New Sony Patent Hints at More Immersive Experience for PlayStation VR 2

Although Sony hasn't officially confirmed PlayStation VR 2 as of yet, a new patent could offer some indication of what to expect with the headset.

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Profchaos49d ago

Keen for an upgrade I love the psvr but as a long term owner the tracking issues are sometimes just not worth the frustration in newer games that are designed for PC hardware games like twd Saints and sinners in particular.
Plus the move controller is just not good for VR movement I've never liked it and unfortunately the aim controller never took off outside of a handful of games.

porkChop49d ago

I think PSVR 2 needs inside-out tracking with front, side, and rear sensors. That way there's no cameras to set-up, and you'd always have perfect controller tracking. And they really need proper VR controllers like you get with Oculus and Index.

sinspirit49d ago

That's probably why they positioned the controller LED's on top next to the touchpad. The headset will probably have integrated cameras which means the can't see the front of the controller

S2Killinit49d ago

Agree but the camera during reveal suggests a camera is still involved somehow.

sprinterboy49d ago

I've always thought just go with a blue light band all the way round if that's possible that is

indysurfn49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Sprinter boy that may work, but the downside is it will make it hard for you to go to sleep after playing a game late.

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isarai49d ago

YES! The straight up ignorance of the nav controllers existence frusted me to no end with all these terrible ways to navigate

sprinterboy49d ago

I think I only ever used my nav controllers on like 2 games socom confrontation and killzone I believe. Nothing really used it after them games?

Ratchet7549d ago

Games like the walking dead saints and sinner is two times harder on Psvr than pcvr because of these horrible move controllers and the camera detection.

Profchaos49d ago

Yes absolutely I think the last game with full locomotion I played with move controllers was la noire and the entire experience was painstakingly frustrating because of the move controllers so much so it ruined the game.

The only game I've enjoyed my time with while using move controllers have been on rail experiences like rush of blood or blood and truth those were fantastic

traumadisaster49d ago

Ive always wanted psvr but I have a quest. Would it be too frustrating to try to go to the psvr now?

My plan was to get a ps5 and psvr cheap while I wait for psvr 2 and play the exclusives. I already own the move controllers.

Profchaos49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

It really depends on what you want to play the quest can be used for pcvr if you have a more powerful rig capable of tethering the quest to it then I wouldn't bother with psvr in its current state.

However there are some excellent exclusive games like astrobot, firewall, resident evil 7, farpoint and blood and truth which don't have any of these issues in my experience when played with gamepad or aim controller. Those are the game I absolutely loved and make owning the psvr worth it for me the remainder of my library is available on PC and the experience is probably better on PC.

but given the low cost of admission psvr gives its pretty incredible that Sony pulled off VR to this level on such limited hardware.

I have heard that using the quest on PC is pretty hit and miss plus you still need a VR capable PC if you're missing that then I'd say go psvr but if you have a vr capable PC then tether the quest and try it.

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TheEnigma31349d ago

I love the psvr. Hopefully the new one doesn’t have the wire.

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sprinterboy49d ago

There was a interview with a Sony guy last year and he a said athere would likely be a premium model and base model on psvr2 so I'm guessing the premium model will be wireless and base model cables?

anonymousfan49d ago

I wouldnt mind one bit :) butfor some reason I doubt itlll be this soon.

FreeFallFrenzy49d ago

My guess is it'll be around April/May 2022 to give the PS5 two full holiday seasons worth of sales. Could have over 20 million customers to sell to by that point

sprinterboy49d ago

Yep around Halloween in time for the village

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