Is he really the villain? - What Is Chris Redfield up to in Resident Evil VIII?

"Before the big PS5 reveal, many cool game trailers were revealed and today, I'll be talking about the trailer for Resident Evil Village and Chris Redfield's surprising and apparently villainous appearance at the end of it." - Trey Griffeth from Video Chums

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generic-user-name38d ago

Mia is a piece of trash for her role with Evie but having said that, they're not going to turn Chris into a cold blooded killer. It's an hallucination or something along those lines.

zacfoldor38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I can't wait, day 1.

AK9138d ago

Nah he isn't he'll just appear that way for the first half of the game, its just like Dante in DMC4.