Ellie Had to Finish It—And So Did I

The Punished Backlog's David Silbert writes: "The Last of Us Part II lives and dies by its inescapable allure. And this is what kept me playing for hours on end, unable to let go. (Spoiler alert!)"

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bouzebbal39d ago

in my case i'm playing, hoping something finally happens..
i'm sick and tired of wave after another and no story is told.

zacfoldor39d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Actually, I would recommend looking into the settings. This is a game that offers multiple ways to play. One thing I didn't love was how long it took to point me in the right direction when I didn't pick up on subtle clues in the environment. It often left me waiting after each encounter to run around search pixels like a point and click adventure game trying to figure out where to crawl under or which counter I could jump over to get to the next section. In TLOU2 there is an accessibility option that lets one tap, L3 I think it is, to get an instant notification on where to go next. If one is finding the repetition boring, that option may help. Even with it on, one never has to use it, and the hint system is already built in the game anyway, so it isn't really doing anything but keeping one from having to wait for the game to have mercy.