Raytracing or PS5's Haptics Require Big R&D While Cutting Down Loadings Is Much Easier - Anshar CEO

According to the CEO of Anshar Studios, now working on Observer: System Redux, cutting down loadings for next-gen games is much easier than adding raytracing or the PS5 controller's haptics.

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blackblades92d ago

Hmmm got nothing from this, anyone else or am I'm just slow.

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gamer780491d ago

basically haptic feedback will most likely not be present on third party games, much like the xbox one's haptic feedback wasn't used hardly at all other than for forza and a few first party games.

raytracing is easier on xbox series x than ps5 basically, but i imagine most developers will still use it it will just take more R&D.

gigzamillion91d ago

"raytracing is easier on xbox series x basically"

Basically there's zero proof of that and this article doesn't even allude to that you're just making things up based on your personal bias.

FanboySpotter91d ago

@gigzamillion there is proof of series x doing ray tracing better. There is even a demo of series x doing path tracing(a more realistic and demanding type of ray tracing) if it can do path tracing at 1080p 30fps(demo was 1080p) ray tracing is no issue.

mkis00791d ago

Raytracing is raytracing, the difficulty in implementing it isnt easier on the same rdna2 based chip thats in xsx. Its a power hog too.

ILostMyMind91d ago

XBO has no haptic feedback.

Rhythmattic90d ago

"there is proof of series x doing ray tracing better"

But gamer7804 said "Easier" ....

As for better? Is that easier?

FanboySpotter90d ago

I said what I said because it seems ps5 struggles with basic ray tracing. Objects in r&c missing reflections, gt7 'checkerboard-like' ray trace reflections and all that just watch df. Hopefully they learn to get it right on ps5 soon so it can be 'easier'

PertySlick90d ago

@ILostMyMind "Haptic Feedback" may seem like a recent buzz word, but yes, the Xbox One already has it especially with their "impulse triigers", as does the Switch with their "HD Rumble". Hell, technically the Nintendo 64 had it. PS5 is trying to improve it by using an audio vibration instead of a rotational weight vibration. This should give a more HD control over the feedback being provided.

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rainslacker91d ago

More complicated features require more work than simple feature.

Basics of it.

1Victor91d ago

I agree with black I have heard that before in the form of rumble feature will be too hard and developers won’t implement it or x chip is too hard.
We all know that developers are a bunch of lazy people that work hard on games and don’t like to try new features from consoles makers.

silenthillstrangler90d ago

You're poor grammar would suggest slow.

ps3rider90d ago

I got he is coward and lazy

Imortus_san90d ago

GT7 Ray tracing is 1080p, it seems hard to fully implement.

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i3eyond the Circle92d ago

This is where DXR plays a huge role. Devs have already expressed how easy it is implement on Series X.

luckytrouble91d ago

You really shouldn't listen to devs when an article is all blind Microsoft praise. It's painfully obvious promotion trying to masquerade as a genuine reaction. Both next gen consoles, like every gen, are going to have a significant learning curve for development.

AngelicIceDiamond91d ago

I mean RT is said to be much easier and better to implement on X Series.

i3eyond the Circle91d ago

I will definitely believe you over them. Your knowledge....unsurpassed.

Kavorklestein91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

You mean like Epic's praise of the PS5 SSD? Or like Many Devs praise of the PS5 so SSD so far? They talk about it revolutionizing gaming, but we haven't seen anything that PROVES this SSD does anything but load faster. Like when they Compared Spiderman on PS5 to PS4, that was at least a real world result we could compare.
MS showed something similar with Load times for state or decay etc, and also showed swapping game states for multiple games.

Yet nobody is "screaming from the rooftops" that the Xbox's SSD or any feature will revolutionize gaming. They are just saying that On Paper, the machine has a lot of power. Seemingly more power than the PS5.
Yes, the PS5'S SSD is faster, but the real benefit of that has yet to be shown for full analysis and in depth comparisons by Eurogamer etc.
There seems to be a disconnect- or maybe we just need more time to see the real world results of what the SSD can really do, however....
I personally feel Sony paid some devs to praise the SSD for more than it's worth. This wouldn't be the first time they paid other companies to boost their product. BluRay was handled much the same way during the HD format wars between BluRay and HD-DVD. Certain companies were paid to join the BluRay family and say good things about BluRay, while ignoring that HD-DVD actually had better compression. BluRay had better storage capacity, but when talking about which one would actually "make movies look best" HD-DVD lost out simply cuz Sony had already made this little Coalition of nearly 150 companies, many of which Sony paid for joining, and many of which were companies that just followed suit and joined because "If Disney and Fox, and Warner Brothers joined, then it must be good!" without actually doing the research to show which would likely have better Image quality.

If there is one thing we can all agree on, Sony has strong 1st party games and they speak for themselves as to their great quality. The rest of the game development conversation for 2nd and 3rd party and multiplatform development is littered with tons of dollars exchanging hands in deals all over the place, MS does it, Nintendo does it, Epic does it with their Games store, etc.. etc.. it's just the way the Industry.

So don't give MS a jab when devs praise them, if you aren't willing to take a similar grain of salt when Sony does it or has similar approaches to enticing devs, companies, and even consumers.

Rhythmattic90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

"I personally feel Sony paid some devs to praise the SSD for more than it's worth."

I personally feel MS has never ever paid for praise.

Eitherway..... we are both assuming.

luckytrouble90d ago

> "Both next gen consoles...are going to have a significant learning curve for development"


Deflection by going on a tirade to put word's in someone's mouth makes for some low grade rebuttal.

gamer780490d ago

So we can’t Listen to Phil or devs. So who should we listen to. You?

Teflon0290d ago

BluRay had better storage capacity, but when talking about which one would actually "make movies look best" HD-DVD lost out simply cuz Sony had already made this little Coalition of nearly 150 companies

I'm pretty sure HD-DVD was fighting a losing battle partially because it maxed at 720p while Bluray maxed at 1080p. How are you getting a better picture at 720p? I'm actually curious lol. What this statement implies is that only deals made this viable. But I do remember Blu-rays of the same movies on HD-DVD were outselling them without much issue too.

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Sonyslave391d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Jason Ronald explained to us that "having that hardware capacity from the beginning is great because it is a very complex type of computing." In fact, there is dedicated hardware - Hardware Accelerated DirectX Raytracing (DXR) —that prevents the GPU from doing that part, and for Ronald ray tracing " is the holy grail of digital graphics . It will be very interesting to see how developers take advantage . "

This technology will not only be applied to the visual environment, but also to the auditory one. The so-called Spatial Audio , explained Ronald, one of the sections that has been least talked about but that will also contribute significantly to improving the gaming experience:

"It is capable of emitting lightning around a stage and determining how sound bounces off this concrete wall or bounces off a wet floor. It changes the acoustics you have on that .
😉 Xbox series x going to be a beast.

i3eyond the Circle91d ago

Considering dev quotes were all the jazz when it came to unforeseen SSD advantages up until the reveal tossed that out the window.. you’d think they would be absolutely floored by the data out there. DXR is a clear advantage. Even amd themselves feature it in their RDNA 2 presentations.

The Xbox Series X performs closer to the high end RDNA2 gpus amd themselves hope to release. In features, compute units, api, clock speeds. Unless you think they are releasing a optimized 36cu gpu clocked at 2.23 ghz using smartshift and all the great optimizations of GNMx instead of DX12Ultimate..

Don’t think so. I’m sure over time the tools will finally be created for low level access raytracing for all PlayStation developers... but until then the Series X WILL be coming out the door with a better implementation. And that’s the facts

rainslacker91d ago

Just a note of fact circle.

Sony already has the tools available to implement low level ray tracing on ps5. MS RT solution is more robust.

It's not any harder to implement in ps5 than XSX, and since most developers havent been using any significant retracing as of yet, or historically, I'd take their praise or criticism with a grain of salt from both sides of the fence. Raytracing is an art it itself. It's not just flip a switch, and its there. It requires it's own shaders and lighting parameters. Set those for both APIs, tweak as necessary, and your good to go.

Imp0ssibl391d ago

Yeah, I feel like Xbox Series X may have an advantage on raytracing.

Bruh91d ago

With or without DXR. Ray Tracing is in its infancy as a whole, its not about the hardware implementation. Its about how engines are going to adapt with the technology and not a lot of engines are built from the ground up with Ray Traced code. So the point being both on PS5 and on Series X, the technology requires investment from studios. Most importantly from first parties, as they push internal optimization better than 3rd parties.

Rainbowcookie91d ago

Why would a predominantly Ms developer badmouth the hardware used to sell product that they are wo4king hard on. Until these boxes are out in the wild everything is speculation.

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sin727991d ago

Is a, same shit as gimingdolt!

NVMGaiden91d ago

No they actually break some pretty big stories in the tech world now and then, you must be thinking of

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gamer780491d ago

no they report on almost any and all news in general, they churn it out pretty quickly.

KionicWarlord22291d ago

I was wondering this for awhile if ray tracing cost would be a issue for a budget.

Its weird because we got indie devs doing ray tracing so who knows.

Fishy Fingers91d ago

If you're using a 3rd party engine with baked in RT support (like most indies), no worries. If your building your own, of course its extra work.

rainslacker91d ago

There's an art to setting up raytracing. Just like how shaders are its own subset of graphic design, and have their own specialist. There is basic raytracing, but it end result is about equivalent in potential quality vs actual quality as the default lighting in any game engine. Itll still look better, usually, than basic lighting, but it wont be as impressive as it could be. The extra impressive stuff doesnt really take much more in terms if processing power than the basic stuff.

You just need a good lighting artist/engineer to get the most out of it.

tontontam090d ago

It will be impossible to run any game @4k60 if the game support raytracing, except of course if ray tracing is so minimal that you can barely notice it.

SamTheGamer91d ago

Everybody knows that, I guess. It will take time to easily implement RT on next-gen consoles.

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