Multiplatform Games That'll Scratch Your 'The Last of Us Part II' Itch

Jamie Davies of GameGrin looks at 5 multiplatform games players can pick up if they're clamouring for a Last of Us type experience, writing: "...The Last of Us Part II is dominating current gaming discussion, which for non-PlayStation owners, can feel a little bit like being the only vegetarian in a world-class steakhouse. So how’s an Xbox, PC or Switch owner to satisfy their cravings for games of the gloomy, gritty and gory variety without splashing out on a PlayStation 4 this late in the console generation? Well, luckily, this industry is never short of titles that fit any (or all) of the aforementioned adjectives."

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Game-ur881d ago

This time Xbox, PC or Switch owners are lucky.

Genuine-User880d ago

What has luck got to do with not being able to play something one wants to?

Game-ur880d ago

I wan't to unplay this game. that is what I want. and most who played it feel that way.

Genuine-User880d ago

Why? Most who have played it are not part of the toxic discourse surrounding this game.

Highlife880d ago

You mean the toxic super woke. The story is pure trash and the game lags on way too long. Can't wait to play GOT to get this awful game out of my system.

Genuine-User880d ago

Are you talking about the same toxic super woke group that flooded Metacritic user scores in the thousands with 0/10 for being “woke“, sjw and feminist propaganda and calling Druckmann cuckman couple of hours after the game went live?

Or are you talking about the super toxic woke group that is continuously harassing and sending death threats to the devs?

Or are you talking about super toxic woke group that is harassing people that have positively reviewed this game?

Or are you talking about the super toxic woke group that is mass downvoting anything positive about this game on YouTube?

Or are you talking about the super toxic woke group that can’t handle people enjoying this game or calling it their GOTY on social media?

rainslacker880d ago

"I wan't to unplay this game. that is what I want."

And yet, you revisit your horror at every oppurtunity in the comment sections about this game.

" and most who played it feel that way."

Sure they do buddy. Keep telling yourself that. I'm sure it validates your own obsession with this game.

P_Bomb879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

This game literally has stalkers. Game-ur, take a day off dude. I’m seeing you in like 4 different pendings already!

Edit: make that 5 smh

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ABizzel1880d ago

There's nothing directly like it. It has much better gameplay, drastically better acting, a much better story (IMO), and overall technical experience than Resident Evil and the Evil within which are the closest games on this list to it. Metro really isn't anything like it especially since it's a FPS. And the Walking Dead is slightly similar in storytelling, but the gameplay is nowhere near the same.

And PS4 owners are lucky to have such an amazing game on the platform.

MetalGearsofWar880d ago

Metro and Resident Evil blow this game out of the water. Thats my opinion, of course.

sampsonon880d ago

HAHAHA! Thanks man, i needed that :)

shepherdzeMan880d ago

lucky not to play the shitiest sequel to probably the greatest game ever made!

outsider1624880d ago

Speak for yourself.
Im really lucky enough to experience the world of The Last of Us Part I & Part II.

Game-ur880d ago

well said

sampsonon880d ago

Coming from someone that never played it. lol
You have issues.

Black-Helghast880d ago


They're lucky for not being able to experience one of the best games ever made? Okay.

xer0880d ago

The Last of Us 2 was epic!
Seriously good story and game play. The crafting, leveling up and game mechanics were all on par.

If you enjoy a good, unpredictable story and a bit of stealth... this is for you.

I'm glad i ignored the go woke, get broke campaign.
This is a 10/10 game. I'm stoked 😃

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_SilverHawk_881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

There isn't another game like tlou 2 especially the quality of tlou 2. There should be a lot of games with the quality of naughty dogs games but a lot of people like to support a lot of broken games or poor quality games so most development teams don't bother.

iplay1up2880d ago

Nintendo doesn't release broken games. Gears 5 has an epic campaign, and is in the top 5 graphically this gen. Especially on X1X.

I am pushing through TLOU for the first time, 3rd time starting it, 1st time I will complete it. The Story is epic, but the gameplay is nothing special. I want to finish the damn game today so I can play TLOU2.

I am going to wait for a huge price drop for part 2 now though. I am pre ordering Ghost of Tsushima today instead.

outsider1624880d ago

Don't know why you kids would always go on defence mode and bring Nintendo or their games.

I've always considered Nintendo like a side kick to a playstation.

880d ago
BillyG0AT880d ago

Yeah I have no itch for this game. Completed it and traded it in the next day. Will put the money to something more worthy

MetalGearsofWar880d ago

You should've returned it and picked up some games on the steam sale. Crazy deals this year.

outsider1624880d ago

Aww...shilling eh? Thats the best you could do.

BillyG0AT880d ago

It's just a statement of fact. You're all over these comments saying weird fanboy stuff.

"Im really lucky enough to experience the world of The Last of Us Part I & Part II."

LOL seriously? One day you will grow up and understand how sad the things you are saying are.

"I wouldn't say waste of time. Because it did help in getting more exposure. advertising. Thanks haters. "

Like, what are you thanking them for? Do Sony pay you?

outsider1624880d ago


"LOL seriously? One day you will grow up and understand how sad the things you are saying are."

Oh? Whats wrong with that? I was lucky to be able to play tlou. I mean im 39, and with the world's coming glad to be alive to experience tlou2 too.

Is that sony paying me?

"I wouldn't say waste of time. Because it did help in getting more exposure. advertising. Thanks haters. "

You do know that this game just got crazy hate right? I mean if you didn't like the story fair enough. But did it warrant a "trash game", hell it isn't even a trash story. And there's people spoiling other people so they don't play it, "lgbt agenda" "go woke,get broke", "drunkman" "sjw shit"
Not to mention the death threats.

And with all of that...the game still managed to beat records. So I'd say they helped a bit. That was my thanks.

Why are you so worked up anyway...its not like you played it.

BillyG0AT880d ago

39 years old and you're carrying on like a child online. So yeah...LOL

outsider1624880d ago

So LoL is the only argument you could come up with ?

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ArchangelMike880d ago

This list just demonstrates that there really aren'y alot of games like TLOU2. None of those games listed really come close to delivering a similar experience. Maybe RE2, but that's really stretching it.

rainslacker880d ago

On a technical level, very few games match Naughty Dog games. On a story level, I think The Walking Dead is probably the closest in terms of story telling quality.

I know TLOU2 is devisive on the story aspect, but it wasn't actually a bad story. Just some people didn't like what the story did.

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