Six reasons why PC gaming will always be close to my heart

This won't be a rant about why PC gaming is better than consoles because there is genuinely a place for both to exist.

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RazzerRedux51d ago

Pretty much the same reasons for me. I don't mind buying PS for Sony exclusives, but I certainly wouldn't mind a bit if those games were all on PC as well. But the cheap games are are what really get me. The savings over the years has to be in the hundreds for me at this point.

crazyCoconuts51d ago

In addition to my tower I've got a Windows based handheld, and while it cost more than a Switch to buy, I've more than made up for it in the price of games. Older games that they're releasing for $60 on switch are super cheap at this point. Factor in the freebies from the likes of Epic and it's an amazing value. PC gaming has its drawbacks too, but it's worth it for me

RazzerRedux51d ago

Agree 100%. PC gaming isn't for everyone. If you want that big TV living room gaming experience then console is the better option, imo. I go for the best of both in my setup. I've got a 4K 43" monitor on a stand sitting front of my desk in my home office. Got a nice big comfy Serta office chair that I can lean back in. My wife says I'm spoiled. I agree. lol

crazyCoconuts51d ago

I've got my PC hooked up to my 4K projector in the home theater, along with my console. I use them pretty interchangeably. It gets a little clunky if I want to do K/M on a recliner (i use a lap tray kinda thing), but if I'm sticking with a controller it's all good

spdarksky50d ago

I still used monitor to play solo but I used Steam Link to play my PC games on my TV especially when playing coop with my kids. It has it's drawbacks of not connecting directly through HDMI where the display is not as sharp as direct connection but it's still bearable. Anyway games on PC is just too cheap to ignore.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Cheap prices, best versions of games, largest game library and the ability to tweak settings are what make PC the best place to play. Not to mention backwards compatibility which goes back decades.
And mods.
And emulators.
And free game giveaways. Seriously, Epic has been great in that department.

melons51d ago

Agree with all of this, but "best versions" usually only applies to the publishers who can be bothered with PC. Far, far too many just dump out versions without any due care.

agent453250d ago

Agreed except the visuals. Most multiplatform games look gorgeous compared to some PC exclusives and utilize the latest PC tech from cloth physics, hair physics, etc. along with crazy ass framerates. Sadly, most of these multiplatform games play horrible with kb and mouse. They also most lack mods or free unlockables. In layman terms multiplatform games look great on PC but lack the rest 😭 meaning is a straight console port.

KilluaX351d ago

Buy Mafia 2 on PC for 2 bucks = Runs at whatever resolution and frame rate you want.

Buy Mafia 2 "Definitive Edition" on PS4 for 40 bucks = 1080p 30fps with massive frame drops and stuttering + bugs and glitches.

Father__Merrin51d ago

Just because you don't experience pc issues with A game doesn't mean someone else is. Mafia 2 can be troublesome on pc

spdarksky50d ago


For Mafia 2 and 3 not to mentioned that you can it for FREE if you got the original that you bought before.

I agree with you. I also found glitches/stutters on my PC as well but quite rarely and not to the extend that it's not even playable or somewhat unbearable.

I think when somewhat compile all problems into one shot that what makes it looks more than it actually is. It's not for Mafia2 only but across all games as well. Batman Arkham Knight on PC aside, this game is just garbage on launch day.

ramtah51d ago

pc will always be the master of gaming but I do own a ps4 for the exclusivities

Father__Merrin51d ago

I love my AMD branded pc looks amazing all lit up at night. Here's what I like about pc anyway imo.

1: Classic gaming, especially games I missed out on last gen, they usually play with everything ultra no issues.

2: oculus vr even though I've got a dk2 it still works great in dcs world.

3: cheap bundle prices I mean very cheap. If you keep an eye out on usual pc key sites you can pick up bargains.

4: very obscure games that likely won't hit consoles, very diverse collection of games

5: feel good factor upgrading parts

Oh and because I've not the time to game as I used to if I feel a game is dragging on eg ghost recon wildlands just cause 3 etc I'm more than happy to use a trainer. That new Wemod trainer that has all the mrantifun trainers is a must

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