Biomutant: 10 Minutes of New Gameplay Footage

An IGN interview with the developers of Biomutant. Gameplay is shown through the interview.

GaboonViper1427d ago

Ive been waiting ages for this and still love what im seeing.

isarai1427d ago

same, still got my pre-order up XD

spicelicka1427d ago

This game needs more marketing, it looks so beautiful and creative! If this was a Nintendo game people would be going mad over it.

anonymousfan1427d ago

To be far that same statement applies to a ton of games but yeah this one seems definitely too low on the radar

CrimsonWing691427d ago

Man, I want to like this game, but it just looks budget to me. Like it has an indie feel to it, which I'm trying to get over. I mean it may be awesome so who cares, but right now I can't get hyped for it at all.

SamPao1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

I think its more AA than AAA, It does look nice, but I can definately see the lower budget there, everything just does not have the final touch of greatness -> ratchet and clank, but then again, not all games need that, and not everyone needs to match insomniac... which is yeah, quite hard.

RgR1427d ago

Hollow knight was made by 3 devs.

One of the best games of this generation for me

1427d ago
mandingo1427d ago

it's indie so you don't like it? I find a lot of indies to be better than AAA

CrimsonWing691427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Yea, unfortunately most indie games feel like Full Sail student final projects to me most of the time. There’s a handful I like, but I’d take AAA over an indie game any day of the week.

Not a slight on your opinion or anything. That’s just my preference.

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RgR1427d ago

Have a reeling this will be an awesome experience.

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IGN Entertainment acquires Eurogamer, GI, VG247, Rock Paper Shotgun and more

IGN Entertainment has acquired the Gamer Network family of digital brands for an undisclosed sum. As a result of the acquisition, some redundancies have been made across the UK-based organisation.

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darthv721d 7h ago

Well this can only mean one thing... more job layoffs even in the publication industry.

Jin_Sakai1d 6h ago (Edited 1d 6h ago )

“Layoffs occuring“

Yep. IGN now has a monopoly in the gaming media.

“As a result of the acquisition, some redundancies have been made across the UK-based organisation.”

“Gamer Network's publications are GamesIndustry.biz, Eurogamer (including six local language editions), Rock Paper Shotgun, VG247 and Dicebreaker. The business also holds shares in Outside Xbox, Digital Foundry and Hookshot (which operates Nintendolife, PushSquare, PureXbox and Time Extension).”

“IGN Entertainment is the division of Ziff Davis that includes IGN, MapGenie, HowLongToBeat, and Humble Bundle. It has acquired the websites from PAX and New York Comic-Con organiser ReedPop, which initially bought the Gamer Network business in 2018.“

Jingsing1d 5h ago

When say IGN you mean Microsoft's chief propagandist.

VenomUK21h ago

Surprising news, also a little sad as the magazine era is over and the website era is slowly coming to an end. But it must be said that many of the bastards who work at these places have operated as a mafia to control opinion on not only what can be said about games, but who can be allowed to talk about them, and what can be allowed to feature in them or not. As said above, redundancies are coming, Eurogamer pays the highest salaries for a team of staff who for some their output is minimal. Eurogamer also campaigned against Hogwarts Legacy and refused to review it -, the site took a hit. PAX has probably thought to cut its losses. Some job layoffs? I know of some of these people and they took pride in excluding - I will shed no tears.

S2Killinit20h ago

This is good news for Microsoft. IGN is like their advertisement arm.

Abear2110h ago

This is exactly what Microsoft needs to better their image, control over the narrative by having the same message come from different colors umbrellas that are all really made by the same company.

Simon_the_sorcerer9h ago

You're right about every single thing that you said...

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-Foxtrot1d 4h ago

All this means is a collective hive mind when reporting the news

They’ll discuss with each other how to handle topics and what kind of headlines to go with so they can fire round after round of whatever point they want to make

And the sad thing is over the many years even to the old GameGate days they love making gamers look bad as a collective. Anything for a hit piece.

victorMaje1d 4h ago

Narrative control. I don’t like this at all.
Independent reviewers will be more important than ever.

Eonjay1d 4h ago

Its actual censorship.

JEECE1d 1h ago

"They’ll discuss with each other how to handle topics and what kind of headlines to go with so they can fire round after round of whatever point they want to make."

You say this like it will be a new thing that they didn't already do.

OtterX1d 3h ago

Yea, I had actually just seen today on Linkedin that a GamesIndustry.biz guy was talking about being laid off. I didn't read all of his post, but I bet it's because of this. That's a shame to hear. :\

MestreRothN4G7h ago

All praise the late stage capitalism God, the only real One

Babadook76h ago

Hopefully the IGNorant journalists get the boot and not EG.