Ubisoft Will Launch A Full Investigation On People Associated With Sexual Allegations.

Our statement regarding recent allegations

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ninsigma38d ago

Unless I've missed something, he's really only guilty of stringing multiple women along, one being his wife. Dirtbag move but surely that's just between him and the women he's lied to? Why does that require he step down and why does it warrant a statement from Ubisoft? Seems like nonsense to me.

Iceberger38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

It's not really about Ashraf. He did some scummy things and (I think) voluntarily stepped down from his position to try to sort his life out.

There's been numerous other (more serious) allegations about other senior staff swirling around in public and internally. That's what's being investigated. As a company of almost 20,000 people it's not at all surprising that there's some shitty people in the ranks. Only way things will change in this industry is if people are held accountable for their shitty behavior instead of being rewarded with higher positions.

It's not just a Ubisoft problem either, there's a lot of dirty laundry being aired industry-wide right now.

AK9138d ago

Welcome to 2020, if you haven't noticed we are in the Me Too/cancel culture movement era, where even the slightest act of indecency warrants your entire life ruined when your a male that is very successful in your field. I doubt he 'voluntarily stepped down' either.

Hopefully after things blow over he can get back to work at Ubisoft or any other company but only time will tell.