Pc not my problem my dac does 32 bit 384000 Hrz studio quality sound.

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Visceral8914d ago

I'm calling it now, the PS5 will have a CPU advantage compared to XSX, because Sony has coprocessors for decompressing and tempest freeing CPU resources. The PS5 might have more CPU headroom for games to use.

Kados14d ago

The SX has dedicated audio processing also. It just was not as heavily discussed as Tempest.

"Project Acoustics – Incubated over a decade by Microsoft Research, Project Acoustics accurately models sound propagation physics in mixed reality and games, employed by many AAA experiences today. It is unique in simulating wave effects like diffraction in complex scene geometries without straining CPU, enabling a much more immersive and lifelike auditory experience. Plug-in support for both the Unity and Unreal game engines empower the sound designer with expressive controls to mold reality. Developers will be able to easily leverage Project Acoustics with Xbox Series X through the addition of a new custom audio hardware block."

"Spatial Audio – Spatial Audio delivers deeply immersive audio which enables the player to more accurately pinpoint objects in a 3D play space. With full support for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Windows Sonic, Xbox Series X has custom audio hardware to offload audio processing from the CPU, dramatically improving the accessibility, quality and performance of these immersive experiences."

It also uses DirectStorage, which will free up a large amount of CPU time.

"DirectStorage – DirectStorage is an all new I/O system designed specifically for gaming to unleash the full performance of the SSD and hardware decompression. It is one of the components that comprise the Xbox Velocity Architecture. Modern games perform asset streaming in the background to continuously load the next parts of the world while you play, and DirectStorage can reduce the CPU overhead for these I/O operations from multiple cores to taking just a small fraction of a single core; thereby freeing considerable CPU power for the game to spend on areas like better physics or more NPCs in a scene. This newest member of the DirectX family is being introduced with Xbox Series X and we plan to bring it to Windows as well."

stuna114d ago

@ Visceral

Mark Cerny didn't go into alot of detail as far as the 8 CU's surrounding the GPU, but he did state that the GPU has 12 channels where 4 of those channels are dedicated to the I/O setup. My guess is the other 8 channels are for the 8 surrounding CU's.

I just think there are things being held back when it comes to both consoles. I'll just say this though...PS5 might not end up being the weakling some people seem to think.

anubusgold14d ago

@stuna1 Microsoft is way better at software than sony they have always adjusted how much of the software affected the cpu and lowered it over the consoles lifespan.

fathertime446414d ago

You do realize that the xsx has separate processors for compression and decompression also and a separate audio chip........
You really should look at the competition more if your going to make comments.
Factually the only thing ps5 has going for it over the xsx is the ssd i/o

amazinglover13d ago

Xbox has dedicated audio chip as well it is not handled by the CPU.

They started that on the current gen because devs where told them having to dedicate an entire thread to audio is hurting games and having software handle audio is too taxing.

PS4 has a dedicated audio chip as well.

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DerfDerf13d ago

@IRetrouk No, it was more to point out why people didn't realize Atmos could do hundreds of audio channels at once. The fact of the matter tempest isn't doing anything that isn't already being done. Microsoft's project acoustic is a much more realistic approach to sound. I'm more curious about what DTS is doing though. Their new DTS X support for headphones is insane and even puts Atmos to shame. The future is bright for audiophiles.

IRetrouk13d ago

No, you tried to make a point, it was false, then tried to change the meaning of what you said, failed again and are now changing what you ment again.
128 is not hundreds... tempest is doing a hell of a lot more than just hundreds of sounds, so yeah, tempest is doing things that havent been done yet, we dont know which will be better yet, neither is fully released...

yeahokwhatever13d ago

"The fact of the matter" then tells a blatant lie. lol

13d ago
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UnSelf14d ago

Dont tell that to these people. They'll crucify you

RememberThe35713d ago

Except for the people liking your comment it seems. Most of us are having no issue with the fact these consoles will both do just fine.

13d ago
IRetrouk14d ago

Just want to get my hands on em now, the 3d audio is going to be amazing, cant wait to see how they use it with racing games.

anonymousfan14d ago

I havent been able to find this anywhere but I imagine this wont work with voice actors? I always find the quality of sound recordings during conversation to be lackluster especually in open worlds with varying environments. RDR2 handled this neatly with dual recordings with a near/far conversation but it still sounds very studio like...

IRetrouk14d ago

I'm honestly not sure, that's a good question though, I would assume they can place a sound source anywhere, hopefully someone talks about this or brings it up.

angh14d ago

Put on good headphones, search Google for 3d audio, check some samples, tucker zone should be good. Then tell me if you liked it or not.

IRetrouk14d ago

@angh, that doorknock actually made me look😂👏👌 ;

Rhythmattic13d ago

I think the difference hear (ba dun tish) is that we aren't just talking placement of sound in a 3D space, yes for dialogue , footsteps ect... but what was mentioned which gets my interest in mentioning rain drops... It seems its not just the SFX file, whether a sample whichever codec, but just like Raytracing, each drop , a hundred or more points , will each have there own DSP function applied.....
I guess the best analogy i can come up with is like comparing 360 degree video on a VR headset, as to a computer modelled 3D environment .....
Trust me, that aint dolby atmos....
Also , not saying MS dont have this either, but understand we still dont know the potential of whats being delivered here......

gigzamillion14d ago

A sentiment that has been echoed time and time again by people who would know better yet the armchairs want to tout tflop difference like it matters. I'm gonna side with the developers on this one, multiplat games will look the same.

j15reed13d ago

That's just the advantage of being the market leader no 3rd party dev will make their game look better on the less popular console even though they could.

umair_s5114d ago

From my understanding one will load a bit faster other will have a bit better frame rates.

14d ago
I_am_Batman14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Different framerates are less likely than slightly different resolutions in my opinion. I expect more games to go with locked framerates and dynamic resolutions next gen. That's mostly because the resolution changes won't be as noticable when approaching 4k while an unstable framerate is quite apparent especially on TV sets that don't support VRR.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are close enough in terms of GPU capabilities that there should never be a scenario where one runs a game at 60fps while the other only gets 30fps with all else being equal. So unless we see a lot of games with unlocked framerates I expect the vast majority of multiplatform games to perform pretty much identically. To be fair though, unlocked framerates might become much more common with VRR capable TVs becoming mainstream.

Exclusives are another matter though. I wouldn't be surprised if PS5 exclusives go for max visual fidelity while Xbox exclusives prioritize higher framerates, especially during the cross gen phase. With that being said I hope there will be performance modes for most exclusives. As long as the framerate is GPU bound it shouldn't be too hard to implement a performance mode by lowering the resolution and potentially disabling or toning down some of the most taxing effects like ray traced reflections.

cooperdnizzle14d ago

Well from your understanding you are wrong. Sorry 😐

Games1st14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Consoles are a whole and depend on how all components work together. Only real time testing matters.

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