Resident Evil 4 Remake Will Reportedly Add New Story Content

According to the latest details shared by prominent leaker AestheticGamer, the Resident Evil 4 remake will feature new story elements not in the original.

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SamTheGamer43d ago

Bring it on! Looking forward to it.

Ready4nxtgen41d ago

Thay depends if they cut half the game like RE3 remake

RaidenBlack41d ago

But will it have a current gen release too?
PS4 and XBOne release?
REVIII ain't releaseing for this gen.
But is it a possibility the remake trilogy might?
I just want my brother to play all 3 on his PS4. (He isn't a fan of tank controls so, RE Remake is not in the bucket list)

-Foxtrot43d ago

Well that's good but we need to know if they are going expand on what we have or are they going to pull a RE3, where they add new story bits but remove chunks of the original for the sake of it.

I mean despite how over the top the series is, the RE2 remake did try and level some things out, tried and make certain things found in the original a little more "grounded" I guess and if they want to do that in the RE4 remake then that's fine with me. Just don't remove content, include it but reimagine it, like they could easily work on that Robo-Salazar bit.

Only thing I don't understand is why have RE: Village in a RE4 like environment and then do the RE4 remake aswell, unless this is how they are pleasing the first person and third person fans but then again they could have done Code Veronica instead.

If they do RE4 and they have to make major changes then I wouldn't mind them finding a way to include Claire somehow.

Rangerman120843d ago

Same thoughts as I have. I just hope they don't dumb down the content like they did with RE3REMAKE.

Sonic-and-Crash41d ago

the best thing would be to "ground"in reality also RE4 ..if somthing bothered a lot in RE4 was its plot going downhill with religious cults, giant enemies and malevolent kids

Sirk7x41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

The plot in 4 was intentionally B action-movie cheesy, and it worked. The game was still a horror game at heart, and was executed fantastically to create dread and tense moments through audio, level design, etc. RE5 though, was completely created and marketed with Western markets in mind, as an action/shooter game, which continued even further with 6. They were fun games, but lost any spark that made them scary at that point, I feel.
Remember the first time in 4 when you headshot someone, and a giant spider burst from their body? Or encountering the regenerators the first time? The bladed enemy that's locked up in the basement, knowing he's going to tear out after you? Those things were legitimately scary lol.

jeromeface41d ago

I would have much preferred code veronica. Sad reality is the series took an action turn for the worse with 4 so my excitement for the remakes are gone if they skip Veronica.

supermanes41d ago

I'd prefer code Veronica as well, it's probably my favorite in the series, but I'd have to disagree on RE4, I think it was the perfect balance of action, puzzles and story. 5 is where they lost me personally.

GaboonViper43d ago

They better not mess this up Resident Evil 3 remake style, this is my 3RD fave game of all time.

MetroidFREAK2141d ago

I really hope this ends up being good. The only thing that's dated about the current RE4 is the controls... Kinda nervous lol

SyntheticForm41d ago

Those controls were a nightmare for me.

Hopefully they're updated to something akin to the last two games.

DrDeath41d ago

Excited to play Resident Evil 4 remake. I tried playing Resident Evil 4 on my PS4 but it's hard to get into but the tank controls. It does look like it would be a good game story

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The story is too old to be commented.