411 Reviews Left 4 Dead: Is Left 4 Dead sex in video game form?


"If you caught me on the street and asked if Left 4 Dead was fun to play, instead of formulating a proper academic response like a normal human being, I would simply nod my head up and down while flailing my arms about like a crack-head maniac and exclaim, "Good God YES!!!" Left 4 Dead is co-operative play at its absolute best. The game's fun factor defines perfection. I can't think of any criticism for the game in this regard and that scares the living crap outta me.

Game of the Year hands down. Yep, I know, even with all the other blockbusters out there, I still believe Left 4 Dead deserves the crown. As per the review's subtitle, yes it is sex in video game form. I can't put it any other way than that. I don't think there will be a better zombie shooter, ever. If you don't buy this, I… I… huh!?"

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AAACE54240d ago

I keep telling myself that I won't buy this game yet cause I got alot of christmas shopping to do, but dam these reviews make me just wanna buy it and get it over with!

Me and a bunch of differen't friends were playing the demo of this in sessions and never really got bored with it, and now all these reviews are making matters worse!

JsonHenry4240d ago

I have played this both on PC and on the 360 and both versions are addictive.

Obviously I purchased it for the PC because of how fast paced it is and mouse makes it easier to aim. But even on the 360 this game is as addictive as heroin.

TheColbertinator4240d ago

He is right.I got it for PC and its a good one.Any 3 year old computer should be able to run it

ThanatosDMC4240d ago

Left 4 Dead is only $40 at Fry's till Tuesday!!! One copy per customer though.

shovelbum4240d ago

That review is about where I'd put the game too. I played it about three hours with my brother and it was really good, really addictive. They did a very nice job with the title all around. The replay is endless fun.

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user94220774240d ago

Go buy it! You won't regret it, trust me.

Solbadguy4240d ago

to buy this game on PC for lasting value and length.

Bolts4240d ago

Thats basically it, with less levels, contents, and the RPG aspect. However the PC's version will support mods so overtime it'll have more content and levels.

Just like Diablo this game is pure magic and will hook you from start to it's spectacular finish. The concept of an AI director is pure genius and will no doubt spawn of countless copy cat shooters to come.

NipGrip4240d ago

It's nothing like Diablo at all. It's a FPS with varying spawn points, but no items to collect, points to attribute.. It's nothing like Diablo and everything like your standard shooter without the hide, pop-n-shoot ability and with very fast zombies. It's a fun game, but much like sex, I'm afraid the fun that it is is going to be over too soon as it doen't have legs to last. One of the things that made Diablo a long lasting, fun game was the item collecting and random levels, attributing skills and points to your char. This game has zero of that foundational fun and again is just a shooter that has some fun co-op.

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