220,000 PS3's At UK Launch

Sony Computer Entertainment UK's managing director, Ray Maguire, has put a figure on the number of PlayStation 3 machines (PS3) that will be available at its UK launch, on 23 March.

220,000 PS3's At UK LaunchTowards the end of an interview with SPOnG (the Super Players On-line Gamebase), he revealed his estimation to be 220,000 units, with the hope of getting a few more units if, "he goes down on bended knee."

His rough maths to get to this figure is based on one million units being delivered to Europe as a whole for launch, and the UK having a 22% slice of that, making it the single largest market in Europe.

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eclipsegryph5717d ago

Is Sony even going to be able to sell out 220,000 systems in the UK alone? What is the pre-order situation like over there?

Odiah5717d ago

Seriously dude, no-one cares anymore over here.

techie5717d ago

Seriously dude - how many people in the uk do you know?

InMyOpinion5717d ago

how many Ps3's Sweden will get? 10? 20? 100?? Naah! That would be exaggerated lol!

THE TRUTH5717d ago

Speaking in an interview with Spong's Steve Boxer, Maguire has revealed that the UK retailers will receive approximately 220,000 PlayStation 3 units for the console's launch.

"[The UK] constitutes just over 22 per cent of the market in PAL," said Maguire. "That means my overall number is a bit lower than it would be if I had a less well-established product. So we're round about the 22 per cent mark which, if you divided that into the million would give you 220,000 units."

So I guess your speaking on behalf of 22% of the PAL region? I highly doubt that! Do yourself a favor and wait until after launch to bash anything. I usually wait a year before I bash a console but seeing as some 360/MS fanboys think a console is supposed to prove it's 100% potential in 2 months, I wouldn't be shocked to hear some more of the same out of you

BrotherSic5717d ago

I honestly think this is going to be the first launch where people are going to buy the console off shelves.

The Wii sold around 200,000 from launch to christmas (4 weeks i think). So the PS3 will be alot less than that. I am thinking around 80,000 to 100,000 in the first 2/3 weeks. I will be interested to see if the time of year actually makes that much difference because if it does then i could see 40,000 to 60,000 sold.

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