Xbox July event to be live video, Phil Spencer talks overall quality

Phil Spencer and Xbox both took to Twitter talking about what can be expected from the Xbox July event, and how it might be a little different to the one in May

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zsquaresoff41d ago

They learned from Sony on how to do a presentation professionally and not on skype so they will do a better job for the next event. Should’ve kept it simple without all the pr talk.

Sonyslave341d ago

Actually they learn from Apple

VenomUK41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

That picture of Phil Spencer is from about ten years ago!

This screenshot is from his Podcast Unlocked interview earlier this year:

Marquinho41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Phil «Anaconda » Spencer: "We want to hear the games first... not the console"

What an uppercut! 🥊

neomahi40d ago

VenomUK You're right, his underbite is more defined now.

CyberCowboy 40d ago

Everyone learns from Apple.

mikeslemonade40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

We will get a price in this event and then I will preorder.

snoopgg40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Thats all I ever wanted from xbox to hear about some games, all phil ever talks about is the console. Show us some aaa games. Put up or shut up. At least the ps4 had games that pushed its system so hard that it was loud. Lol, hey phil can you hear us. Give me a reason to buy your console besides old games. What triple a games have Microsoft put out in the last 6 months? At least the ps4 is still making some noise with those new games coming out.

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Vasto41d ago

Yea, they learned from Sony by doing the exact opposite of what Sony did.

Ricegum41d ago

Let's hope they don't do the opposite of Sony in the games department. Microsoft really need something.

LoveSpuds41d ago

@Vasto Like how Sony focused on high quality AAA single player titles, so Spencer did the opposite and went on the record to state that 'single player games aren't relevant anymore'. Is that what you are referencing?

rainslacker40d ago

And look how well that's working out for them.

Koolaidude40d ago

Correct, Microsoft did a Third Party showcase, not a first part showcase.

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BillyG0AT41d ago

Just for the sake of honesty....Sony have copied a lot of MS moves over the past few years.

CrimsonWing6941d ago

not busting your chops here, but what are some examples?

darthv7241d ago (Edited 41d ago )

copied is to much of a trigger word for some. I would say... inspired. Some inspirations include hard drive as standard, pay to play online, themed controllers / systems and user replaceable face plates to customize your system. those are just a few of the obvious ones. Some less than obvious would be party chat and achievements (even steam was inspired by that).

I'm sure there are more but the bottom line is every company takes inspiration / influence from the next. They just have to do it in such a way that it doesnt look deliberate otherwise they are called out for copying instead of coming up with their own idea (that happens as well).

BillyG0AT41d ago

@Darthv72 - I think inspiration is a fair word to call it.

Also @CrimsonWing69 - Sony allowing exclusives onto PC after MS announced it
They definitely took inspiration from the Xbox controllers more ergonomic design
The all digital edition is another

scofios40d ago

@ BillyG0AT

"The all digital edition is another"
The PSP go says hi .

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NeoGamer23241d ago

I wish....

Just in one XB article there would be no mention of Sony and in one Sony article there be no mention of XB.

RgR41d ago

Maybe in an alternate dimension where one or the other does not exist.

CyberCowboy 40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

You’ll win the lottery first Neogamer232 Haha

rainslacker40d ago

I'm just going to antagonize you and bring up the switch :)

AngelicIceDiamond41d ago

4k 60 games will really shine with no compression. Hopefully that means will see in game studio gameplay for these games also.

sampsonon40d ago

People have been making excuses for MS all gen. Show us the bloody AAA games already.
Not cheap Gamespass games. Which is what i am expecting mostly.
They decided a while ago to go the A and AA route.

AngelicIceDiamond40d ago

"They decided a while ago to go the A and AA route."

Wtf are you talkin about?

Obsidian, NT, Playground, 343, Rare, The Coalition NXile and the Initiative are AAA game studios.

I have to come and correct you because you love saying stupid things, you ppl always do. But I have a strong feeling you can't help it though, yikes.

40d ago
rainslacker40d ago

Live video implies they're going to talk about something. Somehow, that doesn't seem like something they learned from Sony. Unless it's an actual conference with people attending, or having live chat they interact with, there is no real reason to do it live, with the exception of if they're doing live game play demos, which would be good.

DiRtY40d ago

„They learned from Sony on how to do a presentation“.

„According to the official Xbox Twitter, it's going to be a "live video event".
That sets it apart from the PS5 Reveal, which was entirely pre-recorded.“

There are obviously pros and cons for each format. You can argue what type of show you prefer, but claiming they have learned from their competitors when they just announced to do the exact opposite of presentation is just stupid.

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"It seems Head of Xbox Phil Spencer is well aware of this, as he jokingly replied to IGN's Ryan McCaffrey saying "We are still waiting for @aarongreenberg to get a new webcam before we start....kidding, no Greenie webcams in the July show."

Phil seems like a genuinely nice dude. The fact that he can joke about a mistake and correct it instead of dwelling on it is the mark of a good boss.

darthv7241d ago

You can't call him a good boss... he is despised (on this site) and you must condemn him for no reason. /s

To your point, yes. He is a good boss and knows when things arent going well that the script needs flipping. Game pass seemed like a hard sell to the heads of MS but he got them to invest in it and it's doing pretty good so far.

Lore41d ago

Game Pass seemed like a hard sell? You are delusional if you think the heads of Microsoft funding the venture didn’t devise a methodical plan and business model that they were very confident in. Microsoft trying to get “gaming to 6 billion” is all business

darthv7241d ago

@Lore... you go tell your boss you have a plan to make $$ but they have to agree to give away all of the new releases for one low monthly fee. See how well he takes that news. Im betting MS were a tad hesitant at agreeing to that but Phil got it done.

jwillj2k441d ago

He’s a shitty boss.

Talks out the side of his neck touting “next gen experiences” while focusing on backwards compatibility as the number one reason to buy a new console. Lies about cloud powa, dx12, kinect, titan fall, halo, drm, crackdown 3 making the Xbox superior. Allows bottom barrel marketing tactics. Allows team to lie about Xbox “gameplay” and shows 3rd party current gen games running on PC. Keeps telling you to wait for the next E3 after every E3 event. Has a punchable face when he smiles. A former Don Mattrick employee. Trying to turn video games into software as a service. Hides Xbox numbers since they’re always in last place. Combines Xbox sold to stores numbers with sold through numbers to make them look like they are competing. Tries to downplay importance of first party games only to walk it back. Tries to downplay importance of single player games.

He’s really a shitty boss. The main reason why Xbox’ is 3rd “best” aka last place.

rainslacker40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

People have reasons for condemning him. It's not no reason.

I dont think hes a bad guy, but I dont care for how hes handled this gen, and its doubly disappointing because I brought an x1 because I thought he'd make something good out of it. Instead, ita been nothing but a lot of self praise, followed by a whole bunch of, "wait for it"

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djplonker41d ago

Phil is not a corporate mouthpiece he is a good guy gamer bro....... How dare you slander him?

chadwarden40d ago

Phil's a master at finessing the naive

averagejoe2641d ago

Nah, the mark of a good boss is not being crushed by your competitors. Phil still has a long way to go


So you think Jeff Bezos is a great leader and person?

Sunny_D40d ago


are we talking about being a boss or a person? Cause otherwise Jeff Bezos might be a good boss even if he is a terrible person.

Zega41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

They got the horsepower, if they do it right this time they can crush Sony. From what i saw in the hellblade 2 and halo infinite video, next gen fidelity is gonna be mind blowing!

averagejoe2641d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Those were both CGI pre-rendered cut scenes so you haven't even seen a true next gen game from Xbox yet.

How are people STILL getting confused over CGI rendered by a top PC vs actual gameplay?

Zega41d ago

It was running realtime , it even said it in the video.
Go back and watch it, scrub.

Z23ash41d ago

Yet you all praised horizon zero dawn 2 and that had zero gameplay and was just a big cgi trailer... one thing for Sony, opposite for microsoft

Tacoboto41d ago

The Halo Infinite trailers are in-engine and have been analyzed by Digital Foundry. They also examined the PS5 trailers. Don't talk about things being CGI when you clearly don't know what it is

AngelicIceDiamond41d ago

The ignorance just gets deeper and deeper with you ppl. All the way back in December right after the reveal they said it was all in engine. Earlier this month they've upgraded to Unreal Engine 5 so the game will look even better.

H. I. Demo was also said was in engine. Utilizing the brand new in house built slipspace engine. Research is very important from now on start doing it before you type any damn thing.

ShadowWolf71240d ago


They can't upgrade to Unreal 5 yet, it's not out til next year.

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ajax1740d ago

The t-flop difference next gen is even smaller than the launch Xbox One vs launch PS4

Imortus_san40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

PS4 2,1TF Xbox One 1.2TF,
PS5 9+TF Xbox Series X 12TF, yup it sure is less, LMAO.

cwhit12239d ago

what kinda math are you doing?

ajax1739d ago

Base PS4 is approximately 40% more powerful than base Xb1
PS4 tflops = 1.84
Xb1 tflops (original, not One S) = 1.31
1.84÷1.31= 1.404... or about 40%

PS5 10.28
XSX 12.15
12.15÷10.28=1.18... or about 18%
So yeah, smaller gap than last gen

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Ristul40d ago

Series X is the better console, if they can bring the games this is going to be one awesome generation.

neomahi40d ago

Microsoft still doesn't get it. Power isn't everything. The PlayStation won it's generation to the more powerful N64 but a lot! The PlayStation 2 destroyed the GameCube and humiliated the original Xbox. The PS3 barely edged the Xbox 360 but Sony learned games are most important, and PS4 Pro is killing Xbox Series X. Microsoft, you'll never be able to overthrow PlayStation unless Sony does something really stupid, which The Last of Us Part II political agenda could've been a jump start but, even if PS5 is more expensive that Series X, consumers remember Don Mattrick. They know Phil Spencer cut Lionhead Studios and then just bought someone else, consumers remember and they've seen the quality design of games on PlayStation this gen versus Xbox One. Spencer can try and compete and stay in the ring, buts that all they can do at this point is survive. PS5 owns this generation already. Microsoft did what they do best. They had a chance to wow gamers and blew it, Aaron Greenberg blew it. They were afraid of Sony and held back, while Sony did what they do best and came out and showed off what they've got. Now, Microsoft wants to come in to clean up but their first impression has already been made, and Halo is what they'll show? Come on. This is classic Microsoft showing how inexperienced and out of touch they are with gamers. Plain and simple.

Chris1240d ago

Total BS. MS hasn't had their 1st party showcase yet. MS hasn't blown anything, despite what you may want to think.

Shiro17340d ago

Last of us political agenda wtf.... lmao have u actually played the game and finish it? Is probably the best game of this gen

Koolaidude40d ago

The best game of the gen went to Breath of the Wild my guy. When developers like Ubisoft are copying your design, you know you made a great game. Check Metacritic to compare( I know PlayStation fans love that).

Atomicjuicer40d ago

Nah, at the time the ps1 was way ahead of the n64 in terms of capability. Every gamer at the time wanted the tech benefits cd brought. Cartridge gaming was old technology when optical media first came out and everyone knew it.

It changed the game :)

Father__Merrin40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Xbox is in the worst state its ever been in. All of this under Phil (the liar) Spencer. That is a fact and you can't change it. Look at the promises and smugness on every e3 stage and still xbox has nothing all specifically because of the great Phil Spencer...

I know many are cling on gamers that are clinging onto previous xbox glory days hoping and willing for it to return I can understand them I really do. It's gone just let it go.....

Buy a ps4 it can be had for small change now lots of games lots of new users to hook up with highly recommended and going into next gen you can expect more of the same...

Drop the green its now gone....

Chris1240d ago

Muhahaha, are you being paid by Sony? MS is in the best position it's been for years.

They are starting the gen with the most powerful hardware. They have invested in the studios. Now we need to see the games.

One of the worst troll posts on N4G in a long time, but its become a daily hobby for you.

Focus4040d ago

His check is in the mail

darthv7240d ago

People cling onto anything that makes them feel like part of the conversation. You say its glory days, others say its RRoD but both of those are in the past so they should just let it all go and look to the future. Things are going to be good for next gen. How anyone can still be petty over past mistakes is beyond me.

I_am_Batman40d ago

I hope you realize that this comment might not age well. In case you haven't noticed there is a new generation of consoles coming up and some of what they've been working on for the last couple of years isn't even unveiled yet. All we know for now is that they've built a very capable console, invested in a stronger 1st party lineup and a compelling ecosystem with backwards compatibility and services like game pass.

Don't get me wrong the fact that these investments (especially the 1st party acquisitions) are working out is yet to be demonstrated, but they are certainly jumping of from a much better position than they were at the beginning of the current generation.

Sol4ris40d ago

“”Buy a ps4 it can be had for small change now lots of games lots of new users to hook up with highly recommended and going into next gen you can expect more of the same... “”

Nah Father, you keep your PS4!
The people interested in Xbox will get the XSX, you know, because that is what they want to do. It’s not rocket science...

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