Phenom II runs Far Cry 2 at 5GHz+

Fuad Abazovic writes: "AMD has demonstrated that Deneb, Phenom II CPU, when cooled with LN2 can run stable at over 5GHz+ and run stable Far Cry 2 benchmark. This is a great score as the guys who were overlocking have said that this was the first time they seriously played with Deneb overclocking."

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Tru_Blu4249d ago

Great, did they fix the bug that doesn't allow RAM to run at 1066?

I know it's no big difference, but I bought some overclocked RAM that came with a fan and all. Turned out the Phenom freaks out if you try and overclock the RAM. Stupid me, shoulda done some homework.

Software_Lover4249d ago


I mean come on. Lets try something more practical to the average gamer. Like watercooling or good air cooling. Im not gonna fool with liquid nitrogen and neither is 99% of the gaming community. I remember they did a q6600 with liquid nitrogen and got it to 5ghz.

theEnemy4249d ago

But Intel's Core i7 are owning AMD's best. Yet again.

powerfulally4249d ago

I would rather pay alot less for a phenom X4 9950, (which can handle alot) then a Intel core i7. Yes the intel core i7 is impressive but not worth the price tag. Esspecially if you want to build a gaming rig. I would deff go with AMD and a ATI card, since they go well with bios. But this of course is my opinion.

4249d ago
Marty83704249d ago

Depends what your doing

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