I'm Calling It Now: Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition Is Coming to PS5 & Series X

Chris writes: "Skyrim's been ported to just about every platform, and I've got a feeling a Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition on PS5 and Xbox Series X could be a thing."

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-Foxtrot50d ago

Jesus. Morrowind and Oblivion have gotten jack shit over the years, I think they deserve it more.

Only way they could do this is if they have a new expansion for it, or at least take a HUGE, highly successful mod, enhance it and make it apart of the official game with other goodies.

greysun12350d ago

yeah skyrim is like the best child of the group lol

morganfell49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Entirely possible since one already exists on the PC - Enderal: Forgotten Stories free for those of us that owned the PC version. We were also given the Special Edition. (ha ha I also have the PS3, PS4, and VR versions)

phoenixwing48d ago

I have to agree. Oblivion is a better game it just needs a graphics overhaul.

Nerdmaster48d ago

"Oblivion is a better game it just needs a graphics overhaul."
And a complete rework of the "enemies leveling up with you" system and/or the stats leveling system. Getting screwed in the late game if you don't control your skill levels is not fun at all.
Some Morrowind and Oblivion fans treat Skyrim like it did everything worse, but not all of the changes were for the worse.

phoenixwing48d ago

if you know what you're doing you can basically be way more advanced with the right spells skills and never worry about the enemy having leveled with you but yeah if you want it to be more accessible they could rework some of the enemy scaling i guess

OMNlPOTENT48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Yeah I mean Skyrim was an amazing game and still holds a special place in my heart but god damn I want an oblivion remake or remaster

48d ago
ps3rider48d ago

your words are making nonsense ...

umair_s5148d ago

I would love an oblivion special edition for PS5/series X.

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Relientk7750d ago

Can't wait for Todd Howard to say that the Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition will have 16 times the detail, and it just works.

ps3rider48d ago

It works because maggots like you buying his words

RaidenBlack49d ago

i thought Daggerfall was coming to XSX.

Looper49d ago

Readies wallet... Don't judge me please

sourOG48d ago

Easy prediction. You wouldn’t get much on that bet.

jambola48d ago

i predict
that this year we will see a call of duty

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The story is too old to be commented.