La Liga clubs will be exclusive to EA’s FIFA games for the next 10 years

Electronic Arts has renewed its partnership with the Spanish national football league, La Liga. The 10-year deal gives FIFA exclusivity of the league’s clubs in sports video games.

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b163o1154d ago

FIFA 21 has to a lot better then the scripted gameplay of FIFA 20. I stopped play FIFA cause how broken the game is, and how the computer always has the advantage

PrimeVinister154d ago

I play both every year for work. Prefer PES but the AI opposition has suffered in that too - the higher difficulties of both FIFA and PES are now laden with unstoppable AI goals.

I think it's because the devs know they make more money manipulating matches between humans online so they focus on that instead of keeping single-player interesting for fans who have bought the games for 20+ years.

Marquinho154d ago

Every new FIFA gets harder to play... and not in a positive way.

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