The Last of Us 2 director explains its strict review embargo and sneaky trailers

The Last of Us 2 Director Neil Druckmann recently explained why the game not only had an incredibly strict review embargo, but also why the team decided to change certain aspects about the trailers.

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Ristul46d ago

They lied in the trailers, made us think Joel would play a bigger part. Misleading marketing to be frank, but now we know they have an agenda with their games at least.

JohnnyPremo46d ago

They didn't lie. They can't not show joel in the trailers. That would give away the story. People are so butt hurt about little things. Its a STORY...not real. Don't like it write your own. Make your own game. When you buy a game you are entitled to play it thats it. You have no say in character progression or level design. Get over yourselves.

Ristul46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

You dont know what you're talking about. They actually switched out/replaced characters in the game with Joel in the trailers and used aged Joel in flashback scenes that have young Joel in the game, all to make it seem like Joel was part of a greater plot.

xander7076946d ago


That kind of thing happens all the time in promotional material. For instance do you have any idea the amount of movie trailers that use footage that never happens in the actual movie, or use footage where characters have been added or removed from the actual scene? Just a recent example off the top of my head the newest avengers movie had Thor removed from trailer scenes etc. It is misleading, but at the same time they are trying to keep aspects of the story under wraps.

bouzebbal46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Johnny: dumbest post i have read.. make your own game? is that your solution and all you have to say? I have seen nothing about this game, but if they show Joel at every trailer they released then yes, it is misleading and terrible communication from ND.

game is boring AF.. it is TLOU 1.5, much worse executed than the first one..
yes, joel not being part of it is a huge letdown, especially without answers. Dina is ugly, dumb and useless AF... the most useless sidekick i have seen. in the first game you could feel the relationship Joel the mentor and Ellie the little girl where she grows and learns skills overtime. This one is bland, a massive disappointment so far.. maybe things will change later but i am afraid it would be too little too late.

mike32UK46d ago

@bouzebbal What are you talking about? Joel was in the very first teaser trailer, and many people speculated he was a vision/apparition/figment of Ellie's imagination because of the presentation of his character. They hinted straight away at Joel's fate.

The second trailer was at PGW featuring the then unnamed Abby (along with Lev and Yara). Joel was nowhere to be seen.

The 3rd trailer was the barn dance/first gameplay segment demo. Joel was nowhere to be seen in this trailer.

Please do your research and come with facts before trying to discredit someone's work.

BloodyBorne46d ago

Bro, they mislead players with deceptive editing and flat out using models that weren’t even in certain shown scenes, or models that just didn’t exist at all. Stop corporate slaving.

Smclaren198546d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I couldn’t agree more , There’s much worse things to get upset about. They did the same with the first game and uncharted 4. It’s a way to mislead players I don’t like it ether but it’s not unheard of in the industry, and the whole game is about Joel! who he is ,and why this happened so he has prob the biggest part in the story still , yes I know he’s not playable they did tell us that from day one.It would have been a lot worse if he wasn’t in the game atall from that point on. I’m around 17 hours in and I’m loving it to be honest really don’t get all the hate .Theres an awful lot of jumping on the band wagon by people who havnt even played the game. Don’t get me wrong it could change as i havnt finished it yet. Most of the flaws iv heard like not respecting Joel’s character and the games has no soft moments like the first is clearly false. Everyone is entitled to there opinion but it needs to be an honest one.

bouzebbal46d ago (Edited 46d ago )


like i said, i havent seen anything since the very first reveal. but in case they kept showing him in every trailer like he'll be a big part of the game would have been misleading.. if that isn't the case then i see no problem.

the rest of my post was only my feedback after a few hours of gameplay

Spicyram46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

"game is boring AF.. it is TLOU 1.5, much worse executed than the first one.." - "waaaaaaaaaaaaah iTs dAh lAsT oF uS 1.5"

The Wood46d ago

'like i said, i havent seen anything since the very first reveal. but in case they kept showing him in every trailer like he'll be a big part of the game would have been misleading.'

So you may have that used the same notion or thinking in reverse had you seen Joel's clear omission from the trailers that came after. You could say it was a bait and switch or just understand they didn't want to give the plot away so it was more slight of hand. People really do seek the silliest things to get wound up about sometimes. I was more shocked but what happened in the game than a trailer. . . . Priorities

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purpleblau46d ago

There is an interview with Neil from Spoilercast, go check it out. Neil specifically mentioned they did on purpose to not give the story away. Please don't assume you know everything.

Ristul46d ago

You can do that by excluding certain footage, not by missleading people.

SyntheticForm46d ago

They don't like that truth because it wrecks their "Naughty Dog deceived us" narrative. Expect them to simply ignore this.

Thenewguy46d ago

Lololol really? How desperate of niel to explain away his incompetence🤣

porkChop46d ago

They could have just used scenes that featured Joel though. They didn't have to fake scenes and present a narrative that doesn't exist. They've literally admitted to falsely advertising the game intentionally. That's not ok.

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Imalwaysright45d ago


True and if it was EA or Ubisoft everyone would be grabbing their pitchforks and condemn them but since it's ND (or even if it was another beloved studio) it's ok to falsely advertise games for some people. For Neil to just flat out admit it just goes to show the level of impunity and lack of regulation the gaming industry has. No wonder that it has become an anti-consumer joke.

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Zesavur46d ago

Just like how a game (forgot which one was it) a while ago showed a trailer with "gameplay" but it wasn't. It's unethical and breaks consumer rights by deception and omission.

RexRuthless46d ago

They don't like that truth because it wrecks their "Naughty Dog is da best company evaarrrr" narrative. Expect them to simply ignore this.

outsider162446d ago

Tbh ND are one the best out there. And they've proven it. They stand alongside R*, Santa Monica as one of the best out there.

But i swear some of you people are so entitled and whiny really. I mean so yeah they change things in the trailer. I mean if you remember the part where joel says "you think I'd let you do that on your own?".yeah they replaced him with first reaction was "sneakey little bastards" and just continued from there. But you guys would love to make a mountain out of a mole huh?

DrDeath46d ago

Mgs2... classic that everyone loves. And raiden allot of players favourite character in the mgs series.

People were pissed but the game was amazing.

Mgs5 you dont even play as big boss technically if i remember correctly. Just a fake.

brrdatisback46d ago

lmao. it's insane how whiny you people are. hilarious too.

Gatsu46d ago

A lot of games have trailers that show different things from the actual release. This is nothing new.

KyRo46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Get a grip mate. From the very first trailer people were speculative of Joel even being alive. Where was this fake outrage when Metal Gear Solid 2 done the same thing? There's been a few games in the past that has done this but oh no, let's all jump on TLoU2 because it's the cool thing to do right now even though its easily one of the greatest games ever created.

There is no agenda. It's a work of fiction. If you're upset that Ellie is gay then that's aye a hell of a lot more about yourself than someone who wrote a story.

DrDeath46d ago

This guy gets it. I suspected hard that joel was gunna die after the very first trailer. And i figured that moment of joel saying "didnt think id let you do this alone" was ellie imagining him later in the game after his death.

It was obvious joel was dead or gunna die. Naughty dog gave us enough hints to get us prepared

Imalwaysright45d ago

MGS2 was released 19 years ago. Did Konami/Kojima deliberately mislead gamers as well?

Rocketisleague46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I haven't finished it yet, but it was a welcome surprise. 100% sick of trailers ruining games and movie's.

With mgs2, I didn't mind raiden was a good character, people didn't like playing as a 'girly man' then too. Just as stupid now as it was then. Glad ND had the balls the do this. Some.devs don't learn.

Joel not being part is a letdown? Why!? I'll give you one. Aeirths death in ff7 ruined it! How dare they kill off a main character, I don't care how much it improved the emotional impact of the story and made the villain more personal. I wanted my little aerith to get a happy life :'(

Rocketisleague46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Just seeing replies...I assume Some thing happens to ruin the plot later in the story? The complaints were around some sjw agenda? I assume that has nothing to do with Joel and Ellie being gay...later on the story has some big sjw agenda?? Right?? I never saw the spoilers, smart enough to avoid them

If it is then that is just hilarious. Ellie being gay is the reason this got slammed just, well I can't put into words how much joy that would bring me. As kind of a funny side of humanity that still exists, particularly in US. I saw people in US congress arguing against face masks and 5g today. Lol.

DrDeath46d ago

If you didnt know joel was gunna die in the second game after all the trailers then i feel bad for you. It was clear as day.

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VerminSC46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Neil Basically says that when he experienced a twist such as MGS2 he thought it was awesome. He didn’t want to spoil the twist in part 2. A trailer shouldn’t reveal much about the game, I don’t get what people are complaining about. Do you want the trailers to reveal the entire narrative?

GameBoyColor46d ago

They shouldnt have shown joel at all in the trailers tbh

VerminSC46d ago

That’s basically the same as spoiling the game...

There’s no winning with these people. You show joel and they call it manipulative marketing, you don’t show joel they’d know he dies early on..

brrdatisback46d ago

hindsight is 2020. if they didn't show joel, then everyone would know he's dead. either way, whiny gamers would be whining.

-Foxtrot46d ago

We’re going to have another Rian Johnson aren’t we, every little thing explained to us over the next few years.

LucasRuinedChildhood46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

There's nothing wrong with Neil talking about a game that he directed which just came out after he invested half a decade of his life into it. Cop on, Foxtrot. You guys really are desperate to pin TLOU2 as a Last Jedi but as far as video-games go, it has far more in common with MGS2, right down to the structure of the game and the disparity between the critics response and some users with almost identical critiques.

And Druckmann wrote the script for the first game along with other Naughty Dog games that you probably love. He didn't just come along and mess with an existing franchise. It was his story all along.

MetalGearsofWar46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

This game has more in common with The Last Jedi, and less in common with MGS2.

VerminSC46d ago

I love that people like to compare this game to Star Wars.. it’s ridiculous. The way movies and games are reviewed is vastly different. The last Jedi wasn’t review bombed it was actually disliked.

Do me a favor. Name 1 game that scored in the 90s on metacritic by critics that wasn’t a good game?

Sure sometimes there is disconnect with reviewers and critics but not like this, tlou2 was review bombed. The people who have played it, the vast majority love it. The critics weren’t bribed or blackmailed. It had a 96 on metacritic, there is NO game out there with a metacritic in the mid 90s that is less than great, find me 1 example.

-Foxtrot46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

The story is disliked by a large amount of people

Just because you want to defend it don’t bullshit and say there’s some secret agenda and all the negative reviews are bots or people review bombing it for no reason. It’s very split like TLJ.

White knights and journalists said the same for Star Wars, that everyone was a misogynist troll. We knew that wasn’t the case.

outsider162446d ago

"don’t bullshit and say there’s some secret agenda and all the negative reviews are bots or people review bombing it for no reason"

But this game IS being review bombing. No im not gonna say bots...just whiny little entitled kids who wanted the story to be told the way they want not the way ND wants. You spoon feed them.

-Foxtrot46d ago


“ just whiny little entitled kids who wanted the story to be told the way they want”

LOL that’s exactly how people defended the Last Jedi

And you all try and make out it isn’t the same

It’s denial at this point, I’ve never seen so much white knighting on here in my life

SyntheticForm46d ago


"Just because you want to defend it don’t bullshit and say there’s some secret agenda and all the negative reviews are bots or people review bombing it for no reason. It’s very split like TLJ."

You've been doing the same thing, since release, that you're accusing others of doing; making your 'I don't like it' argument and ignoring any opposing argument. Your self-righteous indignation is tiresome.

The story is also liked by a large amount of people. Now what? Lol. How are you going to counter that one? Are you ever going to arrive at a point beyond 'I don't like it and I don't like it?'

I won't hold my breath.

Christopher42d ago

Foxtrot, I don't get you.

You adamantly argue against it and argue against people who like it just the same way others adamantly argue for it against people who don't like it. Why is what they do a negative but what you do not? Aren't you all doing the same thing? In the end, it's just opinions, and you all present it as fact ("everyone loves, no one wants, gamers need, etc.").

I don't get how you don't see how you are doing the exact thing about which you complain.

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Gatsu46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Or people can stop bitching about TLOU2 and use your brains to think, so they dont need to explain. Gaming fanbases sure can be toxic.

SamPao46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

nah you are just looking for every little thing out there to proof your point. How about you stop caring what others think and let people enjoy what they enjoy.

-Foxtrot46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Are you joking

I’m not trying to stop them from enjoying it, I’m responding to a comment ONCE AGAIN attacking those who don’t as if they are a tiny minority, playing it down

That’s my issue

Those who enjoy the game can’t enjoy it without attacking those who can see the obvious flaws and issues with the game

I mean you comment is pretty much “pot calling kettle”

SyntheticForm46d ago


"I’m not trying to stop them from enjoying it, I’m responding to a comment ONCE AGAIN attacking those who don’t as if they are a tiny minority, playing it down"

But you've expressed your disdain and defended those who dislike it as you do how many times now? How many more times must you express your disapproval, or "white knight" the people you agree with? From where I'm sitting, you're doing far more complaining than anyone else is praising or persecuting.

"That’s my issue

Those who enjoy the game can’t enjoy it without attacking those who can see the obvious flaws and issues with the game"

Cool. Wanna know my issue? I can't come into a discussion about this game without seeing you and your ilk complain and tell us we're all wrong. And there ago again with your "obvious flaws and issues" opinion. You're doing great, Fox, keep it up.

I'll be an "issue" for you as long as these discussions persist.

coolbeans46d ago

Wouldn't JJ Abrams be a more applicable comparison? Disney's Star Wars twitter account is still releasing lore-nuggets to explain away Rise of Skywalker's gaping holes.

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Bathyj46d ago

The trailers were a masterclass of misdirection. I actually enjoyed how the story played out because I did not see that coming. We all thought we knew why Ellie was in the rampage but we didn't.

CWheatley46d ago

Imagine that! ND mislead viewers as to not spoil the story and it made the experience that much sweeter . What crazy concept.

And here I thought they were just "pushing Druckmann's agenda".

Seriously though, I just finished the game yesterday and am absolutely baffled as to why people are swarming like an angry internet mob. I thought it was great.

46d ago
SyntheticForm46d ago (Edited 46d ago )


I have to admit that seeing this whole thing unfold has been interesting.

I was wondering whether certain Sony faithful here would break from Sony and put their politics first, or stand by Sony. The results have been interesting, and very mixed. Politics took precedence for certain individuals I never thought I'd see break from Sony in any way.

Then there's the "His woke agenda" crowd.

Then there's the "Muh Joel" crowd.

Then there are the Xbox cats who rock the "Muh Joel" swag but don't give a crap about any aspect of the game and only desire to see it burn. They're absolutely loving this chaos.

victorMaje46d ago

I watch as little as possible trailers for the games I’m most hyped for. It allows me to make up my own mind once I finish the game.

TLoU2 is one of the best games I’ve ever played in my entire gaming life. In great part because of the events of the story. There is a message there that no other medium can even possibly dream of properly conveying.
In my view, anyone that has finished the game & are still focusing on the events rather than the message, have, well, missed the point.