Natural selection applied to MMOs

From Massively:

There tend to be some fundamental differences between players of World of Warcraft and EVE Online, due in part to the contrast in rules and game mechanics, and the types of personalities each title attracts. This was mentioned in a recent Shut Up. We're Talking. podcast and provided some fuel for further discussion by Syncaine, from the Hardcore Casual blog.

He observes that "EVE players embrace scams, trickery, underhandedness, and generally resent any changes that would 'dumb down' EVE. In WoW that gets you quickly banned, and before that rivers swell from all the tears shed while players scream mommy." There's also a huge divide between the titles in terms of how 'hardcore' or PvP-centric the games are. "EVE is harsh on day one, and stays that way," Syncaine writes. "WoW holds your hand from 1-80, and makes sure you get a cookie regardless if you win or lose. EVE not only takes your cookie, but laughs at you for bringing one in the first place."

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NickIni4250d ago

...and that is why WoW is the world's no. #1 MMORPG.

Skerj4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

Hah survival of the fittest is definitely the #1 rule in EVE. It's kind of a double edged sword though, we have hands down the most mature community in a MMO, but the game's brutal nature scares off mostly everyone who tries. Is it a coincidence that as I post this there's a WoW ad at the top and an EVE ad on the side?