Five Things You Should Experience In ‘Destiny 2’ Before It Kills Half Its Worlds

We are just under three months away not just from Destiny 2’s newest expansion, but from a truly massive shift in the game, where for the first time, Destiny will be closing down many of its worlds, putting them in a “content vault” for an indeterminate amount of time, if not forever.

1181d ago
L7CHAPEL1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

the whole problem with this game to begin with: too many things gated/ hidden/ secret from players.
jump through hoops to find the content, trying to 100% areas (particularly if you don't roll with a clan or a group) is beyond frustrating, it's impossible.
be nice if they could just make part of their "ever-expanding fascinating worlds"
an open structure where you could access their content without all the bullshit backtracking Re-backtracking researching,
having to scour game sites and forum threads and reddit to get answers to questions, because everything's this elitist secret.
that's why I gave up on it .. and now it looks like I'm never going back, because I won't be able to unless it's on their schedule,
and, because of online only server access,
l won't have access to previous content that
*I PAID FOR* ...
and of course it's being done for their convenience so they don't have to maintain those servers, so now we have active content restrictions because that's the best solution for the developer/ publisher.

fuck you bungie.


I have a hard time believing you actually invested time in Destiny because your rant couldn’t be more off.

Seraphim1181d ago

sun-setting on the other hand. that's the one thing that broke the camel back for me. Especially but not limited to the fact Bungie said before D2's release they wouldn't make that mistake again and yet here we are. I love the franchise and have thousands of hours in D2 alone but the constant artificial grind and sun-settting is just bs. so is power creep. it's as if Bungie has no faith in their own game anymore. Sure I like to earn and chase new things, especially great weapons but I play the game because I enjoy it. Not to chase levels, chase re-issued weapons and armor that I've already earned. Since armor 2.0 I still haven't even been able to bag a pair of Contraverse Hold. Even with armor 2.0 Bungie took options away from us. We can't roll with the same perks we had in armor 1.0 and on top of that we also have seasonal mods to slot into that armor.

L7CHAPEL1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I'm not "off".
you just disagree.
you're entitled to your beliefs and your opinion.
you're willing to accept/see things they're doing differently, and that's fine...
but there's a reason they're not making destiny 3.
they wouldn't be able to sell it,
they're not making enough money and that's why they went free-to-play,
and lots of people feel the same way they serve themselves first, and then it's what's "best" for their player base when they get to it, the constant egregious nerfing re-structuring of how they want to do things, has been inching down this path of "it's our game and we're going to do what we want" to the point that it's gotten (FAR BEYOND) ridiculous.
you don't see it that way, again, you're entitled to your opinion.

DeputyB1181d ago

Its why I stopped playing both 1 and 2. Amazing feel and love the world and lore but fuck me can you make it any harder for me to enjoy the game Bungie?

Epicent3r12491180d ago

100% agree with you L7Chapel...

L7CHAPEL1180d ago

well I appreciate the comment,
but I think it's really unfortunate to be agreeing, we've just had the same experience and it got old long ago
and now it's just ridiculous.
I'm not here to be their revenue stream, I'm tired of the carrot on the stick shit that this game has overwhelmingly become.
it't what 15-20-25% at best enjoyment, and the rest is grinding and putting up with a lot of bullshit.
there's just too many other things to play, and others on the way.
at this point:
dedication to the game and loyalty just reaffirms they're shitty treatment
of their players.

2ndhandcorn1180d ago

Never played with any other player in the first game or 2nd got bored and deleted it.


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MWeaver5894d ago

Shame to see it happen, but the funny weapon glitch has been a lot of fun.


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Futureshark38d ago

A reveal for a reveal...how revealing!

LordoftheCritics38d ago

Those youtuber reactions unlocked a new level of cringe in me.

Garethvk37d ago

I am always dubious of hoe legit those are as they are either paid or are often mugging for the camera so people include them in things..

anast38d ago

I jumped in for a few hours to grind last month, but the micros are getting heavy. The excuse is that it's F2P, but It's not really a F2P game, it's more like a long demo.

Garethvk38d ago

Have not played the last two as I am not finding much to draw me back.

Neonridr38d ago

to be honest the silver ecosystem exists on its own. You don't need to spend a cent in this game aside from buying the expansions. There is nothing of actual value obtained from silver. Cosmetic stuff, which is nothing new.

anast38d ago

It isn't a F2P game it's like a long demo because 90% of the new expansions are blocked. Might as well have kept the old model. They call it F2P to give them an excuse to be obnoxious with pushing the micros.

"Just because " it's cosmetic doesn't make it not annoying and cheap looking and on top of that they are asking me to buy expansions. The only way I would pay for any of that is so I don't have to see the stupid adverts for digital products. It's a shame because I enjoy the grind in this game but I can only do it for so long before it grinds on me.

Neonridr37d ago

@anast - well buying expansions is nothing new for games like this. Destiny 1 had expansions as well.

Gameseeker_Frampt38d ago

Best thing is the comment section for the video. The video is typical Bungie marketing bs showing off their streamers with the nice touch of highlighting everything they stripped from Destiny 2 over the years.

Garethvk38d ago

Just need a PS logo now and set or an under new ownership banner.

DefenderOfDoom238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Cool I stopped playing Destiny 2 after I finished the last big DlC . I will comeback bu not t until the Final Shape DlC releases in the late fall early winter.