UK Sales Charts: The Last of Us Remastered Returns Amid Sequel's Success

Not one but two The Last of Us titles cracked the UK sales charts this week, as The Last of Us Remastered rebounded on the back of its PlayStation 4 successor’s record-breaking success.

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Thundercat77446d ago

I think that many people who didn't played the first game wanted to play it first before playing part 2.

RosweeSon446d ago

Makes sense. Probably wanted to see what all the hype was about but I’d wanna start at beginning for sure.

TFJWM446d ago

I wonder how all the people that hate the story would feel if they played 2 first.

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RosweeSon446d ago

@sungod pretty certain it is, I also really enjoyed it, DLC done well some of my favourite DLC ever. Well made great addition to main story not a cash grab ripped from main game its whole new and brilliant DLC.

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sampsonon446d ago

People would actually have to play 2 in order to hate it.
Fake hate is all i read. They get plot points wrong, or they make something up. Or they downright never played the game and decided long before the game released that they hate it.
Yes, this is the world we live in.

The game is a Novel and some wanted a comic book story.
Anyone remember paint by numbers? Right.

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Tross446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

I do that all the time if I want to get into a series, especially if it's one with just two entries, and the first game can be acquired for fairly cheap. Actually, even though I've already played The Last of US Part I, I do have plans to replay it before I get around to playing its sequel. I already own it on both PS3 and PS4 though.

rainslacker446d ago

I ended up buying the first two mass effect games after a short time playing Mass Effect 3. It makes sense for games that are in a series, particularly when they're directly connected.

Rimeskeem446d ago

I have never seen a 7 year old SP game top the twitch charts before now.

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CaptainHenry916446d ago

It Playstation exclusive magic

Rimeskeem446d ago

I can already see Ratchet & Clank be replayed when Rift Apart gets closer. I know that I will be going at it again.

Gameseeker_Frampt446d ago

The Spiffing Brit's video on Rise of Nation's made it onto YouTubeGaming trending last year. Always nice to see a video of a game from 2003 trending alongside Fortnite and Minecraft.

RgR446d ago

TLOU1 deserves the spotlight again. An unmatched story and experience.

IRetrouk446d ago

Didnt expect to see this chart again, crazy.

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