No More Heroes 3 Gets First-Ever Gameplay During New Game+ Expo... Kind of

During the New Game+ Expo today, Suda51 of Grasshopper Manufacture showed off the first-ever gameplay footage of No More Heroes 3, the upcoming Switch exclusive.

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Nitrowolf2258d ago

Suda51 standing in front the whole time talking random stuff. Classic

greysun123258d ago

I really hope this game is good. I did not like Travis Strikes Again :(

CrimsonWing69257d ago

Man, that “gameplay” has me worried.

LordoftheCritics257d ago

This is in easy mode. In hard mode he'll be covering the entire screen except for a few pixels.

Knushwood Butt257d ago


I read this in a restaurant during lunch and it was difficult to contain my laughter.

Kudos for the gag and knowledge of Suda games! I recently played Travis Strikes Again so, yeah!

AK91257d ago

I'd love it if the first two games were on Switch along with Killer7

masterfox257d ago

I think someone is fighting the Taken in the back. lol,

Concertoine257d ago

I hope the game has a decent level of polish. His early games were polished enough, but oftentimes the budget shows.