A Few Too Many Words On "Ludo-Narrative Dissonance"

“Ludo-narrative dissonance”, having re-emerged in popular discussion, is described as “the weird disconnect between what’s happening in a game’s story or themes, and what’s happening in its gameplay”. Common examples include the casual slaughter of thousands of enemies by an otherwise amicable protagonist, or a character milling about picking flowers despite an impending threat. We have remarked here at GUI that we do not believe in ludo-narrative dissonance for the simple reason that art does not consist in “the servile imitation of the appearances of nature..."

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Game-ur47d ago

Remember years ago someone posted about this in relation to Uncharted 2 or 3. It was just another lame internet talking point like millions of other stupid stuff. But ND got obsessed with the concept and it ruined them trying to create something that matches gameplay with story.

A story only works if you get the audience to go along. TLOU2 failed to do that and it killed the franchise and destroyed the reputation of ND as an excellence studio.