This Alien Isolation mod improves the AI of the Xenomorph

Mr_Koroshiya has released a pretty cool mod for the latest horror survival Alien game, Alien Isolation, which improves the AI of the Xenomorph.

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Dfooster92d ago

A mod to increase your anxiety.

dolfa92d ago

I can hardly imagine how they can improve something that feels already this clever. Honestly some of the bugs made the game more interesting and less predictable. (not counting the bugs where xenomorph gets stuck...etc)

Ashunderfire8691d ago

Hell yea I am downloading this mod for my favorite game of 2014 Alien Isolation!!! Love that game! I had to seriously disagree with IGN Ryan Mcaffery on his review! I had the best experience in gaming A.I. in years from this game. I never forget when I came across some human enemies I use a gun to shoot in the air to alert the Alien, then I quickly hide in the vent, while the Alien attack the human enemies. Then when the Alien realized that it wasn't the human enemies who fire that shot, the Alien check the vents from behind me. Then suddenly the Alien grabbed me!!! Then it lead to game over wow!!!! This Alien A.I. is nuts man!!!