343 Industries shares Halo teaser

343 Industries has shared a Halo teaser on Twitter.

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Sitdown51d ago

Teaser simply for Halo? Or also hidden message that the July reveal is also coming soon? Ahh, good times ahead for gamers.

NeoGamer23251d ago

July is next week, so ya.... It is coming soon. I wouldn't expect the first week. Both the USA and Canada have major outdoor-sy holidays to start July.

Zombieburger63851d ago

I hope it's in the first half of July, fans have waited long enough.

51d ago
AngelicIceDiamond51d ago

Watch the event be Like the 28th of July. *sigh.....

51d ago
Mcardle51d ago

Pretty much confirms the Banished will be in Halo:Infinity. I can't wait!

timotim51d ago

It has begun! Take me back 343...take me back to that special feeling of being on a Halo ring full of mystery and wonder!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.