PSP Has Its Biggest Year Ever; DS Hits 24 Million Sold

Japan - As Sony faces an uphill battle to reclaim sales dominance of a once-friendly Japan on the console front, they certainly can point to promising gains made by their hardcore-friendly PSP.

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sinncross4249d ago

Nearly a third of the market with Sony's first time effort into the handheld industry is not to write off indeed. They must be given credit cause they have succeeded where others have failed.

And not bad gains at all, selling more units then the DS in Japan this yea.r Hopefully they can keep that up going into 2009 and beyond but well done Nintendo, their DS is one popular machine

PantherLotus4249d ago

Agreed. It's amazing how well Sony has actually done in leveraging the PS2 audience to come over to the PSP. I'm wondering on whether or not the DSi will take those gains back though...

Rick Astley4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Sony needs to end their support for PS2 and start focusing more on the PS3. It's time to move on seriously.

Danja4249d ago

you do realise that all Sony really do these days in supporting the PS2 is just maufactoring the PS2...3rd party devs are the ones that are still miling the PS2...cuz it's easy money also

They have moved on to supporting the PS3/PSP software wise..

why should they kill off the PS2 when it's still selling 8-10 million a year and it's so cheap to manufacture >...thats alot of easy money being made to offset there loses on the PS3..

do you remember what happemed in March when the PS2 hit $99 for sold almost 500k that month can you imagine whats sales gonna be like...wen it finally hits $99....?

mikeslemonade4249d ago

Good point because xbox's introduction to the market number was 25 million out of the 150 million between PS2/GCN. The 25 million only accounted for about 16%. The PSP does 33% so far. The DS is in its prime and PSP just got to its prime so more good things about to happen for the PSP.

ultimolu4249d ago

Yeah Danja but I heard developers are moving away from the PS2 finally. Sony did an excellent job with the PS2 but I do agree it's time to move on. They have bigger fish to concentrate on.

Chubear4249d ago

Just to clarify on your comment. When you say '..150mill btw the PS2/GCN' I'm assuming you're not implying the GCN was hugely significant to the general hardware sales last gen right?

I mean, the GCN sold roughly @ the 22mill mark while the PS2 is currently riding the 150mill mark by it's self.

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Max Power4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

that Sony has done well against the handheld juggernaut that is Nintendo, to even get that much support is fantastic on their (Sony) first outing.

PantherLotus4249d ago

Yup. And the PSP2 will take even more of the Nintendo handheld pie!

SaiyanFury4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

The PSP had a tonne of great core titles this year. From Ratchet & Clank, to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, to Star Ocean, the PSP delivered. It was a good year, and Monster Hunter delivered in Japan and kept the PSP at the top of the charts for a good part of the year. The PSP is the portable platform of choice for the core gamer. No doubt the Nintendo DSi, will sell a lot, but a lot of Sony core gamers will keep gaming on their great handheld. The PSP will never outsell Nintendo's handheld past and present but it does great things in and of itself.

Chubear4249d ago

No, it will not take more of the Nintendo handheld pie at all.

It'll surpass anything Nintendo offers both in terms of technicals and sales. It will indeed be the winner for the next gen for handhelds - Book IT!

GlossGreen4249d ago

the PSP has had solid sales throughout it's history in Japan. But, it also looks like the DS has had a couple of good years that the PSP will never be close to matching.

Arkham4244d ago

The DS is a) A Nintendo, b) a solid gaming machine, c) cheaper than the PSP, and d) A Nintendo. It will always be ahead.

The PSP is a) technologically superior, b) a solid gaming machine, c) cooler, d) a Sony. It will always be playing catch-up.

They can't compete, they just have to keep being what they are as long as it takes to get the next iteration out. No one is actually losing this battle. In fact, I think Sony is surprised they've managed to increase their market penetration to such a degree in this category.

I know it's a tired saying, but "now's a great time to be a gamer."

Arsenal4Ever4249d ago

How many consoles has the PS2 sold in 2008?

va_bank4249d ago

I see how well PSP is selling and wondering what happened to all the games? I haven't bought a new PSP game since GoW: Chains of Olympus and Patapon came out. It started out really strong - I got MGS, 2 GTAs, etc.

Now I don't see a single game on the horizon that I'm interested in. I've been traveling more lately and been using the PSP more, but I need some new games.

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