The Hate Mob Came for The Last of Us 2 - But Boy, Did Their Scheme Backfire

Thomas Bardwell from writes : "Despite the sinister side of fandom's best efforts to poison the public narrative, 4.1 million people played The Last of Us Part 2 at launch."

sushimama1073d ago

- A stunning 4.1 million people played The Last of Us Part 2 in the first three days after release.

- The game attracted more players than either Marvel’s Spider-Man or God of War did within the same time frame.

A MONTH before the game released, there were leaks. There was internet rage. There were spoilers all over youtube. A WHOLE MONTH. A lot of people were spoiled, including myself. I still wanted to go on the ride that they intended and I'm so glad I did. The game on the whole is a masterpiece. It made me think and feel things that no game has ever done before. It's not for everybody, but the game is a massive success.

UltraNova1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

I'm glad you feel that way. Personally, I felt nothing remotely close to what the first game managed to make me feel.

Part 2 is the technically superior game, it's been a whole gen in the making of course, but as a whole I'd say Part 1 was the superior overall experience.

Congratulations to ND.

ArchangelMike1072d ago

I was the opposite. The sheer range of emotions I went through playing this game. I have never in my life felt genuine grief playing a game before. No game has ever made me go through the cyle of grief before. Most people who play TLOUII don't even recognise that that is what they are going through. Anger, Denial, Depression, Bargaining, Acceptance. That is a testament to the genius of ND being able to harness the medium to such an extent.

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VenomUK1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

CCN don’t spout conspiracy theories.

Some people love the game, some people hate it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and their reasons - even if they differ from yours, even if they differ from mine! Not everyone has to think the same way and people criticising it doesn’t mean there was a coordinated evil plan to destroy it.

I’m so happy for Naughty Dog that this is set to break PS4 sales records and set a new high quality standard for how great games can be. But this doesn’t give anyone the right to crow about people with a different opinion. Being a true fan of gaming is being able to intelligently disagree with others.

zeuanimals1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Yeah, of course this game doesn't make you feel similar things as the first, it's not intending to. The first game was exploring themes of love and it was trying to tell a specific story that elicits a happy and melancholic feeling at the same time.

The second game, exploring themes of hate, literally skips the entire road trip Dina and Ellie have and it drops you right into Seattle where some bad stuff's gonna happen involving people you probably hate and it shows you what hatred can lead one to do and what toll it takes. You shouldn't be feeling the same things you felt as the first, they might as well have remade the first game if that's their intention.

Dee_911072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

i dont think anything in any form of entertainment will top the giraffes in last of us 1. i felt so gay
it was a beautiful moment

UltraNova1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )


Thing is I wasn't looking for the same experience as the first game. I felt nothing while playing Part 2 no sympathy for the characters. Well except Dina, I kinda like her the most. That's in stark contrast to characters in the first game where I liked almost all of them.

rainslacker1072d ago

I felt the first game had a more personal, intimate story. The second was more broad and about human nature itself. One was personal, the other allegorical.

Cant say one approach is better than the other, but I felt that the stories worked for both games. I do think the first had a better story, but part two was technically a better game, but had a lot of pacing issues.

badz1491072d ago


I think what you were experiencing can be considered as the sequel curse. You were going in ready after the 1st game.

As for the 1st game, you weren't ready. I know I wasn't. And to be honest, I was already crying at the Sarah scene and thought..."boy, this is gonna be a hard journey" and so it was. I even stopped playing for over a week after the scene with Henry & Sam.

yoshatabi1072d ago

I was the opposite. First game I loved but experienced no emotions whatsoever. Second game I cried like a baby

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1072d ago


There's a phrase for people who see conspiracies in everything where none actually exist;

"Bat sh*t crazy"

It's just a video game, not a manifesto.

sampsonon1072d ago

IMO the first game is nothing compared to this game. It makes the first game feel like it was a nice try. This game is the best game of its genre for sure and puts the first game to shame. As much as i love that first game.

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_SilverHawk_1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Tlou 2 is an amazing game and its technologically the best game ever made. My hope is to have a lot of options of games to buy in the ps5 generation with the same level of quality like tlou2.

RosweeSon1071d ago

It’s sure a good sign of things to come if they were happy to release that on PS4 and not hold it back for ps5. I’m glad it came to PS4 I can always do my 3rd run on ps5 😍🙌🏻 They must have plenty of epics brewing for ps5

harmny1072d ago

COD sells more in a year than tlou2 + tlou1 in it's lifetime. Do you think that game is a masterpiece?

DrDeath1072d ago

Cod is on all platforms....

And technically speaking its an amazing game. Why else do we all buy it? Like every year? Just because its the same old every year does not mean it isnt great. And im not even a cod guy really. Their is a reason cod is #1.

DrDeath1072d ago

Most cods sell about 17-25 million total lifetime sales. On all available platforms

Last of us 2 did 4.1 million in 3 days on 1 platform

Way more impressive but nice try.

Your logic sucks

Thundercat771072d ago

Before making that comment, you should learn simple stuff as what is an exclusive and multi-platform game. What is a single player and a multi-player game. Your comparison has no logic at all.

zackeroniii1072d ago

you clearly have the logic of a peanut...

T2X1072d ago

There's no comparing the two. They're in 2 separate genres. One being a multiplatform FPS like Battlefield or battlefront, the other being a console exclusive story based one player game in the same family as say GOW or Uncharted. They appeal to different groups of gamers.

kneon1072d ago


"Why else do we all buy it? Like every year?"

We don't, I haven't bought a COD game since BLOPS, that was around 10 years ago.

RgR1072d ago


That doesnt make sense.

If COD sells 17-25 million lifetime sales on all platforms, which is 3 then it sells about
5.6 - 8.3 million on each.

However, we all know that game sales are normally much higher on one console. Therefore it wouldnt be so evenly distributed.

Considering we get CODS every year and we only get a The Last of Us once every generation for only 2 gens so far....yea Im way more impressed with COD numbers then TLOU2. How can it still sell so well given how many iterations?

I dislike COD's btw.
Much prefer TLOU and other singleplayer experiences.

DrDeath1072d ago


Your comparing 10 year lifetime sales to 4 fing days.

Thats 3365 days compared to 4 days.

And already last of us 2 on 1 platform has 4 million. The fastest selling sony game in history.

Are you truly serious? You must have hit your head. And more than once.

sampsonon1072d ago

Not very bright are you?

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neutralgamer19921072d ago

Everyone has a right to like or dislike the game or any game for that matter but TLOU2 is getting so much hate from those who never intended to play it anyway. It's getting the usual hate because it's another playstation exclusive

Youtubers want views and likes so I am not surprised by their reaction. The trust between youtubers and gamers will begin to disappear because they are becoming buddies with some publishers so their opinions can be bought (ms did buy pr for xbox one during launch and admitted it)

gamer78041072d ago

it was always going to sell really well, its a sequel to one of the most successful games ever. But that doesn't' mean that the game is better than the predecessor. Its extremely poorly written with no real entertainment value other than the detailed graphics. Everyone is free to their own opinion whether its jumping on the bandwagon and calling it a Masterpiece like alot of the critics, or if yours detracts from the critics and is more in-line with users reviews saying this game is a slog and unenjoyable.

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Looper1072d ago

Get woke go bro...oh...oh OK....

lodossrage1072d ago

Yeah I hear you looper,

When the "woke" thing fails, they love the "go woke go broke" mantra. But when it succeeds, those same people get silent real fast

UnSelf1072d ago

Went woke, they choked

chronoforce1072d ago

They are certainly not silent, i can hear the sound of them as the collectively down very large crows.

rainslacker1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Probably helps the game isnt the woke fest that it was made out to be.

If it were, I'd probably be here saying I didnt like the game, although I still would have contributed to the sales.

My issue was never with things "going woke". It was always with the shallow and pandering ways that things went woke. The only thing really woke related to this game is some things drukkman said about it during the marketing or discussion of the game before its release.

WelkinCole1072d ago

Thats the thing. Its woke elements is blown way way out of proportions.

extermin8or1072d ago

Except it didn't actually go that woke.

Elda1072d ago

Like the words of Deborah Harry's (Blondie) song "Backfired" "My man your plan...Backfired in your face"

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