Grand Theft Auto V on PS5 is proof that the Rockstar Games of old is no more

GameCrate: " The announcement that Grand Theft Auto V along with the GTA Online component would be available on PlayStation 5 was easily the most disappointing thing about Sony’s new console reveal. Given how many new games we were treated to — from Spider-Man: Miles Morales to Horizon Forbidden West — GTA V is a seven-year-old game that will span three console generations when it hits PS5. This is a clear indication of the linear direction Rockstar Games has chosen to go in — a direction it never seemed the company would go in."

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PhoenixUp1186d ago

I pity the people who only just realized this recently, especially those who came to this conclusion only after the PS5 reveal

Myself and others have been saying since 2014 that Rockstar doesn’t seem to care about its other IPs and seems to only be focused on GTA. They didn’t even bother releasing single player DLC like they did for GTAIV and we only got one new game from them during the entire 8th gen.

LA Noire is the only other release that got some attention from then but that still only happened to be a remaster. They didn’t even remaster other titles.

Idk how all this could be happening yet it’d take the PS5 reveal of GTAV for certain people to realize that Rockstar has changed

RaidenBlack1186d ago

R* should've remastered RDR1 and Max Payne 3 this gen.
I will go as far to say, these two should've been the one to be remastered instead of L.A.Noire.

RememberThe3571186d ago

You're not worng. LA Noire was kinda lame, Max Payne 3 and RDR1 definitely are not.

L7CHAPEL1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I certainly can argue that.
I would reply both of them.

and I totally agree with Max Payne 3 how that didn't wind up backwards compatible or remastered blows me away...
certainly the possibility always exists that those two things could happen...
but it would be really cool so it's not something I'm counting on.

Gaming1011186d ago

Perhaps instead of remastering they should've made Max Payne 4 and kept that team together. Instead of RDR1 remaster, make a zombies stand alone game for RDR2 instead of being greedy fucks trying to soak in the most money doing the least effort possible.

TheKingKratos1186d ago

Outside of RDR and RDR2 ... i don't like anything Rockstar do

Even those games have tons of problems

Marquinho1186d ago

As long as people keep placing it in the Top Ten in Weekly Sales, nearly every week, Rockstar will keep holding GTA VI... sadly.

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Profchaos1186d ago

They did also release rdr2 this gen and insider leaks basically show how much of a mess this game was prior to launch so much so that rockstar north was told to drop tools and help the other studio polish the game.

Odds are that delayed the next game in line and GTA v re release was a quick cash grab personally they could of remade plant of the prior games which had a better story and I'd be happy. sp in v was good it was better than what most other studios produce but never hit the high notes that other entries did the characters weren't likeable IMO I'd rather replay GTA IV, vc, SA or the stories games again than revisit v.

But it's the biggest selling entertainment product ever so I get why it's rereleased it's like Bethesda and Skyrim stop buying it and well stop making it.

But I really do miss the PS2 era rockstar they released games that weren't the best in the market but had the best storytelling and still had fun refined gameplay. San Andreas still has a depth to it that most ubi and EA Games can't reach to this day.

But back then they made what they wanted warriors, bully, red dead revolver and stare if emergency all brilliant.

But with the hd era they were heavily criticised for weak graphics and they made a statement with IV that ultimately raised the bar they had to keep doing that and now it takes them 8 years to launch a game.

I think they need to narrow the scope I love their games rdr 2 was a masterpiece but how many people 100% completed it I have a platnuim trophy and it's one of the only games I am in the 0.01 percent of players who achieved it

PhoenixUp1186d ago

@ Raiden

Or better yet they should’ve just remastered all of them

@ Pro

It’s seriously absurd a major publisher like this can only focus on one game at a time. Every other publisher releases multiple games every year, yet RS can only seem to do one and nothing else. They can’t even bother to outsource development so other devs can help provide more of their IPs.

Only thing worse than that are the people who defend this mindset. There’s even various elements of RDR2 such as controls that still seem to be outdated. A publisher taking an entire generation to produce one new game can’t be good for everyone, yet they somehow made it work

ApolloTheBoss1186d ago

You gotta think about it though, and this is the reason that Rockstar will not make another GTA game, if ever, for a LONG TIME. GTA 5 is the best selling video game in HISTORY! It made $1 billion dollars in 3 DAYS when it first came out, and since the game first release has made a whopping $6 BILLION DOLLARS! GTA 5 is a money making machine and has made more money on a single product than any other form of media in the entire world. It is INSANE how much money this game has made. Not encouraging them to keep milking a dry cow, but I'm just letting you know why it's not going anywhere.

PhoenixUp1186d ago

I’m not talking about making another GTA game, I’m talking about Rockstar making more new games period.

Every other publisher in existence will always have a slew of upcoming titles that people can anticipate. Rockstar on the other hand has people in the dark outside of this GTAV rerelease. They can rerelease that game as many times as they want, but them not caring about anything outside of GTA and RDR is the main issue here.

The wait between GTA: SA and GTAIV as well as GTAIV and GTAV was supplemented by releases of various other titles. After GTAV there’s RDR2 and...just updates to their online modes

yeahokwhatever1186d ago

they died when they put the first shark card for sale.

PhoenixUp1186d ago

It’s beyond sad when GTAV has fallen to the kind of capitalism it was satirizing

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NapalmSanctuary1185d ago

I guess its too much to ask for a new Midnight Club.

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tehpees31186d ago

Dan Houser saw this coming and jumped ship.

ColdSin1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Yup, and I think that studio the Houser brothers were trying to work on may actually become reality soon enough. Or they may join Leslie Benzies' studio.

King_Noctis1186d ago

I hope the other Houser brother leaves as well. Then both the Housers can join Leslie and bring back the old Rockstar we know and love under a new company.

TheColbertinator1186d ago

Dream come true. I'm sure plenty of publishers would build them a new studio.

jBlakeeper1186d ago

It’s probably why Dan Houser left. A lot of companies are becoming overrun by corporate greed. Lack of freedom to do what the developers want. Only what makes the most money.

ColdSin1186d ago

David Jones has long left. Leslie Benzies has left. Dan Houser has left. Sam is surely next. Gabut also. Rockstar is not the same anymore.

RememberThe3571186d ago

It's the same thing that happened to Blizzard. Money is power and power corrupts.

borneFROMblood1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

in every medium, legends of the past vanish eventually and new rising stars appear.
Let new blood lead the industry now/
Also veterans retire, but new talents (might be even better) step in to same studios.

We dont know yet, Rockstar could be even better.

Edit: 2 guys that founded Naughty Dog and created Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter franchises, both retire but left behind a legacy and principles and discipline that still lives in studio.
Even if Dan Houser left, Rockstar can keep his workflow and views on how he approached game development.

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sourOG1186d ago

Lmao yeah they went full Bethesda

eddvdm1170d ago

Next stage: full Konami /Sadge