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Lyam writes: Shantae is able to acquire new magic that assists with her offence and defence. When progressing through the story, more towns become available with different items in shops to improve her capabilities. Obtaining transformations is a bit different since those are gained through story progression. They can be used as alternative attacks, though some can be used in unique ways. For instance, a transformation gained allows for a dash ability and clinging to walls. If used at the right moment, it gives a brief moment of invincibility.

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jonny897116d ago

These platformer games look simple but boy they can be frustrating with difficulty spikes and take quite some time to finish

Limitedtimestruggle116d ago

Fantastisc games! Will get this for sure, but on the Switch I think!

WillDoubleJ116d ago

I'm glad to see some fun was had with this title.

PrimeVinister116d ago

Played the very first one and some remake a few years ago. Might have to consider this one.