PS5: Size Comparisons of Every PlayStation Console

The PS5's actual dimensions are still unknown, but based on current estimates, here's how the next-gen console fares in size from its predecessors.

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ps3rider39d ago

Expecting PS5 slim won't too much smaller than PS5 release.

PS2 Slim is the best slim version of all PlayStation family

ILostMyMind38d ago

I think it's the slimest Slim ever. 🤣

Marquinho38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

It's curious to see so many PS fans awaiting for a slim version before the original version is released.

Keep in mind it took 3 years for the PS4 slim to be launched.

I'm not a fan of the PS5 huge form factor but I guess I won't stand waiting for so long.

ILostMyMind38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Indeed. I have no problem with PS5 or XSX size, I will not carry them in my pocket. It reminded me of people who complained that the PS4Pro was too hot. I never knew the temperature of my console, I didn't sit on it. 🤣

ProjectVulcan38d ago

A slim console is ENTIRELY reliant on a new manufacturing process node to shrink the main SoC down and reduce the power consumption and thermal dissipation.

New process = less power = less heat. That means smaller VRMs, more compact motherboard design, smaller power supply, more compact cooling solution and all fitted in a smaller case.

PS5 will need a quality 5nm process to even think about this, which is going to be at least 2022 for mass production. Perhaps it might need an even better process than that to get the machine way down in size.

SamPao38d ago

Of course it will be much smaller. Every slim is much smaller, in all generations :)

MajorLazer38d ago

PS1 Slim was amazing too. Massive reduction in size.

TheScotsman38d ago

not really worried about the size shape or colour, aslong as it plays games im cool, although it does look awesome

anonymousfan38d ago

Not a huge fan of the PS5 design and colour but what matters to me is that is stays quiet and cool... And a comfortable controller. The rest isnt that important.

ifrit_caress38d ago

Yongyea did this more than a week ago.

BenRC0137d ago

Ps2 slim runs on 9v so works off a car 12v socket.
Have one hooked up to my van, so small it will fit in a glove box lol. brilliant fighters on ps2, tekken 4 is every bit as good as tekken 7 gameplay wise, and it doesnt get any better than soul calibur 2.

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