Xbox Boss Congratulates Naughty Dog On Last Of Us 2 Success

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has sent his congratulations to developer Naughty Dog on Twitter, following a post from vice president Neil Druckmann thanking the fans for their support with The Last of Us Part II.

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TheHateTheyGive47d ago

Uncle phil is at it again for attention, we need his smiling pic.

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gamer780447d ago

Unlike a lot of execs he actually is a gamer and plays ps4 games too. He’s not perfect but atleast he seems to care. Let’s wait til the Xbox show before we pass judgement.

Z50147d ago

Why wait to pass judgement. When their output is CURRENTLY trash?

Gamehard47d ago

That's the persona he's paid to project. Unless you know him personally I'd be hard pressed to believe he's an actual gamer.

gamer780447d ago

@gamehard he plays lots of games if you liste to podcasts with major Nelson they talk about their plays sessions

russo12147d ago

Right now, would be the perfect time to assure his fans xsx will follow this trend of innovation and quality demontrated by sony, and new trully next gen IPs will be delivered as soon as next gen starts.

1Victor47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I’ll Wait and see what his next comment will be will he praise single player games, will he downplay them and elevate G.A.S or cloud services.

Hakuoro47d ago

I always imagine when he says congratulations like this it's with the most gritted teeth just angrily pressing each key on his keyboard one at time as hard as he can.

cell98947d ago

Ay least he’s not cringe unlike that troll Greenberg

shepherdzeMan47d ago

They did it again boys! Let's hope they don't get caught this time.

1Victor47d ago

@sheepherd can you explain what a movie arm of Sony have to do with the gaming side it’s like getting a windows settlement on a Xbox article and claiming they did it.
As a troll YOU FAIL leave it to the regular lineup that at least keep it in the industry

rainslacker47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

LOL. A 15 year old one time occurrence sure does show a pattern of deception.

Heck, we can't even get Xbox fan boys to recognize continuous repeated patterns of disappointment from MS or Spencer, but this one thing from years ago, from a different part of Sony, which is it's own autonomous thing separate from SIE, sure is damning evidence of current ethical disparity. I mean, this one made up critic reported here is obviously the same as paying off every reviewer, on every website, who are all corrupt, and would in no way feel that a nice juicy bribe story against Sony wouldn't garner them more clicks than a simple review of TLOU2.

As the press takes a deep dive into investing this....or will they since it would implicate them....perhaps you could explain how it would behoove Sony to pay all these critics who were likely going to rate the game high anyways. What possible reason would it be worth spending untold amounts of money to get the press to give it 10's? It does nothing to help sales. The 7-9's it would have gotten otherwise wouldn't have hurt the sales. Being found out would hurt their reputation.

I mean, we have a technical masterpiece of a game that breaks many conventions with game story telling, from a studio that has consistently delivered GOTY WINNERS for 15 years now. But, Sony had to pay these journalists off? It's not just possible that they made a damn good game that deserves to be lauded?

I just want to see a valid explanation on why it would make any sense for Sony to do this for this game. It's not like it's some unknown IP, which wasn't highly anticipated.

shepherdzeMan46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Hating Last of us 2 does not mean I am an Xbox fanboy. Dude, I f**king love Playstation and I think the last of us 1 was the greatest game ever made(I platinumed it btw), It's just that part 2 (besides spectacular gameplay) was a terrible game and definitely did not deserve 95 Metascore. and why do we feel its paid reviews, cuz its the only f**king game rated 95 with 4 user score. If you think Xbox fans are behind this then why only this game why not last of us 1 and it definitely won't happen with Ghost of Tsushima. (((( Naughty Dog f**ked it up / Sony covered for them ))) and btw you people can go suck abby's d**k

mandf47d ago


The mod is Christopher. He is the reason xbox trolls ruined the game with spoilers. Go read his comment history. His alternate accounts are septic and logic wins. The lies and bs from most xbox fans are border line fanatic. The gamers chose sony and Nintendo and left xbox behind. The gamers voted with their wallet ms wasnt the choice. Now we deal with ignorance from delusional fans.

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jznrpg47d ago

If Xbox has a new boss who didn’t seem so fake I would consider getting an Xbox much more . I really dislike the guy . He isn’t as bad as Aaron Greenberg but they do have some similarities

TommyVercetti8847d ago

Yeah that's the real reason why you can't buy a Xbox.🙄

TheColbertinator47d ago

He real reason is because he doesn't have enough change in his piggy bank.

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sprinterboy47d ago

Nope it's no AAA games for 8 years apart from gears, forza and I'll put the ori series in there and rdr2 and witcher. Other than it's been embarrassing this gen and last year or 2 of the 360.
Come on you must be disappointed this gen with xbox? I would be if that was the playstation gen we had.. If you want ms too improve be vocal and shout team xbox all the time cause they look at forums and go oh the Xbox fans are happy and we've don't nothing.

zawepa47d ago

"If Xbox has a new boss who didn’t seem so fake I would consider getting an Xbox much more ."

you want Don Mattrick then or do you just dislike them all?

TommyVercetti8847d ago

@sprinterboy I have all the consoles and the only game i like on PlayStation is Ghost of Tsushima.

UltraNova47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

"I have all the consoles and the only game i like on PlayStation is Ghost of Tsushima."

The only game after 7 years of constant releases he likes is one that isnt even out yet. Ok...

crazyCoconuts47d ago

I have all the PCs and the only game I like is Half-Life 3

rainslacker47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Hate him or not, Don Mattrick at least did what he said he was going to do, and while the X1 launch was a disaster, it's not like his actual vision wasn't clear. You knew what he wanted, and you knew where he wanted to take the brand. Plus, he had a decent line up of games for the first two years of X1...and some mild support for 360 for a bit after the X1 launch. In fact, the games that Spencer was talking about his first two years as head of Xbox all started under Mattrick.

I wouldn't want Mattrick back, but I would want his brand of doing what he says he'll do and delivering a clear vision. Something Spencer seemed to have at the start, then lost to the point where all he could do was promise, or lie about what was coming. And I don't mean those little PR misrepresentations where it's true if you frame it with a couple qualifiers, but outright lies that never happened.

Spicyram45d ago

" I have all the consoles and the only game i like on PlayStation is Ghost of Tsushima."

Sony is mediocre confirmed /s

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crazyCoconuts47d ago

Aaron would find a way to plug Halo in the same post.

Darkborn47d ago

That and no real exclusives. People are quick to forget Xbox was pushing always online, full DRM, always on camera that couldn't be turned off, no trading in games or letting friends borrow it, a higher priced box that was supposedly for the camera that was impossible to take away from the box until they removed it and still sold at 500 for a bit, game streaming services and GAAS policies as well as paying to access Xbox live which forced Sony to do the same to stay competitive. Throw in crappy exclusives that are basically same three games and you got the Xbox vision at the beginning of this current gen. Let me also remind you like right now, Xbox always stops releasing most games a few years before a new gen just to have games for the next one just like right now and last gen. Sony still has games yet to be released and we're a few months out from next gen. I prefer the company that actually cares about keeping the consumers that play on it happy. Yeah Sony wants my money, but being toxic is not the way to get it.

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tontontam047d ago

Nice tactics xbox boss, he is adding fuel to the ongoing flame by the xbox fanboys/tlou2 haters.

RazzerRedux47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

lol....what? Somehow this...

"Congrats to you and the team on the success with a really great game. " controversial? lol...that's just silly.

"Thanks, Phil! Looking forward to what y’all have coming."
~Druckmann's response.

Flame war on twitter! /s seriously?

crazyCoconuts47d ago

Now if Druckman retweets that after the July

Dissidia47d ago

See @RazzerRedux

Craziness I tell you. A man can't even congratulate without it being a tactic. I thought you were one of the crazy ones too

RazzerRedux47d ago


There are overreactions to simple things on both sides of the console war. I remember all too well some very vocal Xbox fans who were claiming Sony was using the coronavirus as an "excuse" to get out of going to Pax East. That this nonsense about Spencer is a matter of not being able to separate real life from console war. It is petty and sad.

I've never made statements like this at all so no idea why you would think I was "one of the crazy ones" in this regard.

NeoGamer23247d ago

So someone makes a POSTIVE comment on a competitor's game and that is adding to fanboy flames?

Please explain how this is adding to fanboy flames.

If anything this is a challenge to his own studios to use this as a gold standard to improve their games.

Tacoboto47d ago

Phil does a congratulations to a competitor and y'all are spinning that into a fanboy war?

Vegamyster47d ago

It's pretty common for these guys to congratulate each other like this, i don't know why people get upset over it lol.

Cockney47d ago

It's been a while since sony reciprocated

Kekewei47d ago

@Cockney who is to blame for that. It's been a while since xbox had a big success release.

THC CELL47d ago

The man congrats his self in the mirror everytime he walks past it.

He prob got tapes from Aron greenturd telling him he a strong confident man

sushimama47d ago

hahaha I can imagine the Greenburg tapes. "Your road to self confidence" - by Aaron Greenburgers

GreenDragonCVR47d ago

"You're beautiful philbert, in every single way! Xbone was NOT A FAILURE! Let's cry it out"

Silly Mammo47d ago

"Put me in a room full of mirrors because I want to be surrounded by winners."

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sushimama47d ago

Philly the Fake Fantastical shit talker

Veneno47d ago

If you don't think people use Twitter as a self promoting tool then you are quite ignorant.

rainslacker47d ago

Mostly because he does it all the time. He also often has to interject something about xbox into the message, which he didnt do this time. It's more akin to people reacting to the annoying guy who keeps jumping into a conversation hes not a a part of, and people being annoyed by it. I didnt find anything wrong with this tweet, but while a bit of cordiality is nice from the competitors to exhibit, doing it to the point where you know anything Sony does or says is going to have Phil responding to in a day or two, means it's become too much. It's gone beyond wishing for a friendly match, to being almost passive aggressive.

warriorcase47d ago

It's N4G, most things here vecome fanboy wars

Dosed1147d ago

I think some of the comments here really sum up the type or morons that post on N4g.

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CJLogix47d ago

A competitor gives a complement, and you guys take shots at him, talk about toxic fandom.

Kiwi6647d ago

Yet these same people will praise a Sony exec for doing the same thing

jwillj2k447d ago

Sony never had the chance to do the same because Xbox hasn’t released anything in 6 years.

Kiwi6647d ago

@jw I'm more referring to giving praise in general not just over games, which execs from the three do

rainslacker47d ago

If Sony did this all the time, itd be annoying as well. Sony does it sometimes, but nowhere to the point where you know it's coming as soon as MS does something.

sushimama47d ago

Phil is full of it. I don't trust him and I think he's as fake as the day is long.

dietis_h47d ago

so you're saying he doesn't know about the controversy?

sure, hes praising the game from the bottom of his pure gaming heart./s

el oh el.

RamRod8847d ago

For some sad individuals, their entire gaming world revolves around console wars.

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