Crash Bandicoot is the Perfect Fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Jacob S. from Link-Cable writes: "If you have been with us since the beginning of this mini-series, you have already seen characters that would be the best fit for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with most of them already being part of other marquee fighting franchises, but today’s fighter is a bit of an odd choice given that he doesn’t hail from the same genre. This obscured pick is of course none other than Crash Bandicoot which has been an integral part of gaming outside of Nintendo over the last twenty years, but now, it is time to see him alongside Mario, Sonic and others for a good old round of Super Smash Bros."

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AK9152d ago

Why not get both Crash and Spyro? Since both are owned by Activision now.

TenkoTAiLS52d ago

Since both have 'always' been owned by Activision. But totally agree, would love to see them both in Smash, they could have some pretty unique moves compared to the rest of the roster that's for sure.

AK9152d ago

That's wrong both IP's were originally owned by Sony before both being sold to Vivendi who then sold it to Activision.

TenkoTAiLS51d ago

No, you are misinformed, Crash was created by Naughty Dog for Universal, much the same as Spyro was created by Insomniac for Universal. Neither was first party at the time and were working for Universal on contract, hence why Universal owns and has always owned the IP. Sony was the exclusive publisher in a three game deal for each title at the time. Once the publishing deal ended so did the exclusivity. Sony never "owned" either IP at any stage.

PhoenixUp52d ago

The only thing more common than “_____ would be perfect for Switch” is “____ would be perfect for SSBU”