Samurai Shodown Announces Guest DLC Character from Ubisoft's For Honor

Today, during the New Game + Expo, SNK announced a new DLC character for Samurai Shodown, and it's a special one from Ubisoft's For Honor.

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Rangerman1208215d ago

Out of all the games Samurai Showdown could have collaborated, I did not expect For Honor to be one. Not that I don't mind but I really wonder why they chose For Honor. Was it because For Honor devs are fans of Samurai Showdown or that the Samurai Showdown devs are fans of For Honor?

Deathdeliverer215d ago

When I say outta left field! For Honor is broken and highly forgettable because of it, not to mention the age. For them to pop out with this is truly unexpected.

AK91215d ago

Did not see this one coming at all.