Days Gone is Secretly One of PS4's Best Exclusives - The Joy of Gaming

This week's The Joy of Gaming episode takes a look back at Sony Bend's Days Gone and explores why it's one of the PS4's best secret exclusives.

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sushimama38d ago

I agree. I want nothing but a sequel from them. Absolutely LOVED Days Gone.

rivaldoo77738d ago

So UNDERRATES!! Easily my top 5 exclusive

bouzebbal38d ago

It is for sure the best thing I played this gen, followed by Bloodborne, FF7 remake and God of war.

crazyCoconuts38d ago

It's in my backlog. Totally looks like my kind of game. Last time I rode a hog in a game was GTAV.

Ready4nxtgen38d ago

You need to go play it now.

instantstupor37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Been sitting in mine too, but I finally started playing it a few days ago.

I found the motorcycle controls kinda meh, but the game is pretty solid overall. There are some weird things I'm less keen on. Like the fact cars barely ever cough up "silencers", so I just end up buying them at camp which feels a little lame. I'd prefer being able to find and store gas as I find it - squirrel it away at camp, as a survivor would - but instead, you just have to find cans littered around the map & they never run out and they always respawn at the same points. So I just end up going to the same few fast travel spots & getting a can hidden in the same spot, rather than actually having to find them out in the wild. Little things like this that take away from the scroungy/scrappy feel of apocalyptic survival

Upgrades happen slow, be it skills or motorcycle upgrades. They aren't hugely game changing, so they aren't as interesting as I think they could be. Having to unlock the ability to buy better guns and parts is fine, but camp levels also go up agonizingly slow. A lot of my play so far has been with a very similar motorcycle, very similar stable of weapons, skills upgrades that just feel like they're making existing abilities *slightly* stronger, and the same melee weapon. I feel like they could have done more to make you either feel more meaningfully powerful with upgrades, or give you upgrades that make you feel like you can play the game differently.

The story is not amazing, but it moves things along well enough. I find it is a little repetitive - open world games are, of course, but this feels a little more so than most. For reference, I think H:ZD is a much better game overall, but DG is still a mostly good time. Probably a 7/10 or 8/10 from me thus far. Certainly worth firing up.

sushimama37d ago

Dude it's all about your bike in this game. The whole entire game. It's addictive.

mkis00738d ago

At least people with "agenda" agenda's cant really touch it.

I love just how different a "zombie" game it is.

RgR38d ago

There was a small agenda from some review to ruin the game.

It got a mediocre reception but when I played it I loved it.

By far one of the better open world's this generation. Wish I got sreanded without my bike more often.

RaiderNation38d ago

That was partly Sony's fault for sending review copies to critics before the initial patch was released. Reviewers had to play a buggy mess of a version of the game. Days Gone isn't God of War but I do think it's a solid 8/10.

Ashunderfire8638d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Are you talking about that review from that red head girl at gamespot that said something about white males, and it backfired on her? There this 20 minute video of her talking about the game and mention something about white males, that made Youtubers like The Quatering called her out. That is the same chick that gave Last of Us 2 an 8/10 because it was too violent for her. I think that's was the controversy I recall about 2 years ago.

NecrumOddBoy38d ago

I platinum'd Days Gone. End of Year review said it took 95 hours. Absolutely a phenomenal world to explore. 10/10 in everything except 7ish on the Unreal Engine issues. Still a 9 in my book and a must buy for PS4. What an amazing experience. I really believe Bend will knock the sequel out of the park.

Kornholic38d ago

Days Gone was criticized for having a white man as a protagonist. Kotaku and IGN are good examples of these racist reviews.

Final_Aeon38d ago

Don't forget the whole issue that Gamespot reviewer had, because the "zombies were white", even though it's something clearly explained in the story.

mkis00738d ago

Final aeon

Did the ign reviewer ever apologize or follow up when confronted about that?

morganfell38d ago

She didn't as far as anyone can tell. It makes it obvious she didn't get very far in the game. Yet Gamespot keeps her on. This is a company that fired Gertsmann because he wouldn't give a better score to Kane and Lynch 2...and Gamespot had a marketing deal with the publishers. Zero accountability or standards from these people.

The reviewer Kallie Plagge (a plague on the industry, how ironic) is a vapid, imperceptive SJW millennial more concerned with her twitter page and tilting at windmills than she is with serious journalism. This is just one more example of why I rail against game media. No standards and no punishment for their actions that continually damage our hobby. Also they gain the wonderful opportunity promote themselves which is what matters most.

Quite a few of these clowns are not gamers but rather people that could not thrive in any other industry and gaming is simply a glorified social media opportunity for them that provides the additional chance to shove their fantasy world agendas down everyone's throat.

Veneno38d ago

Like how gamers criticize TLoU 2 for having a lesbian central character. Both viewpoints are deplorable.

morganfell38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

"Like how gamers criticize TLoU 2 for having a lesbian central character. Both viewpoints are deplorable"

Both are absurd but they are dissimilar. One is just gamers being jerks and most of those didn't care that she was a lesbian. That wasn't their issue. The other case is someone in a position to have an impact on the reputation of a game on a massive scale and using that position to shove their beliefs on the public, damaging a title in the process. One incident is some people screaming, the other is a person using their influential platform to push a social agenda.

Veneno38d ago


I understand where you're coming from and you are correct about the media using it's position when it came to Days Gones Deacon. It was disgusting.

But these days the line between media and end consumer gets more blurry by the day.

So I don't agree that you are letting the average gamer off the hook so easily. I know that Ellie's sexuality is not an issue with you or me, but to certain gamers it really is an issue to the point where they are spouting craziness that the game is pushing an "agenda".

To me those gamers are to be lamented just as much as any media blowhard. In fact these people are worse because in public they don't put their hate on display as much. At least the media is up front about their illogic.

But yeah it's easy to let the average hate fueled gamer off the hook because they are not as on display. So I can't be too mad at that.

morganfell38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Show me the"average gamer" that has the ability to reach the people and impact them to the degree of Gamespot. The lines are not so blurry. Look at not only the influence of the review itself at Gamespot but how that single review is amalgamated at sites such as Metacritic. And its effect is felt on other social media such as twitter and on a scale the average game cannot match. Not even close to being the same thing as some ranting individual.

Besides the world has always been full of singular morons.

Regarding the issue with TLOU2. Like quite a few people, I didn't care for the game. Not hate, I just didn't care for it based upon a host of narrative reasons. And like quite a few people it had absolutely zero to do with anyone's sexual orientation. In fact that actually fit. For the truly angry, Abby was the central object of their bloviating. I would rather not discuss it further because I like this thread being about Days Gone, a highly underrated game and enough has been railed over in TLOU threads.

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38d ago
bouzebbal38d ago

I expected this to be a Dead Nation open world.. I had no idea it was RDR x TLOU.. This game blew my mind, graphically gameplay mechanics, story, customisation and weapon variety. The events trailers really didn't do this game justice I thought you just fought hordes

morganfell38d ago

This is one of those games that makes me a scroungeaholic. Still play it to this day. Love the weapon effects.

bouzebbal38d ago


TLOU2 made me wanna play Days Gone.. recovering gates power, finding fuel made me wanna replay it

morganfell38d ago

I also like their ammo balance. They do not give you battlefield load outs but neither are you completely bulletstarved. It makes combat situations like camp clearing a matter of player choice on the approach. Not to mention the day/night choice. This adds to the replay for me as I will employ different tactics depending on how I feel.

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TheHateTheyGive38d ago

One of the best open world games i have ever played.

brando00838d ago

Agreed. This game really blew me away

tochi38d ago

I don't know if it is the best PS4 exclusive, but I can say this one is better than any UBISOFT games I played in current generation.
It is amazing to think about the fact that BENDStudio nailed it on first trial at the field where UBI is pilling up shit of annual iteration.
My expectation for UBI has been drastically declined after this game. At least for me, there is no wonder why all of UBI's major franchises have gone on hold.

silenthillstrangler38d ago

I am really looking forward to valhalla though, of all their games this one has the setting that excites me the most.