Phil Spencer Discusses Xbox Series X, First-Party Lineup, xCloud, & Competition

Xbox division head Phil Spencer talked about the Xbox Series X, Game Pass, Project xCloud, Competition, and his reaction to the PS5 reveal.

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darthv7239d ago

It's only taken him all gen to get things into a more stable position. I look forward to the future of SX but I'm not going to lie and say this gen was all peaches and cream when he took over. He had some major fences to mend and it took time to get things going in the right direction but it cost them dearly. Ridicule from gamers and journalists... but he took it all in stride. Like a boss.

Kumakai39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Don Matttrick almsot singlehandedly destroyed the entire generation for xbox. I'm glad he was removed. I feel more confident with Spencer at the helm of a new console launch and I think the Series X will have more success than the Xbox One b/c of it..

bouzebbal39d ago

Wtf did I just read? he took over early and be had always been involved since the beginning... Just watch the first x1 reveal, he was so proud showing and introducing the vision xbox had with DRM.
, DRM was removed when Mattrick was still in place..It's him who removed exclusives, killed Kinect and did a terrible rebrand. Canned several promising 1St party titles like fable.. Bought gears, focused on halo... Same shit as always.. He did nothing to attract Japanese..

He's killing the brand and it is irrelevant like never before

neutralgamer199239d ago


No doubt his statements didn't help but don't act like Phil wasn't part of his team and was a higher up back than too. Don is also the only Xbox executive to show courage in competetion against Sony and under him Xbox became huge brand

Phil has used this whole generation to do talking and I hope it's time to deliver now. The last 2+ years of Xbox 360 and this whole generation xbox has been saying wait and see

They said wait and see we will show gameplay only to show trailers

It's time to come clean out your cards on the table. Phil has been talking since December 2019 about series x and In one event PlayStation got all the momentum and have gamers talking

Like cerny Phil has developer background it's time for him to show that side of his knowledge and compete because no what what sony or ms fanboys say we the gamers win if both companies do well and have to compete for our business

Ps4 winning in a landslide isn't great for us and this is a coming from a PlayStation fan. If Xbox one was close 2nd I believe we would have seen more IP's from Sony and more games in general

They did one FPS that is killzone when during PS3 they did

kz trilogy
Resistance trilogy

So if any gamer thinks less competition is good for us just look at how things were during PS3/Xbox 360 and how both companies went above and beyond but this gen Sony won by year 3 and since than they have been very good but could have been better

And that's a scary thought since TLOU2 and ghost are coming out now

1Victor39d ago

@kuma Don at the time was the same as Phil a corporate suit put in there to do what they say make the company look good and take the fault when the 💩hit the the fan. Microsoft did it to themselves they let the curse of the 2nd gen success go to their head to the point their low level people was talking crap like “ if you don’t like daily check in there’s a console for you and it’s called Xbox 360”.or do you think that all the tv, high price and “Kinect is impossible to be removed as it’s a important part of the system “ was all Don idea and no one even phill though it was a bad idea.
Phill is just excellent at his job of overhype their stuff and look like having fun doing it

39d ago
darthv7239d ago

@neutral, you got to keep in mind it wasnt just a head of xbox change that took place this gen. it was also a head of MS change. Matrick was the whipping boy of Balmer and once he stepped down, and Matrick moved on... spencer got the chance to fix the things that needed fixing. the first was to get the XB division more freedom to decide how they wanted to proceed with things like game development and acquisitions. Like i said, it took him some time but he managed to get the corp side on board with the ideas of expanding and allowing more creative freedom to their in house teams.

Im sure convincing the heads of MS to just give away their games for a cheap monthly price went over swimmingly in the board room... but here we are. Gamepass is doing pretty good for itself. All we can do is let things progress now because complaining about what could/should have been is not going to get us anywhere. Id rather think of the positives that next gen is bringing across the board.

AngelicIceDiamond39d ago

It sounds like from the interview since the X1 had had an anemic exclusives through out this gen Phil's making up for it by putting those games on X1 instead of outright abandoning the console. That and of course Gamepass subscribers are on their as well. But I mean, yeah their fan base want those big games so he's owes them.

yomfweeee39d ago

Microsoft failed this generation in the exclusive department. Phil Spencer was in charge of their games before he took over. No excuses there.

StrangerX38d ago

At the time it was Don Matrick and Jusuf Mhedi in charge. Even if he could have ideas, he could do nothing since he was not a boss. So, he knew But couldn't do squat! So yeah, he is excused!

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Godmars29039d ago

Is such literally said if the man only says "hi"?

itsfunkky39d ago

yeah, thanks for being dead last every gen

Focus4039d ago

Who cares are you getting a check from the leader play games and shut up

itsfunkky39d ago

@focus no but does show me quality over quantity, so no, i won't shut up. sorry, not sorry.

lelo2play39d ago

Enough talk. Show the goods... show gameplay, not CGI trailers.

JeffGUNZ38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Agreed, and that is what July is marketed for. I think a lot of people need to realize this stuff takes time. A few years ago at E3 MS acquired all these studios and it takes years to try and develop a AAA type game. This July show is their opportunity to show their gamers they are finally going to deliver these exclusives. I will wait and see. For me personally, not make or break as I game on PC and use their gamepass to get the games on my PC. I will be getting a PS5 this generation for exclusives, which is completely different from this past gen when I get an Xbox One first then a PS4 a year or two later.

TheHunter8139d ago

Phil is a joke. Thank him for what? He was apart of that disastrous XBONE launch, cancelled new IPs and every year said things like “best line up in history” “games games games” and so on.

itsfunkky39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

shhh, you'll hurt a few of the kiddos for stating facts

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timotim39d ago

"Just being honest, I felt good after seeing their show. I think the hardware advantages that we’ve built are going to show up as we’re talking more about our games, framerates, and other things."

This is music to my ears! If we are going next-gen, then lets go all the way. Framerates, smoothness and the feel of the games will play just as an important role as visuals next-gen...looks like SX is giving us both.

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ReadyPlayer2239d ago

Well, so far, they are the only console with confirmed AAA 120fps games. I imagine they're going to highlight that in the event with more games running at that rate.

Lore39d ago

I wouldn’t expect any AAA games to run at 120fps other than Forza

PyroMessiah8639d ago (Edited 39d ago )

@Lore Dirt 5 already confirmed as 4k 120fps on Xbox SX

Fishy Fingers39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

PyroMessiah86. They've confirmed 4K and 120fps, they havent confirmed its simultaneous, becuase it wont be.

ReadyPlayer2239d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Gears 5 (4k ultra @ 120fps)
Dirt 5 (dynamic 4k @120fps)

GT was running at 4k 60fps (with 1080p raytracing) this comes from Digital Foundry's analysis. So NO, zero confirmed 120fps games for PS5. Hell, there were more 30fps games shown than 60 fps. That's just fact.

TheTony31639d ago

Dirt 5 is a crossgen title. Gt7 is only on ps5.

RazzerRedux39d ago

"Gears 5 (4k ultra @ 120fps)
Dirt 5 (dynamic 4k @120fps)"

Wrong. Gears 5 was said to be running over 100fps, but no mention of graphic settings or resolution. Dirt 5 can run at 120fps, but they didn't say 4k.

You guys are making some inaccurate assumptions.

Lore38d ago


You must have misunderstood the vagueness of my comment. If you read in between the lines you’d know I was referring to racing games and indies. Smaller scale productions that don’t require a hefty amount of horsepower. With an occasional larger game here & there offering the 120. But other than that 120 will not be seen in even 20% of AAA titles

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russo12139d ago

What are the next gen exclusives supposed to play in that next gen box? To be successfully launched the rhetoric of fps and resolution will not suffice to promote the next MS generation.

timotim39d ago

Performance and fidelity will always be something that we as gamers value once we actually PLAY these games on our own set-ups. You can instantly feel/see the difference between 30 vs 60FPS in person...thats when it matters most.

russo12139d ago


"...Performance and fidelity will always be something that we as gamers value once we actually PLAY these games on our own set-ups. You can instantly feel/see the difference between 30 vs 60FPS in person...thats when it matters most...."

I can almost agree entirely with you, but more is needed to promote xsx than the basic "we have the power to present fps and resolution" - the discourse IMO should be "we have the power to deliver new and innovative next gen experiences that can only be achieved by xsx". This should be translated into creativity outside their comfort bubble zone of HGF, they must present unseen games in the same caliber of UC4, TLOU2, Spider Man, HZD, etc, using the self promoted high capabilities of the machine. This way of thinking allied to a very competitive price, other audiences will start looking seriously at them. At the moment a mountain higher than the Everest must be climbed and I have serious doubts they'll be able to put a flag on top of it.

timotim39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Agreed...more is actual great games among other things. At no point am I saying thats all they need. The quote I took above is something I and many others love to see Phil say because it speaks to more than just "I have prettier graphics than last-gen, thus its next-gen" approach Ive seen elsewhere. What I'm saying is that graphics is just one part of the next-gen story and its good seeing Phil address those other parts.

In terms of your suggestion...all the games you listed from Sony are sequels and are established IPs...I agree that we need to see new IP titles from Xbox in July, but Im not of the camp that dismisses sequels either...I love my HGF as you put it...Sony showed Ratchet, Gran Turismo, Sackboy...all existing IPs...Microsoft can get away with them too...but they must be good.

Hakuoro39d ago

It wouldn't be a Phil Spencer interview if he didn't talk down Sony.

Fishy Fingers39d ago

“I watched the show. I thought they did a good job. I sent Jim [Ryan] a note afterward and congratulated him"

"So, I thought they did a good job. I thought they do what they do very well, and they did that"

That talk down.... BURN...

timotim39d ago

Did we even read the same interview!?!?

Chris1239d ago

More drivel from Hakouro, he can't help himself on Xbox threads. Give it up mate, you're embarrassing yourself again.

Kiwi6639d ago

So giving praise is somehow talking down to them ?

Hakuoro39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

You guys call me out when out of the entire interview the one line you chose to quote was this.

"Just being honest, I felt good after seeing their show. I think the hardware advantages that we’ve built are going to show up as we’re talking more about our games, framerates, and other things."

You pick the most trolling line out of the interview then wonder why people think you're trolling.

PyroMessiah8639d ago

@Hakuoro if you think thats a put down then you my friend are a very silly boy.

darthv7239d ago

@pyro... watch out now, he might take what you said as a put down too.

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Obscure_Observer39d ago

"This is music to my ears! If we are going next-gen, then lets go all the way. Framerates, smoothness and the feel of the games will play just as an important role as visuals next-gen...looks like SX is giving us both."

Yes. Gotta keep expectations in check, but its hard AF. Lol

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rlow139d ago

Glad to hear Phil having confidence in what they are going to show. Hoping that it'll exceed our expectations.

Toiletsteak39d ago

I mean it's not like he's gonna say he has no confidence in it.

Ron_Danger39d ago

Of course he’s not gonna say that. It’s just PR speak going on here. All first and third party do it to build up their brand. It just adds to the Spy vs Spy scenario that fanboys place on the console makers.

crazyCoconuts39d ago

Yea but if he wasn't truly confident, he could start to reframe the discussion around something else. He doesn't appear to be doing that and he's directly saying they'll have a better library of games that will look better. Throwing down the gauntlet hard!

rainslacker39d ago

Lack of confidence has never been Spencer's issue.

ElementX39d ago

I try to avoid expectations

Darkborn39d ago

Didn't he have confidence in the last gameplay video they did with the Xbox fridge? And didn't he have confidence in everything the past few years like the cloud not needing another generation of consoles and all the lies and DRM they tried to push?

Bruh39d ago

Man I am excited to see Playground's Fable reboot. The Forza Tech engine was pretty stunning to see in FH4. So wonder how its going to evolve for next-gen

I really think we're going to get a large share of first party titles as the showcase is supposed to be around 90 mins and its all first party.

jznrpg39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Phil should stop taking about Sony . He seems insecure . Focus on Xbox ... talking down Sony isn’t going to get them more sales from people who own PS

Ausbo39d ago

The question was about Sony. Maybe pay attention next time

chiefJohn11739d ago

Tell people to stop asking and bring up Sony then all he did was answer questions

Hakuoro39d ago

Phil has the option to say I don't want to talk about our rivals and then just not do that. This is Mr. "I don't like console wars" Spencer who never seems to manage to be able to do a single interview with out saying somthing negative about Sony.

And it's just him you don't see Nintendo or Sony talk down Microsoft every interview they do.

NeoGamer23239d ago

1) Please cite anything in the article where he talks negatively about Sony. In fact, he gives them kudos many times.
2) He does not promote console wars in the article. He really talks about differentiators instead.
3) He was asked to talk about the Sony reveal.
4) Nintendo or Sony don't talk about Microsoft because they are never asked to. But, Sony often takes very big shots at Microsoft in their marketing... Bragging about exclusivity of games is their biggest one. Another big one was when they said their gamers did not want EA Access. And yet another one was their demo of how you just put a disc in the system and it plays the game. I don't see any of these companies as saints. To me the most saintly is Nintendo. Sony feeds console wars just as much as MS does or doesn't. But, frankly when was the last time you heard Sony compliment Microsoft like Microsoft is complimenting Sony in this article?

Focus4039d ago

Your the insecure one crying about sony but keep defending your plastic box

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