First FlatOut 360 Screenshots

The new FlatOut is built from the ground up for Microsoft's console, "to take advantage of the additional feature sets and improved processing ability of the Xbox 360 to produce an entirely new, breathtaking FlatOut experience," and it's certainly looking very pretty as well.

Check out the first screens - those "8,000 dynamic objects per track" seem to be going to good use.

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PS360PCROCKS5718d ago

Wow if those are in game than wow, the clouds look so realistic and the sparks and everything, that's HOT

RedGr3mlin5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

The clouds looks the same ass the will always do in the first wave of next gen games,rember this is the first wave of games :P
I wonder what the second wave will do to the Gfx :D...cant wait!!!!...

Butt back to the clouds: Look at halo 3 pics( from the ingame video)
THAT is what i call clouds!! ;)

Butt the sparkles oooooo the sweeettt sparkles ;)

PS360PCROCKS5718d ago

think so? I think the clouds look awesome, all volumetric and everything, I think they look better than any I've ever seen, oh well I wont play this for clouds, lol the rest of the game looks sick though

DC RID3R5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

the 360's motorstorm.

it will be interesting to see how this pans out!

richie007bond5718d ago

Man this is going to me flaming awesome,flatout on the pc is a fantastic game real fun to play i cant wait for an updated 360 version

Scrumptious5718d ago

Makes Motorstorm look like a high-res PS2 port.

power of Green 5718d ago

It took FlatOut for you to realize this?.

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The story is too old to be commented.