PlayStation Plus 1-year memberships now starting from $29.50 (Reg. $60)

CDKeys is now offering 1-year PlayStation Plus memberships for $30.19 with free digital delivery. Some users are having luck with code PAYPAL2020 at checkout, which will knock the price down even more to $29.59.

Either way, you’re looking at some of the best prices we have ever tracked on Sony’s popular subscription service and a perfect opportunity to jump in for the first time, or get a discounted refresh. Just as a reminder, you can use this deal to extend your existing sub no matter how many months you have left on it. This way you can ensure you don’t get stuck paying full price in a pinch.

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Majin-vegeta46d ago

Can confirm works.Got 2 years

TGGJustin46d ago

Picked up one of these as you can't beat that price for a year. I've bought these several times from them so if you're worried about it don't be.

SegaSaturn66946d ago

I also bought 2. Great deal, really. Had to verify with phone number to complete purchase though,

SonyStyled46d ago

I’ve tried them before, and at the checkout screen once I press “Confirm Purchase” on my phone, it wouldn’t go through and redirected me to the homepage. Haven’t tried it on my PC, but I checked my bank logs and the purchase didn’t go through. I ended up buying 1yr a few weeks ago through the Days of Play sale. CD Keys does offer a great deal though

SegaSaturn66946d ago

It took like 15 minutes for the human authorization to go through -- which made me think my phone number wasn't working at first. I have a feeling ps now is going to be merged into it and the price is going to increase.

Relientk7746d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I bought 2 and I got a phone call saying there might have been a fraud charge on my credit card. I had to confirm it wasn't fraud lol

*Edit: PS: it worked I got my codes for 2 years of PS+

oakshin46d ago

I got ps now and dropped ps+ same base price but gives me alot more for what I use it for overall

It would be different if ps now games on line wasn't free but it is

SP4CE_C4PT4IN45d ago

Any chance the PS5 uses a 'new' subscription model?
I'd like to buy a few of these, but don't want to buy if ill have to buy a different subscription when the PS5, hits. Ya know, like a premium version or one that only works with PS5...
I'll still get a few, but I'm a little hesitant.