Ubisoft to Debut New Battle Royale Game Called "Hyper Scape", First Screenshot Revealed

Hyper Scape has been leaked and it's rumored to be a new triple AAA battle royale first-person shooter by Ubisoft Montreal.

4d ago
GreatSako20204d ago

The BR market is fully saturated.

Jin_Sakai4d ago

No ones forcing you to play them. I’m tired of buggy Apex Legends so I’m all for a new FPS Battle Royale from a big studio.

AzubuFrost4d ago

So are action adventure survival horror games, but you don't see us complaining about The Last of Us 2.

Ninver4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Actually we've seen more than complaints with TLOU2. We've seen some heavy hate.

AzubuFrost4d ago

Hate? What hate? TLOU2 has a 94 from Metacritic, and both critics and fans ESPECIALLY from this site are praising it highly. And to top it off, it's the highest selling PS4 game thus far.
You want to know what's been getting a lot of unnecessary hate lately? You guessed it, Battle Royales.

GreatSako20204d ago

This is stupid. Action adventure is a wide genre. The story and pacing makes each game very different from the other. One game includes more stealth, but another with more action while a third with more rpg elements..... Etc.

kernel4d ago

People will act like there are a ton of these games, there really isnt. Its not the genres fault it dominates with just a handful of titles.

djplonker4d ago (Edited 4d ago )



Apex legends

Ring of elysium


Realm royal


Hunt showdown

Totally accurate battlegrounds

The culling

Islands of nyne

Garena freefire

Radical heights

Call of duty warzone

Call of duty bo 4

Fallout 76



Proving grounds


RosweeSon4d ago

And out of all of them I’ve played 2 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 GTA5 and warzone (as it was free) since deleted as the file size keeps doubling in size 😅😅😂

JohnnyPremo4d ago

Wow 20 many games release a year?

averagejoe264d ago

Those aren't all BR games...

SirSyko4d ago

The culling is not something you can play.

Rocketisleague4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Ah, and how many standard fps per many rpgs? BR is new an definitely not saturated. It took years to get so big but it's pretty fun. I dint understand what n4gs problem with it is. Ita a new gametype that people love. The best cod in years is warzone

Either way the popular ones play very differently. Apex, fortnight, warzone, nothing alike except the gane type. Kay as well say killzone halo overwatch and cod a recall the same. Or uncharted and gears of war are the same

JohnnyPremo3d ago

Why was i being down voted? I said wow 20 games as in really that is not a lot.

kernel3d ago

That’s a short list of games for an entire sub genre.

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Specter2294d ago

Just what we need ... another BR game ....

SegaGamer4d ago

All of these big AAA companies are so boring, they just copy each other.

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