The Last Of Us Part II is Fundamentally Flawed

KeenGamer: "The sequel to 2013's seminal survival-action game is here. While this should be cause for the entire industry to celebrate, The Last Of Us Part II is fundamentally flawed because of terrible pacing and an odd plot structure."

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SpaceRanger215d ago

I get opinions and all, but I’d say this is a flawed assessment.

The delivery was spot on. You can’t explain a “why” to an action like Abby’s without giving equal time to her. It’s literally set as an argument for “who’s revenge is deeper rooted”. The equal balancing of time gives the player the ability to make the decision of “which character was in the right to seek revenge?”. The story, as many seem to miss, is about how revenge manifests and grows like a virus. Joel’s act of love through killing was what caused this. It truly was his fault and he knew there were consequences to it. I love his character and how they portrayed him truly seeing the gravity of how his decision affected the world. The last scenes of the game show his remorse to Ellie, while also realizing that his love did come with a consequence.

If you notice, the main characters seeking revenge, the two factions seeking revenge (all the letters), all cause wayyyyy more damage than any level the infected could.

Revenge is the plague of death in this game. And to the pacing of story, any constant switching back and forth would have ruined the game and more people would have been complaining. The way they set it up delivered the message of revenge flawlessly.

Game-ur214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

this is actually what broke the game. using the characters as plot tools and not as the subject themselves.

and the revenge story is only groundbreaking if you don't read or watch much other fiction or read a little bit of history. if you want a light version just watch Naruto, it's what the whole show is about. or Basilisk if you want a shorter story.

XabiDaChosenOne214d ago

@Game-ur Yea, The praises that this games story gets is an indication that alot of the critics that gave it stellar reviews for the story don't read books or are being dishonest.

bouzebbal214d ago

People are allowed to make constructive criticism.. I yacht played much yet but not liking it so far. TLOU 1 is a far better game in every way

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JasonBloodbourne213d ago

Spaceranger knows what he’s talking about. I agree mate.

Moe-Gunz213d ago

I posted my thoughts elsewhere but I would post it here too as I agree with you. (Spoilers of course)

Consequences of revenge, loss/loneliness, perspective, the importance and challenge of forgiveness.

You can see the loss revenge can cause when Ellie is trying to play the guitar, but she can't because of the fingers she lost. The one thing Joel left her she lost.

She gained a home in Jackson because of Joel. She gained family, friends, and a purpose but lost everything.

Additionally the inability to see things from the other sides perspective which is why you're forced to play as Abby throughout the middle of the game. I started out not caring about her but spending time with Abby during that stretch my hatred wore down and it changed my perspective. It was essential

Ellie finally realized that she has to let go and forgive. It took too long but I think leaving the guitar and walking away was a way of showing that sometimes you have to let go.

Ellie was forcing a fight with Abby because she convinced herself it was what she had to do. Abby was over it all and took the first step of forgiveness. She only fought back for Lev but she wanted to let it go too. Eventually Ellie understands that she’s not the only one that went through things and lost people she loved and this sinks in and she lets Abby go who is ironically traveling with a little kid herself.

The game does an amazing job of putting you through a range of emotions. Initially you’re all for killing everyone due to your love for Joel but at the end you come to terms that it’s just not worth it and it becomes clear that you have to let go just like the characters in the game. I actually didn’t want to do the final strike on Abby and kept just looking at her when she was beaten in the water, a far cry from when I first seen her and couldn’t wait to take her out (again this wouldn’t have been possible if they didn’t have you play as her for the middle of the game).

Wonderfully executed in my opinion and the end summarized everything without having to blatantly tell you. Ellie loses everything. The house is empty, she can’t play the guitar correctly the one thing Joel left her, and this was all because of the fuel of revenge. However, she walks away leaving the guitar as a sign of letting go and this is done after the flashback of her telling Joel she wants to try to forgive him for what he did in part 1.

SyntheticForm213d ago

Your sentiments mirror mine to a T.

Well said.

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ziggurcat215d ago

There's something that's fundamentally flawed, and it's not TLOU 2.

starchild213d ago

Oh yes, because anybody that doesn't think like you is just wrong.

I don't like TLOU2, despite loving the first game and other ND games. Your zealotry and condescension aren't going to change anybody's opinion.

gigzamillion213d ago

"Your zealotry and condescension aren't going to change anybody's opinion."

You get the irony of your comment right?

fonger08214d ago

It’s very interesting to read these reviews and reactions. My brother, who’s sole reason for getting a PS4 was for this game... was not impressed, graphics, gameplay, design he loved... story not so much. But I’m picking up my copy tomorrow and very interested to play it.

0rbital71214d ago

why pick it up then, borrow from ya bro.

fonger08213d ago

I thought about it, but I want to support developers that take chances, regardless of whether it could be good or bad. Besides, as a collector, I need to own a copy of a controversial masterpiece, right?

jamesclark1991213d ago

Tell your brother he's spot on.

tontontam0213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

This is the typical line of fake ps4 owner tlou2 hater.

"I bought ps4 just for tlou...... blablabla...... (negative comment)........ (political agenda)...... chudchuchu.....(homophobe).

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DrDeath214d ago

Oh for the love of god just stfu already

Khalina213d ago

"Oh for the love of god just StOp SaYinG tHinGs I diSaGrEe wiTh"

Seems like you only want to hear things that 100% agree with your preconceived notions of everything, and agree 100% with your views.

gigzamillion213d ago

Seems like he's tired of the unending hate campaign being leveled at a friggin video game by some people with preconceived notions of their own who cant deal with its positive reviews and global sales records.

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