The Last of Us Part II review | Slant Magazine

The game displays a thorough, haunted understanding of what cruelty for cruelty’s sake can do to the soul.

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TheKingKratos1069d ago

Never thought Slant would give it such high score ... they love to shit on games

goldwyncq1069d ago

Slant giving a mainstream AAA game a 9, now I've seen everything.

DrDeath1069d ago

They must have actually played it

Obelisk921069d ago

I'm not a fan of Slant, at all, but I love how the review says "This game was reviewed using a retail copy purchased by the reviewer".

Like, "look, I bought the game myself, ok? No bribes or s**t like that"

Obelisk921069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

A good review of TLoU2 that comes out 2 weeks after the embargo lifted from a harsh site? What's going on?

1069d ago
Gatsu1069d ago

The score what most would give, if they actually play it. Great review <3.

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