Mixer Won't Just Become Facebook Gaming on Console, Xbox Executive

In a Reddit post, Xbox's Larry Major Nelson Hyrb said that mixer won't just change to Facebook Gaming on Console.

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Mr Pumblechook897d ago

If I was Facebook I would drop the branding as it is now associated with a failed streaming service.

exputers897d ago

What do you think, why would Facebook partner up? They must be failing badly too lol

Stanjara897d ago

While Mixer failed and didn't see any growth (or better, their traffic was going down), Facebook's gaming division (or whatever) was going up due to Oculus or chat or mobile gaming. More traffic on service, more ad revenue.
Increasing traffic also means that you have to go where there is traffic or where people are.
Since Facebook has money, and Mixer has money they went together to see potential growth.
Facebook goes for gaming because they have billions of people, who some of them are gamers, but they game on other platforms.
At this stage what ever they do they will se growth, but not from hc gamers or gamers in general, but from every day Joes who heard that fifa, gta and cod exists.

In other words, who cares :p

SpaceRanger897d ago

Two companies that have been scrutinized for data collection practices, Facebook being the worst of the two. This is a partnership MS should have stayed away from.

Ausbo897d ago

That was really the only option. Couldn’t have gone to YouTube because stadia would conflict with xcloud plans. Couldn’t go with twitch because amazon will be releasing their own answer to the streaming Wars.

The only other option was to not partner with anyone. If they did that, they’d be leaving their streamers high and dry. At least with Facebook they are offering partner status to those who had it in mixer and sign on bonuses

SpaceRanger896d ago

It would have been way cheaper to just buy out people with sign on bonuses. The partnership with Facebook was probably expensive and will further tarnish their branding in the streaming space. Especially with so many companies boycotting Facebook right now.

And the likelihood of Facebook being integrated into the XSX at some point is super high now. Not sure anyone would want that.

MS can’t catch a break this gen when it comes to partnerships.

Ausbo896d ago

The partnership is more about a gateway to xcloud. They want to push that to as many people as possible. They wanted mixer to be that, but it failed to gain traction.

This was more about xcloud than anything

Sunny_D897d ago

I don’t know. His wording was cleverly typed. It feels like he’s saying it won’t be integrated for now.... Or get built into the OS someway or another.

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RazzerRedux897d ago

Sounds like this was all just a way to kill off Mixer and endorse an alternative that isn't Twitch or Youtube.

ColdSin897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

I think you are right. Amazon seems to have a game streaming service up their sleave and want it to go along with Twitch (click-and-play stuff). The same is true for Google with their Stadia streaming service.

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