Horizon 2: Forbidden West's Greatest Strength Isn't Getting Enough Attention

Horizon: Forbidden West's use of the PS5's key features may make for a whole new era of open world titles thanks to next-gen technology.

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anonymousfan520d ago

This article is kinda funny it talks about taking advantage of the SSD for faster loading times for fast travel etc but misses the one feature I am really hoping to see: FREAKING FLYING MOUNTS!!!

My memory could be playing tricks on me but I thought I read somewhere that Guerilla Games wanted to allow flight in the first game but couldnt due to hardware limitations particularly when it comes to loading assets rapidly during flight given how dense and detailed the world is.

I thought the flying robots at the end of the trailer served as a teaser for that but maybe thats just me?

Cant wait :) I built a stupidly large backlog this gen but I am selling everything and starting afresh next gen! Here I come zero loading screens lmao my wallet is ready!!