Xbox Series X could be a streaming powerhouse — thanks to Facebook

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is set to get rather cozy with Facebook Gaming. That's because Microsoft has shut down its own Mixer live streaming platform, which failed to follow in the footsteps of Twitch.

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Knightofelemia1459d ago

Lol sure if you want to comment under your real name and not get the same amount of traffic when you stream. I use to watch Mixer on Xbox always stuck around for Microsoft's E3 and get free stuff like the Rare Replay. But I hate Facebook I won't watch games streamed on Facebook I'll just stick with Twitch and the odd time Youtube.

sushimama1459d ago

TomsGuide, shilling for MS and bashing PS for years. Never click anything of theirs.

crazyCoconuts1457d ago

The title is so laughable, there's no danger of me clicking into this one

1457d ago
rainslacker1457d ago

I don't even use Twitch outside of the times it's the only choice. The big things I would ever want to watch are on YouTube, and I'm fine with it, since it has an app on my TV.

Granted, I'm not a big stream watcher to begin with.

THC CELL1459d ago

4 hours 2 comments

A lot of people actually hates Facebook
Most of my friends have quit Facebook some for Twitter some for other social network

I quit Facebook 2 years ago myself

crazyCoconuts1457d ago

Only thing Facebook is good for is funding Oculus

OpenGL1457d ago

They didn't fund Oculus, they bought it after it was already established and on the market.

Tross1457d ago

I keep off all the social media platforms for the most part. I've been making an exception lately with Facebook Messenger as a means to keep in touch with my friends, but that's all I've been using it for, and it's not as if I post in it every day or anything. That's also likely going to stop once this whole COVID thing finally blows over. Under normal circumstances, if someone wants to get ahold of me they have other means to do so. I don't need to post my whole life on some website for everyone to see either. It's not as if I have anything to hide, but people can mind their own business. They can leave me alone while I play my games.

rainslacker1457d ago

I didn't realize facebook had it's own streaming service. I don't really care that they do, as I just use facebook to keep up with family and close friends. I don't use it for everything, nor do I care to see the moment to moment musings or actions of those I have the most cursory of interactions with.

RazzerRedux1457d ago

Why? Gamers on XSX can stream on any service they want. Why would they choose Facebook?

RememberThe3571457d ago

Because the author saw a headline that mentioned Microsoft and Facebook.

gamer78041457d ago

I don’t think you can stream on YouTube with it

RazzerRedux1457d ago

Well, Phil Spencer said they want to give gamers a choice of where to stream.

AK911457d ago

That's probably going to be MS's ultimate goal moving forward only they'll ditch the console.

AuraAbjure1457d ago

They can ditch consoles after this generation that's fine. The XSX and PS5 are so powerful they'll have new games coming out for them over a dozen years from now.

1457d ago
gamer78041457d ago

So basically integrated ads for xcloud games in Facebook gaming. Twitch just has too many users for others to compete

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Einhander19721d ago

"NVIDIA's Generative AI-Powered Modding Tool Is A Gamechanger For The Industry"

True, the especially for all the industry that gets put out of work by it.

generic-user-name21h ago

Have you ever used a self service checkout in a store? Should we ditch alarm clocks so that we can hire people to shoot peas at our bedroom windows to wake us up like they did in the 1800s?

Einhander197221h ago

Working at a grocery store as a checkout clerk used to be a respectable job that could support a family.

romulus2321h ago

I try to avoid them at all costs, why should we do a cashiers/clerks job without any training and without being paid for it? Comparing people losing their jobs to A.I. to people from the 1800's shooting peas is hilarious, good try though.

just_looken9h ago

Gues you never saw the fast food joints that had ai everything even cooking was done by robots.


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Obscure_Observer2d ago


That´s why you getting none. Keep on giving Sony a pass while real Playstation fans are giving them a hard time demanding better.

Cacabunga2d ago

Given the competition they have why should they waste money on them?

ChasterMies2d ago

PlayStation is the number 1 selling console. Sony’s marketing strategy is working. Also consider that Microsoft is now a 3rd party publisher. They will go where the other 3rd party publishers go. I’m sure you’ll eventually see Halo in a PlayStation State of Play.

JackBNimble2d ago

Yeah, why should sony waist money on the fans who keep propping them up no matter what?
Can you imagine if MS was software only, why would sony ever do shows?