Epic Games: PS5 Is A 'Masterpiece Of Systems Design'

From PSU: "Speaking with the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Nick Penwarden labelled the PS5 as ‘revolutionary’ for its various technical capabilities, including storage and data compression technology."

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Einhander197113d ago

Yes that’s why I’m getting one😀

Unspoken13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

They are really pushing to sell their contract on PS5. This must be coming from higher ups. Make that money Epic!

cell98913d ago

Are you suggesting they’re just making things up for the sake of marketing?

cooperdnizzle13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Yes that’s it, not like epic could just have an opinion. For all the haters out there get used to it because going forward you will hear way more devs coming forward praising the ps5. Sony actually went and listened to what developers wanted and needed to make game development easier and more advanced. To give the artist more freedom and power to make the games they envision

I will take what developers are saying and what they feel will make better games as more of truth and fact over a Xbox YouTube show or podcast screaming Xbox will be better because we have more tera flops. Hahaha. They even say now that the Xbox is faster. Sony’s gpu is faster than m$ and if you do the math Sony’s can do just as much computing with the speed as the 12 vs 10 flops argument. I’m getting sick of Xbox fanboys saying they know more then developers and experts. Ummm hmm. You run a podcast/ YouTube show. You’re job is to talk that’s it. Most of the time they can’t even do that intelligently. Even after 100 edits and cuts.

That’s my rant for the year. Wait and see when the PS5 comes out. Watch and see m$ have to switch fundamental parts of the console in the mid gen console just like the had to with the Xbox one.. (getting rid of esram in the Xbox1) and remember they said the same thing then. Esram will make up for our ram not being as fast blah blah blah.

medman13d ago

Developers all over the world have been singing the ps5's praises from a design standpoint. The devs find it incredibly easy to come to grips with, and are loving the storage solution and architecture of the system. Why are you bent out of shape over what the professionals in the field have to say about the ps5? That is the real question.

Brazz13d ago

or perhaps ps5 realy made something special... realy, many devs have said PS5 is just another level.

bouzebbal13d ago

Cerny magic.. PlayStation on top of the game once again 👍🏽
Day one

bouzebbal13d ago

B....b..but why isn't series x a masterpiece of console design too? It got powaaa af daaaa clawwdddd

AngelicIceDiamond13d ago

@Cell They were at Sony's E3 06 and Tim took center stage and said how easy and advanced the Cell architecture was. Had that unreal 4 demo on Sony's press conference in 2013 and showed off Unreal 5 on PS5 over a month ago. There's a pattern, so there has to be some kind of marketing going on behind the scenes.

MagicLebronJordan13d ago

It seems like they are trying to sell their lower raw stats with secret sauce stuff like Xbox one did last gen to me.

dennigo13d ago

You do know epic owns fortnite and only makes multiplatforms and engines right?

Fantangoooo13d ago

If I were paid I sure would. Shake it Epic... !!!

Visceral8913d ago

@Unspoken Epic wants every platform to use the upcoming Unreal Engine 5, if anything, for that reason Tim Sweeney and epic won't say anything bad about XSX. I feel like if he could say whatever he wanted without ramifications, he would say the PS5 overall is a better console than XSX

RememberThe35713d ago

Funny part to me is it seems MS set out the build a straight up more powerful Xbox and they did that. That's great and it'll be awesome, it's like a Mustang. But Sony set out to redefine things. They GTR'd the game, and that's great too. I don't understand how saying the PS5 is what it is takes anything away from what the XsX is capable of. They're both gonna get a ton of praise and they're both gonna be awesome consoles. This gen feels like the kind of jump we should have gotten last gen. It's beautiful.

darthv7213d ago

Epic can give them all the praise they want but in the end Sony is still going to mainly use their own engines for games and not UE5. Epic should just accept that and know they at least got MS in their pocket.

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neomahi12d ago

You do know they asked Microsoft for 512MB of unified RAM and then exclusively made Gears of War just for Xbox 360 and right when they were about to port to PlayStation hardware, Microsoft found out--like they always do-- and bought it up. Epic Games themselves said they'd like to have Gears of War everywhere, but Microsoft didn't want that so, there ya go, Epic Games can have an opinion.

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lelo2play13d ago

It's strange that a 3rd party developer praises so many times a specific console... normally a 3rd party developer says something nice, then moves on.

Nitrox13d ago

Could be paid marketing, could be that they’re genuinely impressed. Time will tell.

To me logic dictates that if Sony felt a standard ssd alone was good enough to bring next gen quality, they would have done so and put the extra budget into the gpu like MS. They must have felt there was something more to gain going this route. It wasn’t an arbitrary decision.

CaptainCook13d ago

Because Xbox Series X is under NDA

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Profchaos12d ago

Yeah Xbox threw horsepower at the problem simply to scared to fall behind the raw power Sony engaged with develop teams and said what do you want

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ILostMyMind13d ago

Another praise from a developer to PS5 architecture. We can expect a new tweet from a Microsoft employee praising a Microsoft console soon.


As he's speaking to the official playstation magazine I doubt he's going to say it's like a bag of mashed up arse holes

Pricey13d ago

I doubt anybody would say that about anything unless it was actually a bag of mashed up arse holes.

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Sunny_D13d ago

Oh ok, so what’s the next excuse for every other dev who say the same praise about the PS5? Are they all being paid? Like the Crytek dev who said the PS5 was better than the Series x before he had to remove his interview? Lmao

ChristopherJack12d ago

Can you even mash up a hole & still call it a hole? I don't think that's how holes work.

Like, if you split someone open from the arse hole, then you have two seperated pieces of arse, but no hole.

tontontam012d ago

MS first party developers can't even say bold things about the xbox series x, because they doubt that they can beat sony first party developers in creating a game that is "REALLY OPTIMIZED" for next gen.

MS devs are held back by xbox one x, low end pc gamers, and the rumored xbox series S.
maximizing the series x would mean other systems won't be able to handle the game.


@sunny D if they are speaking to an official magazine I would hazard a guess they are going to polish a turd. And if they cant they will roll it in glitter

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Dark_matter13d ago

This article is so positive even cklar is sharing his/her praise for their "business"

cell98913d ago

We’ll have Greenberg tweeting about the Xbox CU count

UltraNova12d ago

It's so ironic MS is back on the numbers chest-pounding train considering the opted out of it for the whole gen...

NeoGamer23213d ago

I have yet to see any industry person say anything bad about either console. Whether proactively or reactively.

DerfDerf12d ago

It's one company who is being paid to praise a console. Tim admitted as much himself saying he has had a good working relationship like this with Sony dating back to 99' and more specifically since the launch of the PS3.

UltraNova12d ago

Think about this:
A good working relationship vs developing an exclusive (gears). Which comes out on top in terms of having a reason to sing a company's praises?

DJStotty12d ago


Epic were 2nd party, and Microsoft created/own the IP Gears of War.

Just like Bungie was 2nd party, and Microsoft Created/own the IP Halo.

Both games were developed in collaboration with Microsoft game studios.

RazzerRedux12d ago


"good working relationship like this with Sony" really want to dismiss opinions of anyone because the product they are praising is from a company that person has a "good working relationship" with? we can ignore things Codemasters said about XSX and Dirt 5. The Medium dev can be dismissed. Everything the Scorn dev said is tainted as well.

You really want to use that as a standard for determining who is "being paid"?


Is that supposed to change the fact that Epic had a very close working relationship with Microsoft in the creation of Gears? Sorry, but it doesn't.

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genericgamer9913d ago

Sony has always been on the cutting edge of console technology, from wifi, to internal hd, to bluray, now to ultra fast SSD and I/O. Combine that with some of the most talented first party studios out there, and you have a winning formula.

dumahim13d ago

PS2 had an open bay for an internal HD. Not sure if anyone made a console with one prior to this.

Nitrox13d ago

I think Xbox is the one cited as the first console with an internal HDD

SirBruce12d ago

Xbox (2001) was first comercial games console to use internal HD as default and, after it, all systems used a solution on this line (more internal storage for assisting games functions, not only as backup).

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Marquinho13d ago

You forgot to mention, state of the art cooling.

DJStotty12d ago

Do we actually know the PS5 cooling system yet?

I did not think they had talked about it, so what is this "state of the art cooling"?

QuePasa8713d ago

Nah ps3 wifi was pretty garbage while at least the 360 released the N adapter

Zhipp13d ago

Forget ps3, PS4 wifi is still garbage. The last of us 2 launch day patch took me 20mins to download, and it was only 2gb!

rainslacker13d ago

The network adapter itself was OK. The software that ran it was flaky and required set up on the router and ps3 system to work well. Ps4 seems better, but I've always had mine wired so I cant speak to much on it.

DJStotty12d ago (Edited 12d ago )


The length/download speed, does not equate to "bad Wi-fi", several factors come into play, upload speed of the file server (how fast it will allow you to download), traffic requesting the same files, interference with household appliances, etc etc.

Loktai13d ago

Dont forget DVD, wireless controllers, HDMI and USB on consoles.

Jerlemar13d ago

LOL no it's not. PS5 is looking amazing so far but Sony being on the cutting edge of technology? Absolutely not. They stopped selling laptops and PCs because they were garbage, and PSVR is a joke compared to other devices. Also, PSP anyone? No thanks. They barely support it because they know it's bad.

It's fine to be a fan of Playstation, I am as well, but you don't have to sound like a PR rep who's getting paid.

Unless you truly believe all that nonsense then hey, by all means. Spit it.

yeahokwhatever12d ago

PSVR is infinitely better than the VR for XB1/X/Y/Z etc.
"psvr is a joke" yeah, because its funny that xbox can never compete.

Jerlemar12d ago


I never said anything about Xbox. You just assume I'm some Xbox fanboy when I say something negative about Sony. There other VR devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that are pushing the bar in at-home VR. Sony is clearly not on the cutting edge on that front.

Chill out, defensive fanboy. Talking about Xbox as a response is irrelevant and doesn't prove anything against my point.

tontontam012d ago

Yup looks like a fanboy
you sound like somebody who never owned a vaio, psp and psvr.

and lol "PSP"? you could've said VITA but you chose "PSP"?

AFAIK PSP is the only handheld that was considered a competitor to nintendo handhelds.

Jerlemar12d ago


I was talking about all versions of PSP. Why do I need to specify? Geez, you guys are trying really hard to see whether I'm actually a Playstation fan huh? I had a PSP and it was decent. I mostly played PS games on it but Criss Core was amazing. I didn't have a Vaio because it didn't have that many games. I tried PSVR but it was terrible, especially after using the Vive.

Sony handhelds were basically participants in competing with Nintendo handhelds. Not much of a threat but hey, they existed.

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tontontam012d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Lol you baited some xbox fanboys, xbox innovation is so few the fanboys quickly spotted it. haha

DerfDerf12d ago

Sony has bluray and that is it. Nothing else they do is cutting edge. There are already SSD's on pc that blow the ps5 one away

DJStotty12d ago

They don't even own Blu-ray, as much as people like to believe they are the "sole creators" of Blu-ray, they need to do some fact checking. For quick education :

"The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) is the industry consortium that develops and licenses Blu-ray Disc technology and is responsible for establishing format standards and promoting business opportunities for Blu-ray Disc. The BDA is divided into three levels of membership: the Board of Directors, Contributors, and General Members.[1]

The "Blu-ray Disc founder group" was started on 20 May 2002 by the MIT and nine leading electronic companies: Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Thomson, LG Electronics, Hitachi, Sharp, and Samsung Electronics."

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DrakeFan113d ago

Epic Games have a deal to promote UE5 for PS5 so of course they'll say nice things about it. Common industry practice

helicoptergirl13d ago

A deal to promote? That sounds like bs

DJStotty12d ago

So why did they not unveil UE5 using a PC? where the effects and technology would have been able to be shown at higher fidelity?

from sir tim sweeney :

"“We’ve been working super-closely with Sony for quite a long time on the storage architecture and other elements. It’s been our primary focus."

Just like how Epic worked closely with Microsoft for the IP Gears of war.

omegaheat11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Actually, an epic exec said in an interview after being pressed to comment on whether the Xbox Series X was capable of running that same Unreal Engine5 PS5 demo that they indeed have a big marketing deal with Sony and that including any mention of the Xbox Series X during the presentation would undermine the Sony/Epic relationship. This was actually an audio interview, not a redacted quote by the interviewer. I'm not making this up, it's true.
Update: it looks like DJStottt beat me to the referenced quote.

borneFROMblood13d ago

Epic Games are worth 10's of BILLIONS. I highly doubt they do this just for money. Fortnite and UE5 alone will make them reach everyday.

sushimama13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

You're right. Epic are excited about the PS5. Not because they got paid by Sony, but because Sony are innovators.

crazyCoconuts13d ago

I mean, big companies get into limited time exclusivity promotions all the time, but only the really small companies seem to lie/exaggerate to the extreme. It seems unusual for a company as big as Epic to do heavily promote just one console design, especially when the other console will also be using their engine heavily. Unusual, but possible imo

NeoGamer23213d ago (Edited 13d ago )

LOL. Epic Games does EVERYTHING for money.

Fornite is a perfect example. It is the monetization of multi-player!

ARZ199013d ago

This is a direct quote from CEO of Epic games

“We’ve been working super-closely with Sony for quite a long time on the storage architecture and other elements. It’s been our primary focus. But Unreal Engine 5 will be on all next-generation platforms, and so will Fortnite,” Sweeney said.

He added, “Sony has done an awesome job of architecting a great system here. It’s not just a great GPU, and they didn’t just take the latest PC hardware and upgrade to it, following the path of least resistance. The storage architecture in PlayStation 5 is far ahead of anything that you can buy in any PC for any amount of money right now. It’s great to see that sort of innovation. It’s going to help drive future PCs. They’ll see this thing ship and realize, ‘Wow, with two SSDs, we’ll have to catch up.'”

There is not such a deal that you speak of the man is clearly a huge fan of the ps5 for its innovation. Don’t be a crab about it

boing113d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It's a common sense to support a platform with huge potential sales out-of-the-box. PS5 is such platform, obviously. The better the support for new tech, the more developers will want to use the engine. I don't think there were money involved. I think this 'partnership' is genuine and based on know-how exchange. Epic guys are just simply excited about next frontier that opened up thanks to Sony's strive for innovation.

Kribwalker13d ago

there’s a reason epics not really allowed to discuss other consoles, It’s called marketing deals. It’s just like how Call of Duty only mentions PS4 on its commercials etc. Paid marketing deals. it’s also why sweeney said he was under NDA to discuss things
It’s the business